Lemon for weight loss: useful properties and methods of application

Despite the fact that the lemon is in the foreign fruit, managed to occupy a place in our kitchens. This citrus fruit active is not only used for the preparation of various dishes and drinks, but also as a valuable component of beauty treatments. It should not be forgotten that the medicine of the people: a good half of all the prescriptions does not pass without pulp, lemon peel, or lemon juice. In our days, the popular becomes and lose weight with the help of lemon.

The benefits of lemon for weight loss

lemon for weight loss

Like all citrus fruits, the lemon refers to the dietary, products. The calorific value of a medium-sized fruit does not exceed 20 kcal. In lemon contains a large amount of organic acids that improve the process of digestion, accelerate the division of carbohydrates and fats and prevents the accumulation of fat cells. Also the lemon contains dietary fiber favorable in the work of the intestine and accelerate the saturation of the organism. In addition, the kiwi is rich in vitamins of group b, A, c, E, pp, iron, potassium, fluoride, calcium, copper, magnesium, zinc, manganese and phosphorus.

Thanks to all of these vitamins and minerals, as well as essential oils and other branches of lemon, that has a favourable impact on all systems of the body. The benefits of lemon for weight loss manifests itself in the following properties of the fruit:

  • lends itself expresses and reinforces the effect;
  • improves the functionality of the kidneys, the liver and the organs of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • improves the metabolism;
  • normalizes the saline balance of the body, which makes the body of excess water and salts;
  • helps to break down fats;
  • exerts a gentle laxative, diuretic, and sweatshop effect;
  • inhibits appetite;
  • eliminates the body of impurities and toxins;
  • regulates the level of sugar in the blood;
  • influences favorably on the nervous system, combats stress and improves mental activity of the person.

The benefits of lemon for weight loss is visible to the naked eye, however, your big problem is pure and very very bitter. As, then, consuming lemon?

Drinks with lemon for weight loss: recipes

Several techniques for losing weight with the help of lemon allow to use your juice. This juice is added in a wide variety of drinks from lemon for weight loss recipes that can be found in large amounts in the vastness of the internet.

Popular ingredients in drinks with lemon can also contain water, green tea, ginger, mint, cinnamon, honey, parsley, cucumber, etc According to reviews of lemon for weight loss the most enjoyable and concise, it is a combination of water or green tea with the addition of the honey and the lemon juice. Also the lemon is one of the components of this popular drink, as the water of the sassi (consists of lemon, water, ginger, cucumber and parsley).

It is also helpful to begin your day with a glass of normal water with a slice of lemon – this drink perfectly freshens, invigorates, initiates the metabolic processes and prepares the digestive system for tomorrow the intake of food.

The lemon water is recommended to drink in the morning. For a person with a weight up to 70 kg of a portion is the juice of half a lemon, diluted in a glass of water. By the day there are drinking of 2 servings. For people with a weight over 80 kg the amount of lemon juice should be to bend, squeeze in a glass of water all the lime.

Lemon juice diet for an intensive program of reduction of weight

There is another effective technique uses lemon for weight loss recipe that is as simple as possible. On day 1 of this diet, you should drink water with the juice, the juice of a lemon (1 lemon in a glass of water), in the 2 day – two glasses water with the juice of 2 lemons, etc throughout the week. Therefore, each day during the 7 days to increase the number of lemons in one. On the eighth day make a puller. On this day, to eat and drink nothing, except the lemon-the mead. To prepare 3 liters of water to dissolve the juice of 3 lemons and add 3 tablespoons of honey. This volume should drink slowly throughout the day. On the 9th day of the diet should take 7 glasses of water with lemon, day 10 – 6 cups and so on to 7 days before a cup. In addition to drinking lemon juice, during the day you should consume the pulp of a lemon, and value added to the different dishes.

Over the 14 days of the diet restrictions in foods (in addition to the burdens of the day), that is to say, you can eat all you want. However, in this period, it is recommended to follow a series of rules. First of all, do not forget to consume water with lemon in the morning (on an empty stomach before breakfast). In addition to the drink of a lemon, try drinking more plain water (not less than 6 glasses per day). Also you must exclude from your diet drinks such as black tea, coffee, unnatural juices and different aeration.

The application of lemon essential oil for weight loss

the water with lemon

The essential oil of lemon, like the juice, has a number of beneficial properties. Is an effective means for the prevention and treatment of diseases of cold, as well as to combat cellulite, varicose veins and kilograms superfluous. The lemon oil will become a great alternative for those to whom it is contraindicated the consumption of fresh lemon and its juice in the food. The benefits of lemon for weight loss in the form of essential oil occurs when it is used for aromatherapy, massage and the adoption of the baths to lose weight.

The effectiveness of lemon juice for slimming

With the help of this citric acid in a month you can reset 5-8 kg of excess weight, by combining what is weight loss regular physical exercise and a balanced diet.

If you do not want to change their mode of feeding, and the lemon will help. On the internet there are numerous opinions about the lemon for slimming in the disappointment of the ladies complain of what they ate every day for several lemons, but do not lose weight.

Remember, the lemons help with weight loss only in the event that you are going to combine their consumption with the rational of the diet – eating of quality of the products, as well as exclude from your diet of fast food, pre-cooked, all harmful, fatty and spicy foods.


Before resorting to the help of lemon in the fight against kilograms superfluous, see about this possibility with your doctor, as this method of weight loss does not fit all. You should not get involved in the consumption of the pulp and the juice of a lemon, which suffers from high acidity of the stomach, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the kidneys and the liver. This citrus fruit is not recommended also the sensitivity of the teeth and of the predisposition to allergies.