Real weight loss: inspirational story of girls

In the global network, in the press of us and the case we found with a great variety of options for diets that do not always seem to be humane and effective, doubts as to the usefulness to the agency. Unfortunately, almost every woman faces in her life with the whole set of excess weight, that prevent you to move forward, improve your self-esteem, become self-confident and attractive. For someone that this excess weight – only a couple of pounds, and dozens of other remove the one that is not easy. If a woman has a large excess of excess weight, it falls in the spirit, takes hold of my pain of flour and sweet, so still adding unfortunate kilograms.

However, not everyone is going to go down this road. International celebrities and show miracles domain of himself and relieve the incredible weight. In our country there are also women, an example that inspires millions of people, it helps to understand that the human body can do everything and even a little more. Review today, we focus the stories of the girls that have expired with excess weight and are in good shape, making them an example to fellow countrymen.

Real slimming. Tatiana fishermen: less than 55 kilos

the result of the

The first of our heroine has been shown not only to me but also to others, the well-known axiom that a balanced diet, regular exercise, and most importantly - a great desire to provide the opportunity to restore the half of the weight, which is superfluous. Tatiana fishermen at birth received the wrong diagnosis of the debt of the central government. Her parents decided to max heal the wounds of the daughter, and until the early school years, I lived outside of the city, to eat exclusively natural products, including meat, milk, and rich cakes. It is worth saying that the 14 year old girl that weighed more than 100 pounds, And the cause of this is not only a good food, but also the taunts of their classmates, the bitterness of that tanya stuck sweet. When the girl is faced with the shortness of breath that accompanies its normal to climb the ladder, she took an important decision – the time has come to take the weight of ballast.

All kinds of diets, that tried to tatiana, despite help, but have often led the girl to breakdowns. Then she asks, how they can lose weight without risking the health, well-being and mood? After a lot of reading intelligent literature, tatiana has gradually developed his own diet, which is subordinate to the laws of the balanced diet. Tanya home care to calculate the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates you should consume, that matches the configuration and the day of the activity of the girl. In the opinion of tatiana, his system was very simple: breakfast and lunch used complex carbohydrates and protein, and for dinner only protein. As for the sweets, tanya allowed himself a little and only during the day, and the last meal I expected, not at least three hours before going to bed.


If the first time that tatiana was not enough time in physical activity, since she was studying and working at the university of the girl was enrolled in classes at the gym, where he focused on cardio-training and the power of the loads. The result of a great loss of weight about 4 years ago tatiana threw 55 kg, the girl had to resort to the surgeons who performed a washing of the skin, without which it was not indispensable.

Now tatiana fishers not only the happy owner of a slender figure, but and popular videobloger, the author of the book, numerous tips start fast and competent slimming. The main rules that tanya advised to respect all those who wish to lose weight girls, consist of the approach of a specific objective, the selection of the diet in which they met to be personal data, as well as faith in himself.

The real history of thinning Well gritsenko: less than 38 kilos

Since childhood, Mila gritsenko was separated from the lush and awe-inspiring forms, this has led to at the age of 14 I weighed 70 kilos, while the growth of its not to exceed 154 see the Derision of the classmates of steel usual the beginning and the end of the day, I could not stop bothering the girl, and, when for the first time, she has fallen in love with, I decided to change the situation. More than the object of his love did not respond to reciprocity, inviting the girl to first reset several tens of kilos. Mila tried orange diet, which leads to hypervitaminosis, the hunger, causes blackouts, and the continuing weakness, laxatives and special of the tablet, psychotropic substances and enemas, however, was not to be.


When she met her future husband that he loved her at any weight and he was banned from weight-loss, the life of the girl changed completely, after 4 years, Mila pregnant. She began to eat for the night all in a row, in general hormonal background, the discharge weight of the girl reached 90 kg Mila was beginning to look a little unkempt middle-aged lady, the reflection in the mirror of her did not suit. Mila asked to regime power, which involves small but frequent itch for hours. It was the result of thinning to 36 kg, literally, for five months. At the same time Pedrera has developed its own system of thinning, not only in the reduction of weight, but also in the change of the eating habits of the person, as well as the destruction of the dependence of the food.

The result was so surprising that a Mile for the tips have stretched the girls who want to lose weight. With the time you realized that you can make the achievement of your profession, graduated at the academy of gymnastics, he opened his own studio real of losing weight and wrote a book with the recipes in "Eat and slim with a Cute gritsenko". Now it bears the author's workshops of motivation, is a nutrition program for the stars and the girls, perfecting their method. Among the suggestions of Cute that it is possible to distinguish the following: the realization of a training for strength with the increase of work weight, cardio-training, the correct mode of feeding and the consumption of food 4-5 times a day, the use of coffee skraba three times a week, sports nutrition.

Real thinning of sony rudenko: less than 20 kilos


Sonia rudenko even in the garden of childhood was the little girl with the chubby cheeks. Despite the fact that in the early years of school is not the object of ridicule due to an excess of weight, and to exit out of it and did not get a good shape, due to a limitation in the power supply and to the race, after finishing school the problem of excess kilos still young. First the weight came little by little, and then went to the add faster each time. Sonia even specifically coded for the meal, after the hypnosis gave her usual instrument of the diet, which took but a very short time.

The girl tried numerous diets and even tried to do so very loved by her sport, but nothing worked. One day, the result gave the popular "kremliovskaya" of the diet, which sonia infinitely happy, however, with time, the weight stopped falling, and at some point even added, in spite of its diligent enforcement of the rules of the program. Then sonia rudenko has gone to the fat of the cheese and very boiled chicken fillets, which helped it reach out to she treasured the figure of 50 kg of Hold the kind of weight it is difficult, to do so, sonia had to open for a variety of healthy foods and low in calories in your base. The girl fell in love with the fish, the eggs and the vegetables, which constitute at this time the main part of your menu, along with nuts, avocado and flax seeds.

Now sonia success of a blog, which gives the example of many women. She really helps you lose weight and a new life in a new thin body.

Sasha versailles and its history real to lose weight: less than 20 kilos


Apparently, with a growth of 176 cm, weight 73 kg doesn't seem too large, however, for sasha versailles two and a half years ago, he was obvious and unpleasant. She tried different diets, but the weight was in place. To get rid of excess fat in the belly and hips, she found her coach, in which still and has fallen in love with. This rabid motivation has done its job. Now the girl is not the life without sports and physical exercise and the coach, who is also her husband, in all supports to sasha.

Now sasha versailles takes you to a web page in the social networks, which motivates and inspires thousands of people in the feats of weight loss. The main secret here in the self-discipline, considered to sasha. Nutrition and exercise – this is what will help you lose weight, but it is necessary not to give in and do not tolerate it, and seek the strength of work. What at first seems difficult, with the time, enter in the habit. And if you can find a good mentor, that will tell you what direction to go, then success is assured.

Those people who start out on a difficult road in restoring weight, sasha versailles gives some tips:

  • It is best to avoid hard diets, but to set food and exercise is mandatory;
  • It is necessary to have the right attitude in that you are not going to feel as if to deny the pleasures and limits on good eating;
  • It is important to find your own sport, the sports that will be in the joy.

Marina: less than 35 pounds


Marina since the childhood was not the thinness, at 15 years, the balance showed the figure of 75 kg, and all the vitriol in his direction, she has since then become a joke, not showing his pain. The girl tried to lose weight it is stiff enough ways: sat exclusively in apples, if not limited to the water. Of course, this type of diets adversely affect the health and well-being, have appeared stretch marks. At 19 years old, marina was married, and then became pregnant, and, like all moms, very joined in the weight. When it has been pointed out in the maternity center, the weight of the girl was of 92 kg, which was going to take in the shortest possible time. However, this dream was not fulfilled, the weight only came to him once added to the depression and the chilling shortness of breath, which lasted for three years.

Once the marine in the head this thought: that if your child is going to question my mom, of its amazing forms? All in all it turns, as before was done in the head of the painting of the participation in leisure activities, in-line skating, and hiking, in one word - a full life that is very difficult to afford with this weight. Therefore, it is a small child became the motivation of the girl. About a year and a half, navy was sitting on a rigid diet: in the morning allowed just the oatmeal, the day – an apple, and dinner lightly sweetened with sugar of cappuccino. Despite the fact stress, changes in mood and temper tantrums, in the first month of the girl shot and five kilos, and for all the time the whole 38! After a long rejection of the food she realized that it is necessary to diversify the diet, and has dominated the practice of a proper diet. At the same time has acquired the marina and the membership in the gym.

Now the girl eats five times every day, in the diet of cereals, cheese and milk, coffee, nuts and dried fruits, chicken breast, salad vegetables, cheese, kefir and ryazhenka. Marina drink lots of water and advised not to neglect this rule. To eat well and to love the exercise of their taught real slimming and excellent result achieved. Now the son of the navy since six years and would venture to say that your mother is the most beautiful.

Real slimming eugenia Rakhimova: less than 33 kg


To 156 cm of growth eugene Rahimov weighed 91 pounds of This weight was the result of what eugene has always loved good eating, his favorite candy was chocolate, which could not be left aside. First, the weight of it does not bother you, but in the course of the transformation of the girl in the girl in the mockery of his companions began to annoy and offend. Young people in eugenie attention is not paid, that he was going to an undivided love. When, after graduating from high school, he moved to st. petersburg, there eugenio opened numerous networks of fast-food, went to the gym, but only for a check mark.

A day in the life genis has changed, one of his friends, who for a long time was engaged in gymnastics, participated in the contest of bikini. Eugenie was surprised and hit his newspapers, he realized that does not want to go with the stomach, that the man has always been visible from the pants and has caught for itself. The girl has been to count calories, was to go to school with containers of the correct feeding – buchweizen, rice, fish, and chicken. Also addicted to the race. The weight began to fall, and the size of the clothing decrease. Genis immediately appeared followers, who have become his advice to change their diet. Now the girl adheres to the basic rule is: the weight is going when you will more calories than you use. She has enjoyed various programs on the smartphone, counting calories, is actively engaged in sports activities – circular machines and cardiovascular training, resistance training.

The rest of eugene, or is to carry out actively – rides on roller skates and ice skating, long walks. Because this is compatible dear to her, the man, than to see their pictures before you can't believe that in the pictures is really her.