Good food for weight loss: the menu of every day for women

The essence and the principles of healthy eating the diet</1_img>

In the good diet should contain the following elements:

  • vegetable protein (pulses, nuts);
  • proteins of animal origin, but in minor amount (fish, lean beef, chicken);
  • the carbs fast, but which may be of utility to the products (fruits and nuts, the best thing to eat in the first half of the day):
  • slow carbohydrates (cereals, legumes, vegetables);
  • the vegetable fats.

As you can see, the list of excluded fats (butter, margarine and shortening) and carbohydrates, which provide the body with empty calories. This is different from fast food, candy, confectionery products. These are the ones that contribute to a set of extra pounds.

Eat, in principle, can be everything, but the volume of a portion should not exceed 350 grams. Even if the meal consists of two dishes, then, of 200 grams, for example, you must have a piece of chicken breast, and 150 in a salad, or vice versa.

Better diet to have healthy products, the greater part of those who are to take vegetables, cereals, dairy products, fruits, meat and lean fish varieties. The food is better to make Quinque-tempus, so that during the day, avoid the feeling of Talia saecla hunger, which is the one that pushes a man down on harmful products, and to eat at one of receive much more than what is required for the internal system.

Of all the methods of cooking, it is recommended to choose:

  • extinction;
  • beer;
  • bake.

Fry is also allowed, but with a minimum of addition of vegetable oil. And this applies more protein products. Carbohydrates it is really better not to be processed, and consumed in fresh. If it comes to food consumption, the ideal will be simply previously zaparivat that the time of cooking.

When the special nutrition care to bibens regime. In the day in the body of the person should do at least two liters of normal water.

Useful tips

Breakfast with this nutrition is of great importance. Him the necessary charge of energy for the whole day, therefore, to forego the morning meal, it is not worth. And before the breakfast is recommended to drink a glass of warm water, thanks to which it accelerates the metabolism. In addition to this, there are some tips that may be useful to those who have decided to lose weight with ease and without the enforcement of strict diets:

  1. The fruit is not worth eating after a hard, in particular of the flesh of the food. This et gravis stomach and will make the process of fermentation. In summary, you may experience constipation, slow down the speed of the whole process of obtaining the harmony. Fruit fruit is best to eat for 15 minutes before the meal or separately as a single bite.
  2. Lunch in the ideal should consist of complex carbohydrates and protein. This will satiate the body for a long time, and then to the dinner hour is not going to occur exhauriat the sensation of hunger.
  3. The breakfast should be 30 minutes after awakening, and if a person prefer to drink coffee, you first eat a piece of cheese, very boiled a hen's egg, or toast with vegetables.
  4. If the closer of the night, raises the appetite, in place of any harmful or calories of a product you can drink a glass of kefir or natural yoghurt to which are added oppressi siliginis saved. This drink will fill your stomach, it will provide a feeling of satiety and helps the work of the intestine.

Permitted and prohibited products

Observing the proper nutrition, the person with the idea may be the diet of any and favorite products, but that are used in the dosed amount. However, the greater part of the letter should be of useful products, that not only will provide you with vitamins and minerals, but are not deposited at the waist and the hips in the form of fat. In relation to the more frequent should be the following products:

That you can be? That can't it?
  • fruits and vegetables fresh (especially the cabbage, the cucumber and the zucchini, celery, apples, plums, citrus);
  • skinless chicken, turkey, veal and rabbit;
  • the fish of the white varieties, but once a week can psalm, rosea psalm ketu;
  • seafood;
  • selection of cereals (oats, buckwheat, brown rice, pasta from durum wheat, wheat and tisanae);
  • beans, beans, peas and lentils;
  • natural milk and fermented milk products without large amounts of sugar, and lower percentage of fat;
  • wholemeal bread and rye flour;
  • cheese with low salt content (the best of the white varieties);
  • the sweets can be nuts, malui and zephyr, the jam;
  • the nuts (which are employed in the dosed amount);
  • fresh juices, tea and coffee grounds;
  • fructus bit and compotes;
  • olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil;
  • the soy sauce.
  • potato chips, salted nuts, and crackers, bread;
  • pies and cakes with oil, cream;
  • milk chocolate and chocolate candy with fillings;
  • the butter and margarine;
  • sauces mayonnaise-based;
  • the pork and pork fat;
  • white bread, buns and butyrum crackers;
  • meat and fish products fried breaded frying;
  • pickles and smoked fish.

Menu of the week

Review the proposal of the charter, that is composed especially to women, respecting the principles of a proper diet.
Day The menu
Monday Breakfast: tea, an apple, a piece of circa saviunculum of bread with tomato and two folliculos germinaret eggs. Appetizer: salad of cucumber and tomato, put any vegetable oil. Lunch: 200 g of chicken praeparandum the spine and the plate of cucurbita soup. Snack: a glass of yogurt with berries. Dinner: fillet of fish, cooked in the oven in foil with asparagus and broccoli.
Tuesday Breakfast: coffee, banana, a piece of chicken breast and cabbage salad with a cucumber tucked in with the sour cream. Snack: a jar of yogurt, which resolves to add the nuts and dried fruits. Lunch: vegetable soup, a very soft boiled egg and tea with cheese. Snack: curd with honey. Dinner: fish, cooked in the steam and a little bit of peas.
Wednesday Breakfast: two kiwis, scrambled egg with tomato and tea. Snack: piece with cotagium caseum cheese. Lunch: two burgers chopped turkey, salad, vegetables, and legumes. Snack: two cheesecake and blueberry in sids. Dinner: rice with seafood.
Thursday Breakfast: coffee with milk, buckwheat with prunes, a slice of cheese. Appetizer: salad of asparagus, corn, and cancer sticks. Lunch: cicer mashed potatoes, a piece of boiled beef and two fresh cucumber. Snack: a glass of yogurt. Dinner: zucchini stuffed with chicken, minced meat, under the bark of cheese.
Friday Morning tea, a bit of green grapes, a tomato and two boiled eggs. Snack: piece with the melted cheese. Lunch: tisanae rice with beef and carrots. Snack: berries or fruit. Dinner: grilled salmon with pepper Bulgarian.
Saturday Breakfast: tea with a pear of air, a sandwich of rye bread, a slice of cooked chicken and cucumber. Appetizer: cream of rice with dried apricots and raisins. Lunch: tomato soup, meatballs of turkey, three roast potatoes. Snack: a mix of vegetables and a glass of lac uvam. Dinner: a fillet of cod with carrots, cooked with sour cream in foil.
Sunday Breakfast: coffee, three dates, a piece of caseus stews. Appetizer: lettuce juice. Lunch: brine or beetroot, leg of chicken, without skin, 150 g of wheat and oats. Snack: two lazy Golubets. Dinner: squid stuffed with grated zucchini.