The Dukan diet with the detailed description of each phase and tables

The Dukan diet, developed by the famous French nutritionist pierre Dukan in 1975, for the 30 years of development history, attained perfection.

Pierre Dukan

It is different from the majority of analogues that weight loss is not due to the attrition of the body, restricting itself in the amount of consumption of food, and most associated with the confidence of fixation / the. It is not surprising that this successful method has gained popularity crazy.

The doctor Dukan – one of the largest and the most influential specialists in the field of dietetics. The recipes of their techniques to counteract the obesity go-run millionaires. Continuing to continuously improve their terrible weapon against fat in the waist, pierre Dukan subsequently created express option of your diet "Straight slimming".

The essence of the Dukan diet

A diet rich in proteins according to the method includes 4 bounded by phases:

  1. Short-term protein "Attack" deletes everything except the protein-rich food. At this moment spot that you lose the excess weight.
  2. "The cruise" ("Rotation") is more soft develops the theme: interspersing fully of protein of days with a mix of proteins-vegetables, the weight gets to its destination.
  3. The phase of "Consolidation" ("Fixation") is necessary for normal recovery of the diet. Gently again the fruit, the bread, the cheese, starch products.
  4. Normal power mode of the phase of "Stabilization" which is not the fact that one day, once a week, it will be purely of the protein, as in the time of "Attack".

Food rich in proteins (eggs, lean meats, fish and seafood, dairy products 1% fat) in use indefinitely. From the beginning of the fulfilment of the methodology the result is palpable. The pounds that pff will melt in the eyes. Lose the weight of the adipose tissue, the muscle is saved. So the muscle tone, in charge of elastic fluid of the line, remains. Clear and smooth the distinction of the phases not only eliminates the weight, but it also consecrates the success of loss of weight. The skin, hair, nails have improved. The mood and the mood of the height.

The author, pierre Dukan assures on the need to maintain "protein of the day" (every Thursday) until the end of life. A day of downloading allows you to repair marked for the rest of the week the weight.

The duration of the

The duration of the Dukan diet unstable. The duration of each phase of the Dukan diet are determined by the number of kilograms, which have the intention of losing. Each person has their optimal shape matches the rest of the parameters of weight, that is worth achieving. Faster and easier to get to know your ideal weight, on which to calculate the number of days of the diet, will make on-line calculator ideal weight, published in the site.

List of products

Weight loss is not as strong limits in the human dishes. As with each phase, the range of products used in the increase.

A recommended list of protein. On them is based the whole methodology:

  • Lean meat (free of oils, ham, veal, white, chicken, turkey, rabbit);
  • The internal organs (tongue, kidneys, liver);
  • Fish and seafood (mussels, prawns, beef, calamari, crab, caviar);
  • The non-fat dairy products (milk, yoghurt, fresh cheese, yogurt – up to 1%);
  • The curd of tofu.

Non-protein products for the Dukan diet:

  • Tea (black, green, herbal);
  • Coffee (pastry, soluble, but not 3-to-1);
  • Every day you can consume 1 tea spoon of cocoa, fat of up to 14%;
  • Up to 3 tablespoons of corn starch or skimmed milk in a day;
  • Wheat bran – 1 tablespoon of night;
  • Seasonings (salt, the dill, the cumin, the zest, the mustard seed);
  • Tasty ingredients, such as vanilla, gelatine, flavourings, butter test.
The Products Of The Dukan Diet

Do not forget that the spices irritate the lining of the mouth and the stomach, and intensify the sensation of hunger. It is recommended not to overdo it with pepper, paprika, curry and similar acute spices. Bow – enough of a piece to the day.

Make sure to spoil you the way in all the stages of:

  • Drinking alcohol;
  • Sugar, as well as sorbitol, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, and the like;
  • Fruits such as bananas, grapes, cherries and cherries;
  • Potatoes;
  • Oil, fat, mayonnaise, fatty sauces;
  • White bread.

If sweet want to well it is very strong, you can use synthetic, non-carbohydrate saharozameniteli.

We started the diet compliance

Begins the work of the most laborious of the stage, where there is only one power supply permitted by the list. Beyond the added calories vegetables, in the third are valid as a bit of a paste or solid cheese, when it produces the fixation. In addition, to avoid the mental stress and possible failures, once a week can give you a l of the party.

Even prohibited the alcohol or the chocolate dessert reduced to the mind every time the party in the tent, making himself available.

The fourth phase is the more normal, the food, six days a week, is also changed by a sort of party, but already under the day – eating is only permitted in the list of protein products. The cost of time in each section will calculate a special calculator, starting from the required weight.

Prepare necessary without the use of oil and fat. For the roasting of the food products suited for non-stick pans, prepare the recipe without the oil lubricant, it can and in the microwave oven, oven, grill, steam.

Diet products

The little secret of its success – the oat bran. Journal of the reception of the sensation of satiety, with a minimum of calories and normalizes the inference and the toxins that have accumulated in the body. And yet it is an excellent product to prepare the porridge of cereals, homemade bread and delicious diet desserts.

1.5-2 litres of drinking water on the day of a mineral, without gas or sebagaimana, will provide normal results of the work of the body, even without any type of diet. The glass prior to a meal and a glass after, to help you carefully digest the food.

Daily walks, not only in the store and, again, the time duration of 20 minutes, and easy to load, easy fitness or bodyflex will help you feel good and form a good figure. Pierre Dukan shares another secret of the rapid weight loss, stopping of elevator.

First phase: Attack

Start overcoming your bad habits is difficult. In addition, the body can react to each process of cleaning the slag. The Attack phase of the exhausting procedure, and in no case more than 10 days. Normally, if you feel mild discomfort, tachycardia, drowsiness.

But, this is the period of the most impressive results. The maximum mode for this phase will be no less than 60% of immediately. After the first unpleasant impressions body is optimized, enabling new resources and the status of the fix. In compliance with the Attack phase, you lose weight instantly and it is inevitable.

A diet rich in proteins, only recommended products from the lists of allowed, results: the elimination of excess fluid in the tissues, the skin loses its friability, making it the most flexible and elastic.

Daily menu in the Attack phase of the universal. The food can be exchanged and combined at discretion. Pre-reflective daily diet and recipes help to make every day pleasant and bright. Healthy food is not yet synonymous with bad taste.

Table of menus of Attack:

The products of the decomposition of the protein with the shortage of the liquid, damage the kidneys, and will lead to a serious poisoning. The results can be very deplorable. It is important to drink more than two liters of water a day and eat bran, to clean the digestive tract of the waste.

Second phase: Cruise (Band)

At the end of this stage of weight loss weight reach the goal of the brand. Now the days are divided into two categories: proteins, which are interspersed protein-vegetable. Proteins remember the days of the Attack phase, are not distinguished. Anything else besides the products that are valid for the previous period. The protein-vegetable days, in addition to those already authorized that appear in the use of new dietary ingredient for dishes:

  • Vegetables (cucumber, tomato, eggplant, zucchini, spinach, kale as normal and of color, broccoli, asparagus, carrot, pumpkin, salad, beans, pods;
  • Mushrooms;
  • Soy;
  • Low in fat mouths of sauces for flavor.

For the rational use of method of thinning Dukane beforehand is worth reflecting on the rotation scheme of days. The author recommends that a protein day, then a mixed one. But you can pick up and other recipes from regime change, for example, three by three, the main condition for the sum of the duration of the agreed.

The second stage of Cruising speed

For a proper digestion of the increased number of products, the bran is now 2 spoons, and continues to drink at least 2 litres of water. The custom walk in the fresh air of the half-hour, finally, to persist the result.

At the beginning it seems that after mixed days the speed of weight loss is reduced. In reality everything is in order: a diet rich in protein, vegetables, and bran set the result of the attention the excess water from the tissues. Little by little the normalization of their change of water partial return, but to lose weight continues.

To grow the range of products available, you can extend the variety of recipes that can be prepared with much taste as a non-trivial kitchen. Then visible example: the daily diet of the Cruise stage (Bands), painted separately in protein and on mixed days.

Third phase: Consolidation (Fixation)

The bad days is a player. It remains to be a gap in the laurels. How much time is needed depends on the option selected as the initially mode, calculating that for every 1 kg lost with a rate of 10 days on average, the exact figures can be calculated by the calculator. In the calendar tightly prescribed of protein a day.

Advanced the variety of foods allowed. There are already to go to the store:

  • Fruits per day, for example an apple, a slice of melon, orange. Excluding high-carbohydrate (cherries, grapes, banana);
  • 100 grams of bread cereal;
  • 40 grams of solid cheese with a fat content of up to 40%. It is advisable to avoid cheese with mould, goat, and cream.

Once per week, ideal for starch garnish choose from: up to 220 grams whole grain, rice, potatoes in uniform (just boiled), lentils, pasta, or a maximum of 200 grams of soy, beans, peas, wheat, couscous, polenta. Animals of 2 glasses of dry wine and a couple of tablespoons of honey. Once a week of meat in the diet will increase 150 grams of pork meat (even roasted).

Protein Thursday: from the stage of fixation, once a week (the author recommends that every Thursday) is the diet of the Attack phase.

In accordance with the principles of the methodology of Dukan, the regular application of weekly protein of unloading help get rid of the grams that are hired by the rest of the day and save the results, constant throughout the life. It is important to respect the rules of the reception of water, bran, and a half-hour walk. Consider the example of a weekly menu of the phase of Fixation.

Fourth stage: Stabilization

This segment is difficult to call a full right-of-way. Restrictions in the diet, it is not, you may want to, even desserts. Reached and is subject to the target weight. Differences of this period:

  • Each week – "protein Thursday" (or another day);
  • The bran 3 tablespoons of the morning. Not necessarily to enter in raw product, you can bake the bread, nice desserts: cookies or biscuits;
  • The water and the ride. However, this is because it was already become a habit;
  • Try not to lay it on the sugar, flour, and potatoes. The more is ejected, component of the protein in the food and vegetables on the menu of health will become the meal;
  • Remember that the man, so active and can move, live, and not move forward in principle.

Express variant of the "Ladder of thinning"

The author of the Dukan diet understood clearly that not everyone can meet on the accuracy of the prescription of long stages. The mass of people who want to lose weight, you will not ever be able to do it using the method suggested by medical criteria. The proteins of the Dukan diet 7 days of deliver the least inconvenience, by reducing the excess weight.

Continuously updated forms of a healthy weight loss, in the year 2007 was published the book "the Ladder of thinning", in the moment in which has become the worldwide best-seller. In it pierre Dukan offers reduced and are not exhaustive of the recipes.

A week is divided into seven conditional stages of the week. Each day, starting on Monday, the menu of each day are summed into a single type of products. Steadily growing in vertical speeds of the ladder, I express the Dukan diet, which is raised until Sunday, when it is allowed to a grocery store. Basic course menu – the already known proteins of the Attack phase. The extras are also present – is the saved (2 large spoons), a daily walk of 30 minutes, and drink 2 litres of water minimum.

Once obtained the results starts an analog of the Consolidation of the full version – fixing. For each kilogram lost the Ladder to lose weight requires going to the store for 10 consecutive days, Saturdays only diet.

Daily menu express the Dukan diet the Stairs weight loss":

  • Monday: Day of the protein of the food as in the full version;
  • Tuesday: Mixed protein-vegetable menu for the Cruise phase (Bands). You can eat vegetables do not contain starch (cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, zucchini, onion, tomato);
  • Wednesday: proteins and vegetables combined with the possibility of up to 150 grams of fruit, in addition of sugar (bananas, cherries, figs – all of the list).
  • Thursday: the Above + the whole-wheat bread (two pieces);
  • Friday: add a slice of cheese, with a fat content of up to 40%. Now the menu corresponds to the phase of Fixation of the full version;
  • Saturday: yesterday in the diet combines with 200 grams of cereals, pasta, baked potatoes;
  • Sunday: nutrition crown two glasses of wine and desserts. All the mornings of the bran.

This simple and healthy diet without problems gives results 750 – 1000 grams per week. The proteins of the ladder, through the slow weight loss, gently re-generate the change of the substances, do not crush to the psyche, and most importantly – not fall off the skin and do not produce stretch marks specific to put on the companies.