The elaboration of the program of weight loss in a month

For the correction and improvement of the own figure of the woman often adopt the variety of the diet and the hunger strike in combination with exercise. All these methods help to get rid of the extra pounds and make the shape not only thin and slender. Not all have the opportunity to go to a gym or use a professional gym equipment at home. However, we all have the possibility of using a set of measures that ensures that help to improve the shape of the figure and your own health.

The basic rules for weight loss at home

You should immediately set up in change, determine the final result and not to abandon the way of life right before they reach him. The first under the fix of cover mode and day base of food, frequency of food consumption. If it is possible, you must develop a plan of day by hours, and further at the first opportunity.

Enlargement of jeans after losing weight

Observe the following points:

  1. The ascent.
  2. The reception of the shower, the load of the.
  3. The breakfast, the lunch.
  4. Lunch, snack.
  5. Dinner (if available).
  6. The care of the house.
  7. The school or the work.
  8. The hobby.

Food intake is especially important. For the full assimilation of all the components and the possibility to consume relatively small portions of the preference of meals divided into 5 different stages, holding between them a distance approximately equal.

If in the responsibilities of the people involved in programs of loss of weight includes the preparation of the food, it is recommended to test before dinner and enjoy an appetizer in very small doses, to avoid the discrete sum to the large amount of calories and weight gain. It is advisable not to consume large amounts of food or, even, leave food intake after 18 to 20 hours, depending on the characteristics of the work schedules and the stages of digestion.

It is worth highlighting free 20 minutes of your daily routine. It is recommended to designate one of the types of foods. It is in this period of time you must make a small charge.

Make a small amount of exercise: squats, inclines, pushups, swinging of the feet and other favorite steps necessary to develop muscles. It will help you lose weight and normal of the race. In many cases, increased efficiency is expressed by the push-ups, stretching. Help to tone the body, which is necessary for the uniform restoration of weight and form, with this flat the contours of the figures, without obvisaniya of the skin.

The resignation of alcoholic beverages

To lose weight not only quick, but also for a long time, it is desirable to exclude from your diet the consumption of alcohol. In the beer, wine, and whiskey enough calories, the benefit of that is almost non-existent. Also the alcohol affects the gain of appetite. Usually together with alcoholic beverages people take the consumption of a variety of soft drinks, as well as the cheeses, the ham, meat, fish, or sweets.

Jump rope and hula-hoop

Both of course must contain, in every woman, which became the target of losing weight. It is necessary to pick a comfortable and relatively easy to ring, for torque called only pleasant emotions, and it left no bruises. At the time of the torque of the coat can include favorite music or watch a tv programme.

Jumping on the rope and a ring

Also useful are the jumps to the rope, however, are relevant only in the case of that in the interior there is enough space to jump, as well as the exercises to anyone in the way. To keep in shape, just with 40-50 jumps in a day, however, for the acquisition of the beautiful contours of the body needs daily to jump and 100 and 200 times. The country of hula-Hoop all the more clear. It is effective, if you follow more than 10 minutes.

The replacement of the dishes

For weight loss effective good of all the ways, including the psychological impact. If you want a regular of the dishes in the lower, and eat the man will be less food than before. Portions will be smaller, and supplements easier to stop than the already imposed by the greater portion. It is not worth mixing dishes.

Main, it is necessary to separate from a plate, to decorate their own, and the salad it is desirable to put in a small a bowl. When eating eat slowly and chew products, they can quickly feel satiety and avoid overeating.

Keep a journal of

For the results of weight loss along with defects can be seen quickly, you need to record all the successes and failures in the notebook or notepad. Right there we can make plans for the next week, or the month. It is necessary to make a list of usus products, also have to take into account the number of enrolled non-useful action, for example, smoking or the consumption of carbonated beverages.

Each day, write down the results of the verification of weight. It is better to produce for the night. Once the person will ensure the availability of the results, the processes of thinning of iran still more.


The use of the cream for the skin

In the sale there are many remedies against cellulite and other skin problems. Help not only in the short time of warranty of the epidermis, but struggling with the imperfections of the collection of the subcutaneous tissue and the fat layer. If the mass of the body is too large, in its early stages, you can use the belts special for weight loss.

Allow works, such as the load of the

The implementation of the custom task can be transformed from the need of a action adventure, simulation sports. For example, when leaving the house is necessary not to use the elevator, walk the stairs, both down and up. An effective method of losing weight is the elimination of waste substances through the sweat.

To do this, in the exercise of the actions you can put warm clothes, creating an effect of the sauna without additional devices. If works are made with strength, you can observe the analogy with many standard exercise, and even the schemes of use of the simulators.

The correction of the diet

You can use a specialized diet and carry out the meetings of the fame, however, each body can withstand without manifesting side effects, so it is advisable to simply eliminate from the diet products that are detrimental to endoscopy or not to allow you to lose weight due to the formation of excess deposits. You must select an important place in the diet for the consumption of meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, alternating with other beneficial substances.

Exercises for fast relief of weight

For a quick and full, slimming, ideal for the program, which includes physical activity, and recommendations for the correction of your own diet. If we stick to the basic rules of thinning, not to give even slow the attainment of a result, it can restart quickly even of great weight, to lose scheduled the amount of kilos. For the positive effect over time has not been lost, you must stay in shape, continuing to do only useful for the health and ensure the thinning of the action.