Diet for weight loss

diet for weight loss

You'll find more effective diets tested not only in theory, but in practice, the results of which are also learn. With us, You will be able to pick up an optimal diet that is right for you. You will not have to re-read hundreds of diets, because we have collected the best diets tested and not between people. But remember that the main objective continues to be the health! Therefore, do not forget to properly and nutrition. We recommend that, before you start a diet, first consult with your doctor, as the diet is a significant challenge for the agency.

The list of effective diets for weight loss:

Weight-loss diet most popular of the existing variety of diets. In the world of today is a benchmark in the beauty is the harmony, to achieve that you may not with any diet.

The fashion in the proportionality dictates the greater demand for different diets for weight-loss. At different times popular became low in carbohydrates, protein, kefir, onion, japanese, French, "the Kremlin", the chinese, and many others of the diet.

The right diet for you? What can you use constantly, and what type of use only as an emergency, "ambulance" help to lose weight 3 to 4 kg for a couple of days? What are the contraindications of each diet? What can be the consequences for the health? Who are contraindicated in the diet and how to get out of the diet to not gain withdrawal kilograms again?

It is important to know that in the process of reducing the body mass plays an important role adequate intake of vitamin D. This vitamin, in addition to its participation in the exchange, it is also directly involved in the processes of synthesis of proteins (including muscle). These processes require energy costs, for which the body has to digest available the reserves of fat. Therefore, in addition to diet and the practice of sports should take vitamin D, for example, in the form of chewable tablets Ultra-D. containing 25 mg (1 000 IU) cholecalciferol (vitamin d3), due to the form of chewable tablets Ultra-D that can be taken at any time, do not require zapivaniya water.

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The mode of kremlin

The mode of kremlin is the most popular. If you are ever going to tear the hunger! You just have to delete some of the products, checking with a table.

The japanese diet

In just 13 days, you can lose weight 7 to 9 kg In the diet limited to the intake of fats and carbohydrates, so that through it complicated, but the result is worth the effort! Not only because, after all, the japanese diet is in second place of popularity.

The kefir diet

The kefir diet is the most profitable of all. Since the kefir improves the circulation of the blood, the functioning of the intestine, and in general the work of the agency in general! The kefir product for a healthy life.

The diet of the blood groups

According to the diet of blood group, you simply should eat the foods that they ate our ancestors in the period of the emergence of this group of blood.

The diet of buckwheat

Buckwheat diet, why it is called so, that you can only eat the buckwheat and nothing more. But, in unlimited quantities.

Rice diet

Rice diet is very useful. In addition to weight loss, which at the same time, clean the body of toxins! Rice has become the main dish of the dietitians.

The diet in the green tea in the week

The green tea is a drink that allows you to provide energy, improve mood, reduce appetite, to quench the thirst. It is okay to drink during the hot weather, after intense physical efforts.

The barley diet

The barley diet is an effective technique for weight loss, which is distinguished by simplicity and low cost. The diet allows you to not only lose weight, but also to solve the health problems. In particular, you can go to the people who suffer from disorders of digestion.

The fastest diet to lose weight

Diets there are many, which naturally hampers the selection of the most fast diet to lose weight. Often, nutritionists recommend to their patients does not stop at a certain methodology, and rotate one, two or all three days of the methodology.

Chicken in the diet

Chicken in the diet is one of the most effective methods to get rid of the excess weight. It is an excellent option for those people who can't force myself to give up meat dishes. Chicken protein refers to the full-fledged proteins.

The diet in the like juices

The diet in the like juices are a modern methodology of losing weight, which has a great number of followers. In addition, juice diet allows you to lose weight quickly, is very tasty. In juice diet you can lose per pound of excess weight.

The diet of the 7 petals, the menu of each day

The diet of the 7 petals" is a revised version of the diet "6 petals", which was created by nutritionist Anna johansson. The diet of this slimming program is based on the alternation of protein and carbohydrate food.

Diet 6 petals: the menu of each day

Supposedly, the diet 6 petals was developed in sweden, nutritionist Anna johansson. This fact, however, is that, to date, the time, there is no confirmation. It also remains a "mystery" to be practiced if it this diet on himself, and what results it has had.

The oatmeal diet: the pros and cons

The oatmeal diet is one of the most accessible, simple, effective, and proven techniques to get rid of the extra kilos. It is No coincidence that the oatmeal diet is especially popular among women of england, the oldest of the prestigious childbirth.

The diet in the infant feeding

It is not known with whom he became the progenitor of the ideas of the diet on infant feeding. Fashion designer eddie slimane insists that he invented to feed artificial men-models. In your time this has helped in the development adjusted to the silhouettes of Christian Dior. Another pretender to the authorship is the fitness trainer of celebrities...

The diet of the hen

The diet of the hen is one of the most simple and affordable ways to get rid of your excess weight. It is ideal for those people who are not from your daily diet without meat products. The protein found in the chicken of the pulp can be called complete. It has all the amino acids that the human body.

The diet in the requesn and yogurt

Initially, this diet was designed for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. Its creator, the american scientist, with the help of its methodology the intention of reducing their patients ' risk of cardiovascular disease. According to the creator of the methodology, through the diet can get rid of deeply the lie of the fat layer.

The diet in the eggs and half of the week

Sometimes there are only a few days to get rid of 3-4 kilos more. Precisely for these cases of emergency designed diet in the eggs and half of the week. Although this method of thinning is short, but quite effective. This mono - exactly the results...

The orchards of the diet

This food system is a very effective and enjoyable diet, as vegetable soups, as is known, occur in the body a stimulating effect – they are products to lose weight and speed up metabolism.

Cabbage diet to lose weight in 10 days

Cabbage the diet was originally developed for patients recovering from an operation and are in the recovery phase. However, like most diets, the cabbage, the methodology of thinning occurred "pleasure" to the people trying to get rid of excess weight. Therefore, they have developed their different ways and with success...

The mediterranean diet

The mediterranean diet is not a statement that is to follow in order to lose weight. Rather, it is food of the tradition and the custom, that committed with the inhabitants of the mediterranean region.

Ginger diet

The diet ginger root is ideal for those who don't want to give their loved ones of the products, and specialties, however, is to put your figure in the order. Does this system of power around one or two months.

Apple diet

There are a variety of Apple diets help people to restore effectively the excess weight. In our days is very popular the methodology include loading and unloading apple days.

Lemon juice diet

Content in limone vitamin C strengthens the immune system, which is a significant factor in the fight against overweight. It should be noted that the consumption of lemons helps the cleansing of the body and gives the ability to normalize the metabolism.

Grapefruit diet

This power system is ideal for people who wish to remove the excess kilograms and without prejudice to their health. The use of citrus fruits, there is no doubt, the consumption of grapefruit contributes to the replenishment of the reserves of vitamins.

Banana diet

The consumption of bananas in the food of a positive way about the state of health of the person. They act as a source of iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium. All these minerals help to maintain the normal functioning of the heart.

Beets for weight loss

It has been shown that the beet is an excellent preventive of a product to combat obesity. Nutritionists recommend the inclusion of this vegetable in your diet not only when you, when you decide to start to lose weight, but also in the normal way, so you don't lose your way.

Strawberry diet weight loss

Start strawberry diet best of all, in the season of ripening of these delicious and healthy berries, when you can buy almost in every counter. Only five berries containing the same useful amount Of vitamin c, as in orange.

The diet of juice of tomato

The diet of the tomato sauce juice not only allows a quick and efficient way of losing weight, but promotes the adaptation to the standard of the processes of change, normalizes the functioning of the digestive system, the heart and blood vessels, helps to cleanse the body of toxins.

The water diet

The solution of the problems of excess weight is occupied the greater part of mankind, are not the exception, and women in period of gestation. Your body nine months in an active way, creates conditions for the development of the child.

The staff of the diet in 7 days

The staff of the diet only with their name may confuse women who want to lose weight. However, before you time is not worth rejoice. This slimming system refers not only to the stricter, but more harmful. To get rid of the extra pounds, you must renounce all drinks and products, leaving...

The diet for the lazy

Wanting to have a beautiful slender figure, to lose weight, not everyone can make an important effort to comply with the diet regime, or giving up the foods prohibited. There is a special diet for "lazy", that allows you to shed up to 12 kilos superfluous, without the need to radically change their habits and style of life.

The diet of the warrior

The diet of the warrior – no ordinary novel trend in dietary. It is a modern concept of "combat" power, based on years of points and biochemical studies of its creator. Ori or nutritionist or doctor, or writer. He is a former member of special units and artist.

Diet express

The ladies are always interested in the methods of thinning express, because life is full of moments that require urgent, it is almost instant to get rid of the extra kilos. If before important events in your life are just a few days, and the favorite of suit does not converge at the waist, it is acceptable to apply express method.

The diet of the moon

Specialists consider that in the period of the full moon and the new moon, it is very useful to have a special lunar diet. The thing is that these days there are changes in the atmospheric pressure, and along with it, and change the movement of the waters on the planet.

The watermelon diet-slimming

A basic principle of the diet of watermelon is that an organism shows the excess liquid. It is important to make sure that does not happen of dehydration. To do this, throughout the day you should drink water (minimum volume is 1.5 liters).

The English diet day 21: pros and cons

The English of the diet is based on the alternation of protein and vegetable days. This allows you to activate the metabolic processes in the body and get rid of excess weight. The caloric value of the products that can be used in the food, is not high, but the relentless attacks of hunger for people to experience, not.

The diet with the help of melon: menu options, the advantages of

The excess weight for the majority of women is a serious problem, therefore, to fight against it, you are ready to all. There is a wide variety of diets, some of which are very strict. However, it is possible to find a feeding system, that is not going to lead the body in a state of stress, and even fun.

The diet in soups

The diet soup is low in calories of the methodology of the excess weight reduction. The menu is the minimum amount of carbohydrates which are the main source of energy for the body. So he starts to draw energy from its own fat reserves. While soup diet allows you to lose weight, not to deprive...

Republic diet

Today, the relative novelty is considered Korean diet. In a total of 13 and 14 nights, you are invited to reset from 4 to 8 kg of excess weight. The diet involves the consumption of foods of plant origin. You can also eat pickled vegetables, which are the basic component of Korean cuisine.

Sports diet

When a person is engaged in sports, your food should be aimed at achieving the required result. Sports diet follow not only professional athletes, but fans. Depending on the goal, the diet can help to increase weight or to reset it, reach for the sporty shape.

The diet of the fruit

The diet of the fruit in 7 days enables you to get rid of 10 kg of excess weight. Should be the choice of those who set the goal to lose weight quickly. If the speed is not the priority, it is better to give preference to a healthy diet and the practice of sports. Practice fruit diet, it is better to choose the spring and summer.

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