Effective for slimming and smoothing the skin: the truth and myths about meets

Stellar diet is not the modern fashion. Thanks English by the poet Byron aristocrat the Haze of albión two centuries ago, in place of tea enjoyed in the finest porcelain cocktail of baking soda and water. One day, his idol, said that it was through this drink 30 kilos of your weight is dispersed as the fog over the river thames. And I have here today are few who will immediately call you but the line of the poems of lord byron, but his diet soda these days in the ear of all.


Diet Soda

Fans of this diet also compose verses: soda in the house, the fat in a state of coma. Their considerations are revealed as: the dishes of fat soda rubbed up to scratch, why would he not dissolve the same way and our fat deposits? And in this magical, in the opinion of some, the properties of the soda, not the end. She says, and the arthritis can be cured and the ulcer. And for teeth that may be helpful.

If really the content of the famous orange packages most effective expensive drugs? What ailments sodium bicarbonate cure in reality, and in what cases, on the contrary, you can delete the health powder?

It is worth noting in the internet-search engine the word "soda", you'll see one of the most popular queries: how many of soda it is necessary to eat in order to lose weight. The answer will become hundreds of articles about how soda burns excess weight. And the article, these are divided into two categories: the frivolous and the signature, which put the workers ' health. Some doctors advised sodium bicarbonate as a tool of the eternal harmony.

Neuroscientists advise every morning, for 30 to 40 minutes before the food intake take this solution on an empty stomach.

It is the easiest way to lose weight. The doctors ensure that the soda is unique in its price, the accessibility and simplicity of the steps. When a person drinks a glass of baking-soda solution on an empty stomach, after a while, he begins to work the bowel. That is to say, it is a simple laxative effect.

From the point of view of a neurologist, who specializes in the reflections, everything is true. Here only dietitians and gastroenterologists, the tips are urged not to listen and not to do. This is dangerous and totally contraindicated for people suffering from ulcer or gastritis. Have the bicarbonate of sodium and a diuretic. Thanks to this figure, the scale can also be dragged down. Only a short time. However, supporters of the diet in the together are other arguments.

In the opinion of some medical nucleus of fat is a molecule of glycerin, here, this molecule of glycerin is fixed to the remains of fatty acids. Sodium bicarbonate acts precisely in fatty acids, occurs a neutralization reaction. As a result of which occurs the oxidation of the fat. Biochemical do not confirm this. Accumulation of fat, and drink the solution does not come in contact at all. This, in principle, impossible.

Others argue that soda is not the solution can act on the whole body. He can't do thin the blood, can't do thin fat and get to the place where the deposits in the hips, belly and so on.

The diet and sodium bicarbonate

So a diet in the soda solution, although simple, but absolutely amazing. And if you do not ingest sodium bicarbonate, and only to clean the teeth of it along with the lemon juice? The supporters of the popular medicine ensure that you get and cheap, and effectively. Dentists are in agreement that the soda actually whiten. Its small crystals quickly brushes at the same time the plate with the surface of the glaze, but along with the enamel. With the same success you can brush your teeth, sand, chalk, any thin and firm, a substance that acts as or polishes. But maybe they are right those who not without success to apply baking soda to the diseases of the joints?

There is the opinion that it is cheap, the tool facilitates the pain in the feet is not worse expensive ointments and creams. Because the pain of the joints due to the deposition of salts and the soda of your destroys. However, the cause of the pain of creaking joints, explains orthopedic, not the salt fields. The whole matter of excessive friction between the worn parts of the joint surfaces, and soda, none of the salts through the skin, muscles and fat cannot dissolve. It offers the same pain that the heat of the water.

However, add in the hot water is soda still makes sense. It is well softens in water of the rough skin. Another advantage of the use of soda - soda solution well removes pesticides from fruits and vegetables.