Why is it so difficult to get rid of the fat in the stomach (and eliminate the belly in reality)

abdomen without fat

Forget about diets for a flat belly, any kind of "little tricks" and other nonsense about how to get rid of the belly fat. Here is a real story and effective tips that will help you to get rid of him forever.

Did you know that certain fat cells in your body is extremely resistant to the mobilisation and burning?

Have you heard of that these fat cells tend to accumulate in the abdomen, in the area of the hips, as well as in the hips?

But, did you know that there is more of a scientific basis of diets, exercises and supplements to get rid of the fat forever?

Imagine that you have throughout the year, a narrow waist and the relief of the press.

Imagine that no strange diets or debilitating training, only disappointing results.

Imagine that you know what are are are supplements have scientifically proven the action to lose weight and what are are are a waste of money.

Well, you don't have to submit anything, because I'm to the point of all of this to tell in this article.

Within 15 minutes you will know why it is so difficult to get rid of the fat in the abdomen, and what you should do, for it disappeared at once and forever.

Well, first let's see what distinguishes the fat in the belly fat in other parts of the body.

Why is the fat on the belly and sides of a "cabezón"?

the fat in the belly

If you can not get rid of the belly fat, don't worry...

  • Has No problems with the genetic;
  • You don't have to do special exercises;
  • With their hormones, most likely, everything is in order;
  • You don't eat "bad" food (yes, sugar is not a problem!);
  • You don't have to give up the carbohydrates;

In fact, you can follow the advice of the "gurus" to get rid of the belly fat... performing special exercises of the internet... the exclusion of the products of the obstruction of hormones"... renounce to any kind of sugar.... sit in the monotonous low-carbohydrate diet...

...and until the end of life and not to get rid of ugly fat on the belly.

Although it should not be so.

Regardless of your genetics and hormones, you can have slender and highlight the belly, about which you dream. And this may be easier than I thought, if you know exactly what you are doing.

And this knowledge begins with understanding how it works in reality the physiology of the "fat burning".

When we speak of "burning fat", we are talking about a process that consists of 2 parts: lipolysis and oxidation.

Lipolysis is the process by which the fat cells release molecules of the stored energy (fatty acids) in the blood, and oxidation is the process of using (or "burning") of the cells of these fatty acids.

The main form of stimulation of lipolysis, is the production of adrenalin and noradrenalin, which are known as catecholamines.

These substances pass into the blood, they enter into the fat cells and attach to specific points, known as receptors.

When you join the fat cells of the catecholamines trigger the release national the fatty acids stored in these cells. Then, other cells to use these fatty acids as an energy source.

Most of the people do not know that not all cells are equal. Some of the cells respond well to catecholamines and other not.

If at any time they were in the diet, have experienced this. Certain parts of your body, such as the chest, hands and face slimming quickly, but others, such as the abdomen, the mouth and the hip, it seems, in general, do not change.

The main reason boils down to one simple fact...

The fat cells that contain 2 types of catecholamine receptors, which by its nature diametrically opposite.

These are known as alpha - and beta-receptors, and, despite his physiology content difficult, it all boils down to the following: the alpha-receptors inhibit lipolysis, and beta receptors of your start.

Therefore, the fat cells with a large amount of beta-receptors is relatively easy to mobilize, while cells with a large number of alpha receptors – no.

That is why, when in gyrosigma diet, you will see quick results in those areas of the body, such as the chest, hands and face, but almost nothing happens in other areas, such as the abdomen, hip and thighs.

One of the main reasons why fat in certain areas (for example, the belly) this type of "stubborn" of the the consists of of the in fat cells, by themselves, are very resistant to mobilization, that is to say, contain many more of the alpha receptors, the beta-receptors.

So, now that you know why fat in the abdomen tends to stay for so long, let's look at some of the strategies for victory over him.

5 of the biggest myths about fat burning in the belly

myths about fat burning in the belly

If you type in the search engine query on how to get rid of the fat in the abdomen, I read a lot of nonsense on this topic.

Better have in mind the following facts.

  • You can not get rid of the fat directly in the stomach. No amount of laps, veneers, or any other exercises do not burn fat is in the stomach.
  • There are certain foods that help or interfere in this process. The belly is growing due to the high rating called the rating called the glycemic index, "processed", as well as dairy products, and no amount of "healthy fats" when this does not work.
  • The problem lies not in the frequency of meals. Frequency of consumption of foods in small portions during the day do not "ignites the metabolism", and if you eat less food and large portions, this does not put the body into "starvation mode".
  • Eat at night, it doesn't matter. The consumption of the majority of their daily calories at one time or another, has no effect on weight loss or body structure.
  • Stress is not a coincidence. Stress may contribute to the behavior, which will lead to weight gain, but you can not call directly through a hormonal imbalance, or any other processes.

How to get rid of the belly fat and side: what should we do?

Fortunately, get rid of the fat in the belly is a lot easier than what many people say. There are only 2 things you need to know to do that once and for always.

  1. You need to reduce the total percentage of fat in the body. All in reality, this is it. Reduce the level of fat in the body by up to 10% (for men) and up to 20% (for women) and the weight of the belly fat will disappear.
  2. You can use certain diet, exercise and supplements to help mobilise and burn fat in the belly. Taking into account the first point, all you're going to do to accelerate the fat burning in general, it will also accelerate the burning of fat in the belly.

There are, however, several special things you can do to help the body to better reach the fat and get rid of it, even in the womb.

Combine both strategies (acceleration of fat burning and improvement of the mobilization of the fat cells), and you will be very efficient to get rid of stubborn fat in the belly.

5 proven methods to quickly get rid of the belly fat

As you know, there are 2 basic forms, with the help of which you will be able to get rid of belly fat faster:

  1. to increase the speed at which you burn fat in general;
  2. to help the body better mobilize the fat cells with a large amount of alpha receptors.

I know the 5 various institutes of proven reserves of ways how you can do this. We're going to talk about each one of them.

1. Use a moderate calorie deficit

When you're on a diet, in order to get rid of fat, you should strive to burn the fat off as quickly as possible, keeping your muscles and health.

How well you do, mainly determined by the size of the calorie deficit.

That is to say, a deficit in the 5-10% chance of small and slow, the result, compared with a deficit of 20% to 25%.

If you consume enough protein, doing strengthening exercises to stimulate the fat burning, and to depart from cardiovascular training to a minimum, you can maintain a calorie deficit at the level of 20% to 25%, which maximizes the fat loss to minimize the loss of muscle mass.

In fact, I would say that an increase in the deficit is needed to continue to get rid of the fat, while you are converts working ms in relief, and greater progress in the fight against the "stubborn" fat. Therefore, do not be afraid moderate calorie deficit. It is a powerful tool when working in the field.

2. Train with an empty stomach

training with an empty stomach

If you are ever looking for tips on the fastest way to get rid of fat – especially on the sides, the belly and hips, probably, read about training on an empty stomach.

In the opinion of many experts, the training with the stomach vacuum is a simple, but powerful way to increase the amount of fat your body burns during exercise.

In these words there is some truth to it, however, everything is not so simple. In the extent of vacuum should be in the stomach? What types of exercises work best? What are are are the negative aspects of this approach?

The first thing that you must understand that it is not enough for you to feel as if your stomach is "empty". This does not guarantee speeding up the burning of fat.

However, the faster you get rid of the fat will help you training in the hunger state, which is related to the levels of different hormones that influence fat loss, and however, if your stomach is empty or full.

You know that after the ingestion of food, the insulin level increases and begins the spin-off, absorption, utilization, and conservation of nutrients reaching the body. This is known as "postprandial" ("prandial" means "related to food") or "fed" state, which may last 2 to 6 hours or more, depending on how much and what types of foods you eat.

In the end, the body finishes the digestion of food and the level of insulin drops to a low, stable level base, where it will remain until the next meal. This is known as the "postabsorptive" or "hunger" in the state.

Every day, your body moves between these two states. Exercises to perform at that time, when the level of insulin in the climb, and the body still digests the food, they are training in a fed state. The exercises to perform that moment, when the body has finished digesting, and the level of insulin dropped, which are the training in the hungry state.

1. Studies show that coaching in the hunger state increases as the rate of lipolysis and oxidation of fats.

This means that during the training sessions at the level of insulin in the body is more able to mobilize and burn fat, that in the event of increase the level of insulin.

2. Studies show that the blood flow in the abdomen area increases in the hunger state, which helps to burn fat in this area.

As you know, one of the reasons for the emergence of "stubborn" fat, and the fat in the abdomen in particular, is to reduce the blood flow to the areas and hunger of workout will help you to get rid of it.

However, the hungry of training has one major disadvantage – it speeds up the muscle destruction.

This is not desirable, because if you are going to damage and destroy too much of the muscle cells in your workout, the body does not have time to recover, and you can with time begin to lose muscle mass.

Another disadvantage starved of training is the reduction of energy levels. Many people notice a reduction of the levels of energy and attention during training sessions in the hunger state, and, therefore, cannot maintain the usual weight for yourself-intensity physical and mental attitude.

So, as you can see, training with the stomach vacuum is an excellent way to burn more fat. He is good to burn fat, but not for the maintenance of muscle mass.

Fortunately, you can break free from these responsibilities with the help of effective supplementation.

You can stop the loss of muscle mass with the help of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (also known as the GMB). This substance is formed when the body metabolizes such as the amino acid leucine, which stimulates directly the synthesis of proteins.

Hydroxymethylbutyrate or HMB is an organic acid that forms in the human body as a result of the fission of the amino acid leucine, which enters into the composition of the BCAA. Hydroxymethylbutyrate can be useful to the whole of the muscle mass, the drying and lose weight, but also for the athletes who train endurance.

GMB is often sold in quality of assistant to the strengthening of the muscles, but studies show that the dignity of the person in the best of cases, and also has many deficiencies. Therefore, I can not say about its impact on the growth of the muscles.

However, the advantage of the GMB well-established: it is very effective for anti-catabolic agent.

That is to say, that is good to prevent muscle breakdown, and this means that you will recover faster after workouts and experience less pain in the muscles (this form of the free acid is very promising in this regard).

The GMB also has no effect on the level of insulin in the blood, so that they do not break their hungry state.

All of these properties GMB makes it an excellent tool for use in the hungry workouts.

Its anti-catabolic effect and negligible impact on insulin means that to remove all the behalf of the hungry of training without any type of problems related to the loss of muscle mass and / or insulin secretion.

3. Perform high-intensity cardiovascular training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a method of training in which you alternate periods of almost maximal intensity with low-intensity restoration.

The idea is simple: at the time of high-intensity periods you post as strong as you can, and during periods of low-intensity you are trying to recover the breath, to prepare for the next.

The essence of HIIT-training is more time effective for for fat burning, in comparison with the traditional cardio party and live class constant low-intensity.

For example, a study conducted by researchers from the University of western ontario, has shown that people burn more fat, serving 4-6 thirty second sprint (resting for 4 minutes), in comparison with that of walking on a treadmill for 60 minutes.

From the mathematical point of view is very impressive. 17-27 minutes of HIIT training burns more fat than 60 minutes of regular cardio training. It is not something accidental, since the same results have been obtained in many other studies.

The science gives a clear answer: if your goal is burning the most fat in a short time, the HIIT workout is the right way to do it.

Although the exact mechanisms of this process are still unclear, scientists have identified several factors. Studies show that HIIT training:

  • Increases the rate of metabolism in the period of 24 hours;
  • Improves insulin sensitivity in muscles, which helps the body to absorb and use the food (and not stored in form of fat);
  • Increases the ability of muscles to burn fat for energy;
  • Raises the level of growth hormone, which helps to get rid of fat;
  • Maintains the level of catecholamines, substances that contribute to fat burning;
  • It reduces the appetite after exercise, which helps you to avoid overeating.

In addition, for HIIT training have been effective, should not last more than 20 to 25 minutes, and the short cardiosense to maintain the muscle and strength.

4. Lift heavy weights

training with heavier weights

If you are familiar with my works, you know that I am the supporter of the basic exercises with heavier weights.

This type of training makes 2 great advantages for the burning of fat.

  1. This contributes to the conservation of force in case of deficit of calories, which in turn helps to maintain the muscles.
  2. This dramatically increases the basal rate of basal metabolism for several days after each workout, and studies show that this type of training can burn hundreds of calories more, compared to the workouts with light weights.

Another advantage of the basic exercises with the heaviest weight is the fact that the majority of people such workouts will take the greatest pleasure that you are training with a high rep range, which implies a greater progress in the long term.

5. Take proven supplements fat burning

Supplements are not the key to get rid of the fat, but if you're going to combine with a proper diet and exercise, you can accelerate this process.

Here's a list of my fat burning supplements, that I use and recommend.

The caffeine

Millions of people cannot be taken without the morning cup of coffee, but it is a powerful substance has a lot more than other properties.

The caffeine helps to lose weight, increasing the amount of energy the body consumes during the day, and also increases strength, improves muscle endurance and anaerobic performance.

Studies have shown that to obtain the best results from the caffeine worth taking in pill or powder form, although care should be taken to avoid the formation of tolerance to the same.

Personally I'm getting your dose of caffeine as my pre-workout supplements "PRESS", that also contains clinically effective for the dose of the other four ingredients that improve the effectiveness of your workout:


Yohimbine is an extract from one of the african plant, yohimbe.

Studies show that yohimbine is able to accelerate the fat burning by blocking the activity of alpha receptors in the fat cells.

This allows the body to more quickly reduce fat stores, that is to say, you become the thinner and burning the so-called "stubborn" fat.

Although the yohimbine has a small particularity: high levels of insulin reduces fat burning effect. If you want to benefit from the receipt of the yohimbine, then you should take during the exercise in the state hunger.

However, the useful properties of yohimbine do not end there. It does more than just help you to burn fat faster.

Studies show that yohimbine enhances and prolongs the ability to work, as well as the fight against physical fatigue.

The use of pre-training complexes, which are specially designed to maximize fat loss during the workout in the hungry state, will help speed up the process.

That give fat burners?

Helps to burn fat in 3 different ways:

  • it significantly increases the speed of the metabolism;
  • reinforces the effect of the fat burning substances that are formed in the body;
  • increases the sensation of satiety after eating.

Many companies try to sell you fat burners, creating the impression that the process of national liberation national of the fat excessively complex.

There is talk of increasing the level of fat oxidation, the conservation of muscle mass, the maintenance of the thyroid gland, promoting thermogenesis, the braking of the enzymes related to the accumulation of fat, promoting the enzymes that cause fat loss, management of levels of hormones and neurotransmitters, the reduction of water retention, improves the assimilation of nutrients, and much more.

Yes, all the aspects of burning fat, but this type of marketing is the attempt to blind you of the terminology and pseudo-scientific half-truths in the hope that you will accept the declared advantages of the clean currency.

How to accelerate process of burning of fat in the abdomen?

When you listen to what science tells us about the process of burning fat, you will notice that there are only 3 ways to speed up significantly:

Increase the basic level of metabolism

Basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy your body consumes during the day, and the more, the faster you can lose weight.

In a nutshell, fat burning is determined by the difference between the energy the body spends, and the energy that is consumed with the food. Spends more energy than it consumes, and you are going to lose fat.

Although there are many methods that can help to speed up the metabolism, but in the final instance, are based on one (or both) of the following mechanisms:

  1. The promotion of the cells to the production of a greater amount of energy from carbohydrates and fatty acids.
  2. Reduction in the efficiency of the process which produces cellular energy, which increases the costs of the energy needed to meet the needs of the agency.

To lower the sensation of hunger

The main cause of the failure of diets is that people simply are not in a position of sufficient time to adhere to them. Desires become cravings, and, ultimately, interruption occurs. And you need of days, or even weeks of hard work, to correct the situation, if you really went out of control.

Although some people this is easier, almost everyone has experienced the hunger or the cravings to a greater or lesser extent. Such is the human nature – their lusts after unintentional or conscious of the deprivation of food, and, if it is the behavior of the norm or not, but this interferes with their goals.

Many of the substances are known as reducing hunger, other as increase the feeling of satiety. When the combination of proven additives is used efficiently, you can with success to reduce hunger and cravings and derive the maximum benefit from your diet

Make your stay on a diet more enjoyable

Let Me explain: while the work on the body through diet, exercise and supplements may well change your life for the better, this is not so easy.

No contraceptive pill, and powders will not give you that result. This requires hard work and time. Here's another reason why diets don't succeed: people don't want to experience the discomfort, through all of this.

As in the case of decrease of the feeling of hunger, if you the process of stay on the diet more enjoyable, mainly due to improving the general well-being, it is a way easier to follow your plans and bring the matter to the end.

Although the mechanism of fat burning with additives – the subject of the most extensive and complex practical application remains simple.

Contrary to what many businesses believe direct stimulation of any of the proteins and enzymes involved in fat burning, or does not work, or its effect has not been proven.

Fat burning is a complex process that happens in the entire body, and focusing on simple, basic, tried-and-tested moments, everything else activates and functions, respectively.

My own program's to get rid of belly fat

Before concluding, I want to share with you the program of fat burning in the abdomen, which I has helped thousands of people with whom I have worked.

It starts with a calorie deficit on a 25%, a high protein content of the diet, as well as 4-5 minutes of the areas of strength training and 1.5-2 zones HIIT-workout per week.

This is the recipe to get rid of the fat. Remember that none of the supplements will not help you if you don't keep to a diet and do not exercise.

effective fat burning

We will summarize in the burning of fat in the belly

Millions of people struggle with fat in the stomach, resorting to all foreign regimes, additives, and "tricks of the national liberation national of the fat in the belly".

Not worth doing it. No one and never.

If you take simple steps listed in this article, you will receive a relief of the plate, with six dice, which has always dreamed of and will be able to save on the rest of the life.