Benefits and harms of fasting days for weight loss

download the day

It is considered that the discharge of days for weight loss is the most safe way to get rid of your excess weight. But the cons are and to them. So be careful, it would not hurt. When you download regulate the intake of calories in man is reduced by 20-30% from the norm. Therefore, the body is clean, he gets out the excess liquid, and accordingly, the weight of the body decreases.

The use of loads of the day

  • The comfort

As a general rule, throughout correct day of one or two products.

  • Fast effect

Due to its low consumption of calories, the fat is quickly burned out, the weight is going.

  • Clear skin

In those days, the body is cleansed of dross. In summary it works best the intestines, they disappear allergic reactions and dermatitis, improves the general condition of the skin.

The damage loads of the day

  • The stress

After the download of body can start to store all the inputs of nutrients, immediately transformed into fat. In summary, you can call back quickly to all those who have been cast.

  • The slowdown of the metabolism

Usually the download of the days are not balanced by VIGILATE, and this disturbs the metabolism and malfunction of the digestive system.

  • The mood changes

Due to the shortage of energy in days as the man can be annoying, it may decrease the capacity for work, experience weakness – up to dizziness.

The rules of the burdens of the day

If you weigh the "pros" and "cons", can come to the conclusion that the unloading of the days is not so safe for the health. However, if you decide to use this method of weight loss, try to follow certain rules, so that the risk is reduced.

  • Not to die of hunger our hunger

Consuming fewer calories does not mean anything at all, it is not. This can be accomplished, for example, by reducing the amount regular diet, or limiting the consumption of fatty foods, and eating foods that are high in calories – roast beef, mayonnaise salads, cold meats and pre-cooked, rich pastries and sweet desserts.

  • Don't play

Choose the best download option, which is not going to subject your body to a strong stress, and stick to it every time I needed to. There is no need to pass over a practical experiences.

  • Drink more water

On days like these, you should drink at least two liters of water. Then the body will actually be cleared.

meat download day
  • Do not eat download the day of the salt and the spices

In this case, the water does not accumulate in the body, and excluded the swelling.

  • Do not use more than one loads days a week

Otherwise, the body may fail, after that you will become to gain mass twice as fast as before.


  • The next day a puller, do not jump into the food, how hungry or awake. Otherwise, all your download in vain.
  • In the first place, refrain from fast carbohydrates (sugar, bread, pastries, pasta, etc).
  • In the second place, reduce the amount of calories consumed in a 5-7% of the normal standards – to do this, just put in the dish in 3 tablespoons of eat less.
  • And thirdly, eat more often, not allowing for the emergence of the sensation of hunger. But itching should be useful – fruit, nuts, yogurt instead of cakes or sweets.

Options in the menu of the days of fasting

There are types of unloadings' in groups:

  • carbohydrates download – rice (buckwheat, oat), watermelon, cucumber, apples days;
  • proteins download – cheese, meat, fish, days;
  • the milk-to-download – kefir, yogurt, dairy download days

More effective discharge of the day

Meat download day

Boiled chicken (without the skin) that the whole or boiled beef without salt (the soy sauce in small amounts) is distributed in five meals during the day. Drink only water.

Kefir-apple mango day

In a food – only an apple and half a cup of yogurt. Receptions the food must be not more than six, but not less than three per day. The kefir in this case, plays an important role, since the lactic acid with the success purifies the intestines.

Rice, mango day

On the day of the animals of the three food intake. 50 g of rice with fruits and milk, and for lunch and dinner with vegetables. The rice is best not to cook, and the steam of the night (pour boiling water and leave in the night, previously washed with hot and cold water)! As a beverage, choose green tea.

buckwheat kefir discharge day

Grouts-kefir discharge day

In the breakfast, lunch, dinner, eat only buchweizen, indignans in the afternoon, by analogy with the rice. Do not add salt. As meals and before bedtime drink a glass of kefir.

Cucumber download day

If you need to lose weight quickly of how to organize the download of a day in the pickles. This vegetable combines two useful quality and contains very few calories and contain tartronovaya acid, which slows down the process of transformation of carbohydrates in fats. In addition, the cucumbers, squeeze out the water from your body. For this download you can lose up to 3.5 kg

For download the days, your body will receive up to a maximum of 300 kcal, for what it's worth to give a staying at home. The undesirable physical and mental load. Take 1.5 kg fresh, strong pickles, and divide the standard on 6 receptions. It is necessary, without sauces, in its purest form. If the feeling of hunger is very strong, you can eat cooked 2 eggs and 2 tablespoons of bran.

In the note

Astrogeology believe: it is easier to pass on, and are the most effective for slimming the download and the days that are celebrated on the day of his birthday. This is not about the date and day of the week – Monday, Tuesday, etc, Enjoy your day, and from the awakening of the "comma" as the download option.