Diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides

The agency of the majority of the people are organized in such a way that the volume of the belly and the sides of the first increase when the set weight and decrease the latest – in case of their loss. Incorrect eating habits, coupled with the low physical activity very quickly lead to the appearance of deposits of fat in those areas. In addition, the stomach and the mouth can grow under the influence of the increase of the anxiety and stress of a state or a number of other reasons:

for slimming the abdomen
  • if you have any illness (most often – the diseases of the liver, dropsy, etc);
  • in women after pregnancy and childbirth;
  • the men of the excessive use of beer (the so-called "beer" belly).
It is very important that the diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides have been selected correctly in function of the causes which led to the increase of its volume, as well as the type of form, the individual features of the organism and the total amount of excess weight.

You must take into account that to get rid of these the most problematic areas of 3 days or a week, is not going to work. You can reduce the volume of the waist and hip, thanks to remove excess fluid from the tissues and cleansing the bowel of its contents. But, to cleanse the stomach and the mouth completely, it will take more long a weight loss program based on a combination of nutrition with physical exercises.

Principles of food

In order to determine how to fix the mouth and the belly of the most efficient way possible when the selection of methods of thinning, account should be taken of the causes which led to the increase of its volume and weight in general:

  • if the problem is in continuing to eat in excess, the propensity of the fat, sweet, and other high-calorie food, the first thing that you must radically change your diet;
  • if the fat is turned away due to the sedentary lifestyle – it is necessary to increase the physical activity, move more, do the exercises, that allow the load of work in the area of the waist and allow fast eliminate the fat in problem areas;
  • if you suspect the presence of diseases of the liver and of other organs of the abdominal cavity before cleaning the stomach, it is necessary to first pass through the survey and make the appropriate treatment;
  • if turned in the stomach of most after pregnancy, you can go back to the old way with the latch of the diet in the sports complex;
  • if the cause of obesity has become the excessive consumption of beer, to reduce the volume of the body, you first have to abandon this habit and then sit in a proper diet.
In most cases, to get rid of the fat in the waist, there is no need to sit for a long time in the harsh weight loss programs. To explore the effect, for example, before an event, you can use the short a strict diet, and to ensure its sustainability / the – going to a proper nutrition and systematic training.

In general, to reduce the volume in the abdominal area, it is recommended to perform some mandatory rules:

  • to comply with the regime of drinking, drink at least 1.5–2 litres of water a day, immediately after awakening, 30 minutes before each meal;
  • forego harmful to the shape of the products, reduce the consumption of salt;
  • control the size of a single portion must not exceed 250 g;
  • eating 5-6 times a day with a maximum interval of 3 hours;
  • to increase physical activity.

It should be borne in mind that any diet against the abdomen should be based on fractional nutrition. The consumption of small portions with few interruptions is going to provide the body with the required amount of energy, warns of the emergence of a strong feeling of hunger and, above all, reduce the volume of the stomach, which will help you to delight in a smaller amount of food, and will directly affect more big belly.

It is also important to be a daily menu of foods that do not lead to deposits of visceral (internal) fat, which is the main cause of increase in the volumes of such products are:

  • lean meat (chicken, veal, rabbit);
  • vegetables, fresh vegetables, fruit, berries (except potatoes, bananas, grapes);
  • dried fruits, nuts;
  • legumes, cereals;
  • fish, seafood;
  • eggs;
  • lean the lactic acid products;
  • olive oil and flaxseed oil.

You must also abstain completely from fatty acids, fried, flour dishes, sausages, ready meals, fast food, sweets and other harmful for the beauty and harmony of the products. If you are going to be present in the menu, is to reduce the volume of the waist will be quite difficult, and in most cases it is impossible.

You must take into account that there is scientific evidence that the ability of some products, speed up the metabolism and run the process of burning fat in areas of greatest fat accumulation, that is to say, in the abdomen, sides and thighs. Nutritionists recommend that you consume:

  • ginger;
  • the col of all the species and varieties;
  • fresh cucumbers;
  • the dairy products, except milk;
  • the green tea;
  • grapefruit;
  • cinnamon;
  • the horseradish.

It is also useful for red wine in small quantities (100 ml / day), as it contains resvertrol, the division and hinders the development of fat cells.

To stimulate the work of the body and speed up the thinning areas do not need to move more, go regularly to the steam bath or in the sauna, massage and body wraps. But what is most important to you, you need a great diversity of to properly select the type of diet, since they are differentiated by the composition of the product, the limitations and the duration.
for slimming the abdomen diet buckwheat

The menu

To determine the best diet for slimming the abdomen and sides, you not only should take into account the above listed causes increase of its volume, but also a number of other factors:

  • individual characteristics of the organism;
  • the state of health;
  • the total number of extra pounds;
  • the goals and the capabilities of their achievements (shutter speed, willpower);
  • personal preferences of taste.

Given that there is a wide variety of diets for the reduction of the waist, find the all the parameters listed will be easy. The most well-known of these techniques are classics of the diet buckwheat, yogurt or rice.


Mono - buckwheat in the best way and in short, allows you to banish the abdomen and reduce the waistline. This quick and simple methodology does not require the preparation of special dishes, but it is too monotonous menu makes it extremely complex in their execution. But it is through a power works the purification of the digestive tract, the excretion of excess fluid from the tissues and, as a result, weight loss in these problem areas.

The essence and the rules of

The duration of the hard wheat from the diet can be from 3 to 5 days, during which they should eat only indignans buchweizen and drink water or green tea. If you want, you can complete the menu with the aircraft (no more than 1.5 liters).

Grouts-kefiric menu will be less stressful for the body and it will give you the same high-efficiency, such as strict mono -. In addition, the fermented drink will help to normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, will make the colon cleansing more quality, it will ensure the entry of proteins and useful for the microflora of the substances. In Grouts-kefiric diet can get rid of the belly and the sides, in the term of 1-2 weeks, which allows you to achieve more visible results.

Pick up the kefir it is necessary in accordance with the characteristics of the digestive system:

  • with the increase of the acidity and the propensity to heartburn is recommended to use a day of the drink;
  • with a higher gas – to- three days of a product.

It also allows the consumption of vegetables, adding in the buckwheat or whisk mixer green cocktail. Lasts from the stems of the herbs is not digested and is not absorbed by the intestine and passed through all its departments, cleaning of the walls of the accumulated slag. This contributes to the greater depth emptying of the digestive tract and, as a consequence, the reduction of stomach.

Sample menu

In the unity of the variant of the special recommendations of the charter of the slurry can be consumed in any quantity necessary for the saturation, and in the breaks between meals to drink no less than 2-2,5 liters of water and tea without sugar. The rest of the products that should be abandoned. The only requirement is that the buckwheat mono – the compliance of the technology of preparation of buckwheat. According to the dietetic prescription, the grain should be steamed in the evening in a thermos (or wrap) in a ratio of 1:2 (1 glass of greci, as well – 2 cups of boiling water).

Grouts-kefiric menu is more varied. The drink can be consumed with buchweizen in different variants:

  • alternating techniques of these products during the day;
  • pour the grain in the night of the kfir (instead of water boiling);
  • mix indignans the slurry with the beverage immediately prior to consumption.

When using mono is not recommended to increase physical activity, and in Grouts-kefiric option displays the moderate exercise, that will help to improve considerably the results of the methodology. To reduce the volume of the waist, it is necessary to perform special exercises for slimming the abdomen and the sides. With a clear implementation of the recommendations by the day of the diet you can lose, on average, 1 kg of excess weight and 0.5 cm of waist. But keep in mind that these results depend heavily on the individual characteristics of the body.

A contraindication to the compliance of buckwheat or Grouts-the kefir in the diet are gastrointestinal disease and the intolerance to the components of the menu. If you can't or don't want to eat buckwheat, you can eat only kefir, using kefir mono-diet or the most conservative of the variety.

The kefir

The kefir is the ideal product to slim the waist and flat belly. With regular use it manages the activity of the intestine, which leads to a natural products to lose weight, the reduction of the volumes, the rejuvenation of the skin. This fermented drink influences beneficially on the digestive tract, preventing the reproduction of harmful intestinal flora, preventing constipation and ensuring the quality of the purification of the body. Nutritionists developed several systems of loss of weight based on the beneficial properties of kefir of the days of fasting up to very long of the diets led to several weeks and even months.

for slimming the abdomen kefir diet

The essence and the rules of

Download day and 3-day mono - this milk drink is characterized by great rigor, since in that period, it is assumed the consumption of a single product. But this is very strong and fast, the current methodology actually allows to reduce the belly and sides in a very short span of time.

Use the kefir mono-diet for the waist, it is not recommended to immediately – it is best to start with the days of fasting, in order to accustom the digestive system to the new power. After enduring 3 days it will be much easier.

This strict methodology of thinning is contraindicated when there is gastritis or ulcers. Also you can not comply with the kefir mono-diet for more than 3 days, because the prolonged absence in the nutrition of the carbohydrates can alter the intestinal motility, resulting in constipation or diarrhea. But if, in addition, enter in the menu of some useful for the waist products, this power supply system can continue much longer.

Sample menu

The daily diet of this technique of thinning depends on the option selected. In the case of loads of the day or of the strict mono you can consume:

  • lean kefir (no more than 1% of fat) – a 2-x l;
  • clean water, herbal or green tea 1.5 l.

The daily norm of a product is necessary to divide the 6 and 7 of the portions and enjoy it through equal intervals of time. The rest of the liquid should be consumed among the drink.

In addition to the strict kefir diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides you can use the combination of this drink with the other components.

The kefir-cheese

In this variant of the diet of the daily diet make the diet low-fat fermented milk products:

  • 300 g of cottage cheese;
  • 1 liter of kefir.

This number must be divided into equal portions and eat during the day together or separately.

This technique also applies to pretty hard and sizing of no more than 1 to 3 days. It is good, since the consumption of these products is excellent, stimulates the metabolism, makes the body requires more energy and is more intense to lose excess inches at the waist.


Kefir diet with fruits can last 3 to 5 days, because it is more easily tolerated by the organism due to the availability of carbohydrates. In this period, all the days allows you to ingest:

  • 2 litres of yogurt;
  • 1 kg of sugar-free non-starchy fruit.

Take the products individually or make them into smoothies and cocktails. The result of 3 days of diet should be the loss of 2-3 cm on the sides.


The methodology of thinning in yogurt with cucumbers is respected to 5 days and can drive during this period, and the loss of 5 to 8 kg and 3-4 cm in the waist. This option of menu of the diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides very simple – on the day highlights:

  • 1.5 l of broth of the drink lactic;
  • an unlimited number of cucumbers.

The cucumber can be eaten alone or to make them a salad with the addition of the vegetation and the lemon juice.


The diet is a good, but very strict and precise compliance of the rules. For 9 days you must eat according to the following scheme:

  • 1-3 days – use it every day, only 1.5 l of skimmed yogurt;
  • 4-6 days – 1,5 kg of apples to bitter;
  • 7-9 days – 1 l skimmed yogurt and 1 kg of apples.

Support the 9 days, the type of power is quite difficult. But this methodology refers to the number of the most powerful of the diets from the belly and sides.