How to lose 7 kg in a week at home

exercises to lose weight 7 kg per week

Imagine a situation, a girl is going to have a wedding ceremony in a week and the few extra pounds do not allow her to fit in the dress. It's a sad situation, isn't it? But the situation is quite solvable: we will tell you how to lose 7 kg per week, without going on a hunger strike.

Remember the two components of successful weight loss:

  • correct diet,
  • sports activities.

You can find out with nutrition on your own: which foods are harmful and which are useful for everyone. Let's plan sports activities for every day of the week, because without it you won't be able to lose weight quickly

How to lose 7 kg in a week doing exercises

  • Aerobic only. Don't overload your body. To start with, an hour of jogging or brisk walking is sufficient. Little by little, it will be necessary to increase the duration of the classes.
  • On the second day, you will need to work your back and chest muscles. If the muscles are perfectly trained, even after the end of the exercises, the fat will gradually leave our body. Three exercises should be enough. We do push-ups, take dumbbells in our hands and proceed to lateral bends. If you can afford it, be sure to exercise with dumbbells. In total, you will need to perform at least three approaches per day, each exercise fifteen times.
  • Our training should be intense on this day. We will focus on running, but not for long. Did you run twenty seconds? Now we start walking slowly for about a minute and a half. On the other hand, we proceed to a short execution.
  • We need to give our legs and arms a good load! If there is an opportunity to work on simulators, we will definitely rush to them! At home, simple exercises such as squats and lunges are suitable. Leg flexion / extension: at least fifteen times in four sets. To do the weight lifting, you can tie half-liter bottles of water to your legs. But if you have any joint or ligament disease, there should be no burden!
  • physical activity to lose weight in a week
  • Let's use aerobic exercise again. But we increased the intensity and duration! The race must be at least half an hour. The race pace changes: at a slow pace for up to four minutes, at a fast pace for half a minute.
  • I need to work on my biceps and triceps. If there are dumbbells, we do push-up exercises. To strengthen your triceps, do pushups from the bench. Working in the press doesn't hurt either: bending your torso.
  • On this day, in no case should you expose your body to serious stress! Since you can lose 7 kg in a week and in 6 days, excessive loads will turn into an "overdose" on your body.

Ideally, in order not to overload your body and not harm it, it is better to lose weight in a month.

What to do to prevent the weight from returning?

Just lose weight and then forget about sports and eat everything under no circumstances. But nobody wants to go on a diet their whole life either. So what should I do?

  • Keep track of food calories. Follow the rule of "eat less, burn more".
  • Eat several times a day, but little by little. It is impossible to "fill up" on a lot of food at once a day.
  • Take care of the correct diet. Less fatty foods, more vegetables and herbs, salads.
  • You cannot drink while eating. But the rest of the time, it is recommended!
  • Try to limit yourself to fruits or vegetables for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Remember you cannot harm your body and do experiments just to find out how much you can lose weight in a week. Therefore, you should always monitor how balanced your diet is.

Tips to quickly lose 7 kg in a week without dieting

Do you drink alcohol and want to lose weight? An impossible dream!

Some might say that alcohol doesn't contain a lot of calories. So why give it up? But if you were at least a couple of times in an average state of alcohol intoxication, then you definitely noticed that in such a state, for some reason, your appetite is sharply awakened, although half an hour ago you seemed to be sure that today you will not sit down again. table.

Alcohol really whets your appetite. And the unexpected feeling of hunger is hard to resist, especially if you're at a fancy party. After all, what kind of feast doesn't have fancy dishes? Snacks, as a rule, are high in calories in addition to alcohol. Consequently, in this case, you should not dream of losing weight. If you decide to lose 7 kg per week, a diet combined with alcohol will not save you!

Dishes at home and losing weight: a strange relationship?

It sounds really crazy, but, as they say, psychology! If you have small plates, great! Eat in them. If not, be sure to get a pair. The fact is that you have to reduce portions when losing weight. But at the same time, it is difficult to curb your appetite by eating 200 grams of food in a huge plate; Looks like you didn't eat anything at allBut if you put the same 200 grams in a small plate, filling it completely, your feelings will change. You will psychologically configure that you have already eaten a whole plate, why do you need more?

These little details may seem silly to someone, but this psychological advice is effective. So to speak, you can "trick" your brain and get rid of hunger.

Eat in a relaxed environment without distractions from your meal

Eating while watching an exciting movie? Have you noticed that while watching a movie, food seems to disappear in a matter of minutes and it seems like you just put on a plate full of food? As a result, half an hour passes and again you want to eat a little, because you do not even remember how much you ate before. Remember, if you don't control the amount of food you eat, you can forget about losing weight.

It is important to keep your diet under control at all times. Sit quietly at the table and fully immerse yourself in your food. Just enjoy your favorite dish without being distracted by strange things. Your body can fill up even when you watch a movie while eating, but your brain will think you didn't eat anything.

Baths are not only fun, but beneficial too!

Of course, water will not help us to lose 7 kg at once in 7 days, but if we also use anti-cellulite and other space preparations that have a positive effect on our skin in the bathing process, then really take a bathit will be of use to us.

And one more important nuance: you should clean your body after bathing, not with a soft and silky towel, but with the strongest you have. Where will all this lead? The skin will become more toned and elastic. Consequently, you will look much better.

Own diary

how to get rid of seven kilograms in a week

No, in this diary we will not share our mental anguish, but we will try to plan the day, set the goals we want to achieve.

So, make a plan for tomorrow - how you are going to shed those extra pounds. Everything in your head may not be saved, but the paper will keep all your plans.

Don't forget the daily weighing, we must write the results in the diary. To some extent, the journal will be our motivation. Because we will see how we advance towards our goals and we will realize that we can continue to advance, because we have already achieved a lot.

If you can't lose weight without dieting, you can try buckwheat diet for a week.