The 29 HARD-disk failure to lose weight. How to lose weight

the essence of slimming

The scope of lean body right now in our country and throughout the world, acquires an entirely new look. More and more people want to have pumped into my muscles, slender body, parallax, body and health. An important contribution to the growing popularity of the slender body has contributed to the development of the information technologies.

Thanks to the development of the internet, information became more accessible, more clear, more interesting.

Now, any person can find everything that you need, by simply typing in the interest of your query in the search box of Google or yandex.

A great leap to the popularity of the slenderness has occurred in the last 10 years.

Of course, that the number of illiterate coaches and specialists in the field, could not grow directly proportional. Although it is recognised that progress in this direction there is.

In this article will highlight for you the 29, the major errors of people who want to lose weight.

1. The desire to burn the fat through greenhouse gases" or with the help of massage

People believe that the next miracle of "cream", girdle for slimming and pumping of the muscles of the steam press, the fall of deposits of fat in the models of special training will help them to lose weight.

The fat loss is the use of selected blood of fatty acids and glycerine, as a result of lipolysis, as a source of energy.

Now you realize how stupid you see in the movie food, use a whole shit, the type of belts for slimming, with the hope of saunas or baths you lose weight?

No "greenhouse effect", if we talk about the fat burning does NOT EXIST!

In the sauna, the bath of fat, and other cells of our body LOSE WATER! But the nuclei of these cells unless it is not done.Guess what will happen after, such as after a bath is to drink a couple of glasses of water? The fat cells are filled with water and the weight will return to its place.

2. The desire to lose weight only in one part of the body

"I have everything normal, only here to lose weight in the hips and belly".

I think that you've heard often similar to that of their friends and acquaintances.

But, again, not "the beginning of the distillation of the fat" from one place to another or the burning of fat in an impossible place (there are a number of studies on the local combustion of fats, but reliable confirmations until not).

The fat burning starts our hormones that circulate THROUGHOUT the BODY!

The hormone can circulate only in a single place (for example, on the hips), that will take you through all of the supply of blood flow, of the two circles of blood circulation, penetrating into all parts, where it is able to reach (through the capillaries, the vessels, veins, arteries) and get in contact with the tissues through receptors.

3. Almost complete failure of the meal

Another common error.

Strong rejection of the food leads to the slowing of metabolism, which virtually stops the loss of fat.

And after you fail (and this is necessarily the case) earn more fat, because the body is going to think: "And if the problem persists? It is necessary to protect themselves in case of famine".

4. The breach of the basic rule of any diet

The base of any diet is to CREATE a DEFICIT of CALORIES (energy) in the body.

  • If you consume MORE calories than you spend, you gain WEIGHT!
  • If you consume the SAME number of calories, how much you spend, you run out of changes!
  • If you consume LESS calories than you spend, you lose weight!

Nothing in our body does not come from nothing.

If you get energy less than the that you spend, you need to lose weight.

5. The absence of emissions of power

The reduction of calories can cause a slowdown in metabolism, which will stop the loss of fat.

Therefore, we must fool our body, starting to eat more often, but in SMALL PORTIONS!

The body is going to think: "Ate often, it means that there is no sense in slowing the change of the substances, the energy is enough."

But in the sum for the night, you will eat LESS! Therefore, you will lose weight.

6. Complex schemes of power in the initial stage

People, it seems that all the unusual take unusual way.

Therefore, and there's a variety of idiots diet and an energy plan.

The mode of the kremlin, the diet of larissa Valley of chocolate, diet, cabbage diet, the green diet, etc

Which has more degrees of freedom (of products diet, supplements, diet changes), it is more DIFFICULT to perform an ANALYSIS of the results.

7. Ignore daily, and other activity in addition to workouts

Many think that is how you lose weight depends on precisely training.

The man does not take into account your physical activity during the day + base the group of energy metabolism, heat dissipation, etc).

Let's say you consume 2000 calories a day.

He is in the office, sitting all day on the fifth point, and the night is going to train, controls the power. And, in fact, it gradually begins to lose weight.

And that, if this person is an employee and is used, as disconnected from the whole day, with weights in the hands and on the back?

Will these 2000 kcal per day will be of SO LITTLE, because you are going to 400-700 kcal per day to spend more.

Hence the slowdown of the metabolism and stop burning fat.

To lose weight it is necessary to gently.

8. The use of non-effective types of physical activity

A thousand times have you heard: "what if I don't like lifting weights? It's so stupid. Better I'll go to swim or dance".

It is not that boring and uninteresting, and what is not.

There is something that is effective, and that simply frazzle to you (or to suck your money), having taken his time.

Physical load in the gym not only allows you to get rid of excess fat, that allows you to make beautiful your muscles!

9. The ignorance of your "point of reference"

The reference point is the amount of calories you need during the day, so as not to fill and not lose weight.

You need it to start without problems to reduce calories.

The reduction of calories leads to burning.

10. The lack of accounting of calories

Is derived from that of the previous paragraph.

If in a day you've eaten 1800 calories, and in the following the decade of 1920, after 1750, and then 2100, the loss of fat can talk to?

You do not understand where to pull to gradually reduce daily intake, so that to trample the place.

11. The lack of accounting for the proportions of the BZHU

Necessary of calories we can make, if we are going to eat a potato, but is that correct?

For the proper functioning of our body, we must consume:

  1. The consumption of proteins.
  2. Fats.
  3. Carbohydrates.

Apart from vitamins, minerals and other macro and microelements.

Each CIBUS plays in our organism an important role. With the lack of any of them can arise it is not very useful for us to imbalance.

12. The use of large amounts of food with high GI

The glycemic index (GI) is a QUANTITATIVE measure of the assimilation of carbohydrates.

After the ingestion of foods with high glycemic index (carbohydrates that are quickly digested, mainly) in the blood begins to circulate a large amount of GLUCOSE.

In response to the entry of the glucose, our pancreas begins to produce INSULIN (a transport hormone in our body that transports glucose to the places of use).

Insulin is an antagonist to growth hormone (growth hormone, which is one of the hormones that helps to burn fat).

In other words, the INSULIN STOPS the PROCESS of fat burning.

Therefore, the more sweet and make you eat, washed down with this pivkom, it is more difficult to lose weight.

13. Too frequent change of a program of training in the drying

The excess of stress over the shortage of the energy of the all to the nothing.

Therefore, the desire to do better, you can only make it worse.

The stronger the training, the stress during the drying time, the greater is the probability of losing more muscle.

The best option: leave the driving training without changes. In addition, add cardio.

14. The increase in the number of repetitions, if short break in the training

The reduction of work in the weight will lead to reduce the size of the muscles (why is the body the largest muscles, that consume large amount of energy, when you can reduce and reduce the energy consumption?).

In addition to the new training intensity is going to call a strange stress on the body, that's really going to help catabolism adipose tissue, but, unfortunately, not only fat.

Much faster burns and our muscles.

Therefore, if the terms are limited, and no matter how many muscles you have persists, this is, in principle, to the exit, but if the muscles play a fundamental role, let your training program without changes.

the lack of feelings muscle

15. Lack of "muscle feelings"

Most of the people are not willing to spend 1-2 months on the job, with discounts of weights to work on technique and learn to FEEL the decrease of the goals of the muscles.

In summary, immediately begin to work with the labourers, at that time, weight, faster to pump specific muscle.

The irony is that, ultimately, they lose the time much more, because inlinuntur load, do not fall exactly on the goal can work only at the initial stage.

16. Daily lack of sleep

In the wild until now there is not a better way to "restart" the system from sleep one way or the other.

During sleep our body active start processes of recovery, as tissues and energy.

If we constantly ignore this process, we sleep 4-5-6 hours, so that we must consciously understand that we can not recover until the end.

Especially if you and lover of the bust with friends on the weekends.

With the time, some of the systems of the body yields and starts to act up.

17. The lack of daily training

Daily training will give you an idea of how much you have to do in each approach. In each exercise.

18. The effect of "it has all gone"

This is the psychological moment, when a person of a while sitting in the diet, and then allows eat of all that are not planned on the menu.

For Example, "Snickers".

Then comes the feeling of guilt...

And the man instead of just to continue eating well, eating even more, which exacerbates the situation.

19. The excess of the self-pity

Try to get rid of this habit. Virtually no one is uninteresting. People are selfish by nature.

20. The lack of understanding of why

These situations occur when you do not know what you are doing something.

The girl begins to walk in the room, but very soon his motivation decreases.


She begins to be lazy on the workouts, and after they are seized of all this is the work of an ice-cream.

The progress of zero, the state of mind of the poor (the husband does not want me), the motivation to zero.

What should I do?

Understand why it is BENEFICIAL for YOU!

21. Too strong the transition to a new type of power

For example, a person ate as is, but all of a sudden decided to change your body and your life.

It has limited drastically the caloric value and starts to eat according to the plan.


Strong lack of energy is a STRESS to the body. He with all the forces that will help make sure you ate a little more.

You will be afraid to want to say, to feel fatigue and lethargy (metabolism has slowed down, the body is spending less energy), wanting to sleep.

Go to a new type of energy is a GOOD. But do not do so dramatically. That gently you make this transition, the less likely it is that the body reacts negatively.

22. Masochista

Many people think that they eat little, though in reality they eat too much!

They have a meal plan, but between the case of eating a banana, yogurt, a piece of candy with the tea.

Finally, they are constantly outside in the corridor of the intake of energy and are even starting to gain weight.

It's not even their fault.

In our body there are surprising mechanisms of adaptation.

If you have made the decision to lose weight, then stay set up the plan, otherwise we run the risk of a lot of time to spend.

23. The lack of water consumption

In almost all the reactions of our body participates of water.

When the lack of all the reactions, naturally, reduce the speed.

Try to drink 2-3 liters of clean water a day, and see how their progress can be accelerated.

The lack of analysis and correction of fat burning

24. The lack of analysis and correction of fat burning

Consider its value in calories, analyze the results of each week (weight, the reflection in the mirror), and the improvement of its progress.

25. Waiting for the instant / the

If all life ate what they wanted and have not practiced, filled with 110 kg, then do not wait for the process of weight loss will be instantaneous.

With time, our body moves the "point of reference" and is used to their weight and body composition.

Therefore, the more time you has been complete, it is more difficult that you lose weight.

Be patient. If you're doing well, progress is inevitable, but do not expect that you immediately, for a couple of workouts or useless procedures to get rid of weight, that was with you for years.

26. Eating at night

It is different for each individual graph, different amounts of free time, but the greater error is the almost total lack of food during the day and eat at night.

These big pauses in the meal will slow down the metabolism.

And eating before sleeping makes hard work of our pancreas, by injecting into the blood of large amounts of insulin.

Insulin stops the action of hormones that promote the burning of fat produced during sleep (growth hormone, for example), because that is its antagonist.

Such manipulation are not very useful from the point of view of burning fat, yes, and health.

27. The hope in the fat burners, in the absence of the diet

The girls buy a lot of different fat burners are.

And they wonder: "Why can't I lose weight?".

And because there are ACCELERATORS of burning fat, but there are NO SUBSTITUTES.

If you do not control your diet, losing weight is going to be very, very difficult.

28. Too long journey from knowledge to action

There is this type of people: the eternal student.

They are constantly studying something, have some type of new information, but NEVER out of NOTHING, WILL!

Sometimes, the most difficult thing is to START doing something.

When you start to do even if it is something, then it will be easier to adjust his movement because the theory, as a general rule, VERY FAR from the practice.

29. The lack of a particular purpose and crazy desires

When you don't know what you want, and the result will be inlinuntur and mild.

Many say: "I want the bomb, but without fat, well, in the bar I want that it was, and I still go dancing and boxing". In summary, in all parts failure.


"Divergent on the nature of the cargo give you average boring result"

Not in vain there is a proverb that says:

"For two hares chase, no you find it"