As you start to lose weight at home step by step

This woman always wants to look good, be slim, strong. But the opportunity to attend a gym or fitness to deal with a coach, it is not all. And not everyone can afford the luxury of losing weight under the supervision of a nutritionist. If this is you — do not rush to feel: we explain how to start to lose weight properly in the home. Step by step instructions will help you to develop a personalized program of weight loss, to calculate their strength, tune in to the result.

correct slimming

The first step is the analysis of

So, once it became clear that the mirror does not look adorable fragile of creation, and someone with chubby cheeks and folds at the waist. It is necessary to lose weight.The extra pounds do not appear miraculously in the evening, accumulating years — slow but sure. Try to remember when he began to recover, what was the cause. It is possible that in his past he hides the situation, deductis set the weight of the disease, the pregnancy, reception of hormonal drugs. In this case, prior to lose weight at home, be sure to exclude the likelihood of health problems: talk with your doctor, get yourself a medical examination.

Many of the ladies thin found delicious ways after profound nervous shocks: many people unconsciously try to "taking advantage of a" strong stress, which prevents weight loss. Often, women, without realizing it, are suffering from episodes of binge eating. This model of psychological disorders is characterized by food "daret", where the periods of normal power are changed, the buds have an uncontrollable appetite, the persistence of one to several days. It is useless to reproach himself or give promises unrealizable, here, requires the assistance of a specialist, otherwise, you start to lose weight is not going to work.

If hateful fat appeared as a result of the constant eating in excess, the abuse of junk food, sedentary life, everything is much easier — you can start to lose weight independently in the home. To do this correctly, please read our instructions until the end.

Second step — the calendar slimming

Try not to give itself the speculation of the promises: the phrase "lose weight march", said on the eve of christmas, subconsciously relaxes — until the summer for a long time yet, we can safely say, the more calories and lose weight some time after. A family situation? Detail is that the habit of eating in excess will not go to any side, as the excess weight.

Set goals in another way: to determine the exact number of kilos that we must rule out, set specific deadlines with the intermediate curtains.

Decided to lose weight at home in 10 kg in 5 months, the right thing is to develop a weight loss program, specifying:

correct methods of slimming
  • Weight original. It will become the top of the reference point is the reference point, to which you cannot return;
  • The desired end result, very great;
  • Several intermediate points for weight measurements. Optimally weigh every day, and once a week. This technique allows you to maintain the motivation to lose weight at home, and daily approaches of weights rather discouraged, relax. To discover in a weight that is not behind of graphics, you will be very pleased with oneself, feel as it appears for the emotion, helps to lose weight;
  • Leave a space below the input volume — it is always important to note that the waist became thin. It happens that the weight is frozen, but the body continues to lose weight. Measurements it is recommended to do on a monthly basis, on the possibility of accompanying photos to illustrate the process.

When programming, it is important to set a realistic schedule, otherwise, their enthusiasm soon changed to bitter disappointment.

Not apresuráis event, nutritionists advise losing weight slowly, 3 to 4 kg per month. Of course, you can lose weight much faster, but this technique is not valid, it is dangerous to health: the body must have time to adapt to the new ways.

Step three — nutrition

The most common mistake lose weight at home — the commitment to strict regimes. Endure a long hunger strike is not easy, failure is inevitable, behind him comes the feeling of guilt. If breakage has not occurred, to lose weight permanently, of such a method is not going to work, very soon the weight back: the body, which has proven to the stress, is to stock up on fat, discuss with the nature is useless. To start to lose weight, limit the intake of have, but to do it correctly:

  • Calculate the calories. There are many special formulas that enable the calculation of the necessary energy value of food in the day. Their values are very different and sometimes incomprehensible, what conclusion believe, to begin to lose weight. The most simple solution — raschertit tetrad sheet in half, and then score in the first column everything that they ate for the day, and in the second everything they did. In the evening, to summarize: how many calories are received, how much spent. To lose weight properly, you need every day to expend 500 kcal more than to consume;
  • Determine the need for proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The energy value of a product is the sum of proteins, fats, carbohydrates — all of them are necessary to the organism for normal life. To start losing weight, it is necessary to calculate its required relationship. On 1 kg of weight: 1 g protein, 0.5 g fat, 2-3 g of carbs. As a woman who weighs 70 kg a day, must be obtained from food 70 g protein, 35 g fat, 210 g carbohydrate, to follow to lose weight. Along with the weight loss, this figure will be reduced, you will need the imputation;
  • the correct power of weight loss
  • Set the menu every day. To not have the temptation of eating something sweet or bold, you can not go hungry. Try to paint the diet of the week, taking into account the required calories: a total of 5 meals, breaks between the that do not exceed 4 hours. Principles of nutrition are simple: the greater part of the letter dealing with fruits and vegetables, followed by cereals in the water, the steam, to lean meat. During the time of sandwich you can enjoy nuts, dairy products. The power cincosencilla lie down the metabolism, losing weight will be easier;
  • Normalize imbalances regime of drinking. Lose weight properly, you can only at the expense of the loss of fat mass and not of the dehydration and the destruction of muscle tissue, as in the mono-diets. On 1 kg of weight of a person requires a minimum of 30 g of pure water without gas, tea and or coffee in the calculation of a no go, only water.

Go to a proper nutrition is better gradually, for a few days, by giving up the usual harmful dishes. Do not forget to pass the review of the fridge and kitchen utensils from the cupboards in search prevent to lose weight temptations — sweets, biscuits, sausages. If possible, do not keep the house such products, to the risk of rupture was minimal.

Fourth step — the physical activity

It is considered that the training in the home are inferior in the effectiveness of classes in the gym. The case of the presence of the company of interest: group classes, where it is visible the strange result, and it is the time of the competition, they encourage weight-loss. Going to a gym tends to prevent the employment, but at home you can always find half an hour in the same, my dear.

Review your day, specify a time, when it is convenient to perform the exercises — this can be earlier in the morning, late at night. Selecting the time interval, try to keep your journal, that the training of steel in a habit. At home you can practice the following ways:

  • Download the course prepared a video-exercises specifically designed to lose weight independently. To start, take a simple option, with the consequent increase of the loads;
  • Develop your own set of exercises that includes all muscle groups. To start losing weight, you have to force to work the whole body. You can use inexpensive compact inventory—, dumbells, weights, the ring, the rope;
  • Buy an exercise bike or a treadmill;
  • Exercises aliquam ball are also very effective and perfectly can be done in the home;
  • Make a nice path and devote yourself to running, nordic walking. Maybe very soon you will find yourself in a park close to the addicted and ready to lose weight behind the company.
Whatever type of physical activity you choose, start practicing at home takes a lot of caution, without fanaticism. The excess of zeal of the newcomers lead to health problems. If there are any type of discomfort, it is best to discuss sports plan and the desire to lose weight with the doctor.

Tune in to the success will help the acquisition of the beautiful sports clothing every woman loves new clothes. The training should be a pleasure, loaded with positive energy. It is very important to the regularity of the classes — even if it is only 20 minutes, but every day. You'll be surprised how quickly your body will begin to lose weight and well-being will improve.

The fifth step is the motivation

The people shed excess weight in the home, often notice that you lose weight easier, in the beginning, until the new card does not pall, the training is not sufficient, the excitement at maximum. In a very short time and it is clear that losing weight won't have much time.

The principles of motivation

It is important to wait until the attainment of habits of a new style of life, otherwise spent efforts go down the drain. Motivation helps you lose weight in times in which you want to stop smoking and eating put the cake, and the best of the two.

To deal with this matter better in advance:

the correct weight loss sport
  • Write down on a piece of paper of all the future benefits of being slim. The possibility of wearing nice clothes, the envy of her friends, the admiration of men, and to someone of the health, the possibility of conceiving a child — choose the one that is right for you. You, in truth, trying not only to lose weight, it surely is the objective, for which it is necessary proportionality. Re-read the list, because that only weakens the motivation;
  • In the refrigerator, ensure the photo of the model, in which you would like to look like. Your photo to the set of excess weight is also nice;
  • Do not forget about the timing of thinning, take note of your results, this will give us the strength to lose weight power;
  • To argue with someone. Weight-loss will be more interesting. Tested and a little child-the method works perfectly, especially if you discuss money;
  • Eat in front of a mirror. The contemplation of one's own fat folds is likely to reduce the appetite, how to motivate the desire to lose weight;
  • Wear clothes in a smaller size. Rather small jeans or tight bodice constantly remember the need to lose weight.

Live motivator, it can become the dog, since it is necessary to walk twice a day, and refuse tantalizingly queribundus very difficult. At this point in our step-by-step ends, now you know the right way to start losing weight at home — we wish him much success, is going to be fulfilled.