Effective exercises for slimming the sides in the home

To remove excess deposits and to find a wasp-waist is not necessary to go to the gym. There are different exercises for slimming the sides in the home

exercises for slimming the sides of the

A slim waist is the ideal to which they aspire a lot of women. The constitution of everyone is different, and if one of us girls to keep in shape, there is virtually no need to do anything, others will make greater efforts to lose weight in the waist, even for a few centimeters. To remove excess deposits and to find a wasp-waist is not necessary to go to the gym. There are different exercises for slimming the sides of the house, that will help you to achieve the desired result.

The causes of the appearance of fat on the sides

A little bit of fat in the abdomen is normal because it is designed to protect the internal organs and bones. But the excess fat deposits around the waist is causing discomfort, and in cases, may represent a hazard to health.

The excess accumulation of fat may appear in the following cases:

  • Poor metabolism and low metabolism.
  • The inheritance is a factor that also influences the accumulation of fat.
  • Sedentary and inactive lifestyle.
  • Regular binge eating.
  • The stress and the disease.
  • The hormonal changes.

The council! For the effectiveness of the diet is not recommended to sit in the diet. The diet should be balanced. It is best to limit the consumption of make, sweet, smoky and salty.

Training rules

For the effective exercise it is necessary to follow certain recommendations:

  • Practice requires a minimum of three to four days a week.
  • The training should be undertaken in conjunction with the correct power mode.
  • An hour before the workout and after is not recommended.
  • Before training it is necessary to do warm-up exercises.
  • Repetitions and approaches to make lesson more effective.
  • Before the gym you can wrap the side of the area and the belly of polyethylene and put Thermal endurance. This will allow you to increase breathability and speed up the burning of fat.
  • Exercises for the sides should be included in the total of a series of exercises for greater effect.
  • After the class, it is worth taking contrast showers, which will make the hips more fit.

The council! To work best in individual periods of maximum activity. "Owls", it is recommended to pick up the night of the exercise, "larks" in the morning.

A strict diet and deprivation of food will not be one of the results of the

How to choose the exercises?

The more reps and faster swings of the press. It is important to select the best speed training, so as not to cause damage to the heart. For the lumbar area is detrimental oscillation with the deflections. The oscillation of the press, the kidneys is necessary to press with force to the ground. For the best performance of the bottom of the press, should raise the legs, not the body.

In case of problems with lower back that take care of performing the torque and elevations of the casing.

The effect is, even if you devote 15 minutes a day of exercise for cutting fat on the sides.

Particularly effective are distinguishable the following exercises:

  • Effect of the tilt on each side of the 25-to-30 times in 5 sets.
  • Jumping in the rope for 8 to 12 minutes or place in the period of 15.
  • Effect of the tilt on all sides in a sitting position with a delay of 30 seconds.
  • Mahi back 30 times. That is to say, such machs the burden falls on the side of the area.
  • Contributes to the reduction of the sides of the ring. What turn 10 to 30 minutes each day. Although there is the belief that this type of exercise will do damage to the internal organs.
Jumping in the rope - good cardiac loading, which contributes to weight loss

The exercises are of two types: anaerobic and aerobic. The last speed up the metabolic processes, accelerates the heartbeat. These pressures can be attributed to run, jump, bike, and dance steps. The aerobic exercise will help you lose weight and reduce the fat of the intermediate layer in the waist. Cardio allow you to spend the inside of the fat that accumulates around the organs. Anaerobic load help to improve the strength characteristics of the muscles, but also strengthen the corset of muscle and rectify the posture.

To lose weight in a difficult field as that of the mouth will require a holistic approach.

The council! When sedentary work is necessary each time to give a small session of exercises. You can put your feet in socks, on the heel, compress and decompress the buttocks and reduce and raise the scapula. This is all done sitting in a chair. At night, it is recommended to make long walks on foot.

Effective exercises for weight loss at home

To achieve the result you have to find a complete set of exercises for the abdominal muscles. The emphasis should be on the abdominal muscles, obliques.

  • The rotation of the ring is considered to be one of the best exercises. During the time of execution is tense all the abdominal muscles. The rotational motion of massaging the fat deposits, and have a mechanical impact.
  • For all the groups of muscles using the fitball. The load on the ball more tolerant.
  • They are useful for the waist different twist. Can be done standing, sitting in a chair or also with the help of the sword.
  • Helps to reduce the fat on the sides exercise bike. If the movement of connecting the knee with the elbow opposite and vice versa.

The council! The fat burning will go better if problems spread cream against cellulite and wrap the film of the food. For that, the agency started to burn fat, you must take care of not less than half an hour.


Prior to the main training you should perform warm-up exercises to warm up the muscles. This preparation of the protection from sprains and injuries. Simply select the 4-6 movements for the quality of the warm-up lap.

  1. Perform circular movements of the shoulders.
  2. The same movement is made with the hands.
  3. For the mobility of the hip joints, are made circular swings the legs side-to-side.
  4. Walking in socks.
  5. Rotate the trunk to both sides.
  6. Squat with elevated heels. In the inhalation performed should be squat, on the expiry of the knees straighten, do heel raises and the hands are pulled back.
  7. The feet are placed wider than the width of the shoulders and executed the attacks of the foot from side to side.
Jumping on the rope

The council! To make classes more efficient, it is necessary to lose weight to consume the following products: apples, such as carbohydrates, almonds reduces the feeling of hunger, the avocado is rich in fiber and monounsaturated fatty acids, cucumbers and watermelons contain less calories, beans reduces the sensation of hunger.

The main complex of exercises

Each exercise should be done between 10 and 20 times. Basic training can include the following exercises:

  1. The slopes are done in a standing position. The right hand is on the side, and the left through the head extends toward the right side. Perform 8 to 15 repetitions on each side.
  2. For the execution of the exercises mill it is necessary to put the feet shoulder-width apart and lean forward. A hand to lift the information, and the second to go down. The trunk should rotate, so that each hand, alternatively, as referring to a contrast of the toes of the feet.
  3. The twist is performed in the supine position. You need to stay in the back and bend the knees. Then, with an exhalation of the feet fall on one and then on the other side.
  4. The sidebar allows you to work not only from the sides, but and the buttocks. When performing exercises, it is necessary to be on the side and touch the floor bending at the elbow lower than the hand and feet. The housing has to lift so that it became a line. In this position, it is necessary to stop at some point. Below, also done on the other side.
  5. The bike is done in supine position. The legs are bent at the knees. It is necessary to pull out to the right with the elbow to the left knee, and then from left to right.
  6. In a seated position on the floor, focuses on the secretive back of the hands, the buttocks is lifted a little, the legs are bent at the knees and alternately raise.
  7. Lying on the floor, with your legs a little lift and breed on one side of the exhalation. The exercise is repeated 20 times.
  8. For the oblique muscles of the abdomen is performed the following exercise. Lying down, top with one elbow on the floor. Then, slowly, you lift your leg. The climb is repeated 20 times on one side and on the other.
  9. In a seated position on the floor, there are the inclinations direct the feet. The hands should reach down to the tip of the socks, while the front trying to reach up to the knees.
  10. The starting position, as in the previous exercise, but with the feet of a maximum raise to the sides. Are made alternative to flex one leg to another, and the rectum. Each time you take it as far as possible, for case of trying to get sex.
the workout

The council! Amazing results a brisk walk of 30 minutes a day. This low-intensity exercise, improves the metabolism and gives a good load of heart. As an option several times a week we must make the journey.

Exercises with accessories

To practice at home, you can apply simple simulators and different accessories. Optional purchase side of the treadmill or stationary bike.

You can use the following items:

  • The dumbbells allow you to increase the load. With your help, we should strengthen the abdominal muscles. Even the simple effect of the tilt from side to side, with a dumbbell in one hand will be much more effective.
  • Jumping rope involves all muscle groups. During the week of constant training you can see the first results.
  • In swirling disk are met twisting motion. With its help you remove excess fat in the waist, and train the muscles of the press.
  • The ring not only makes the waist more slender, but and tightens the skin in the abdomen and massages the internal organs.
  • In fitball, you can perform different exercises. It allows you to strengthen the muscles of the back, the legs, and also aligns the posture and burn excess fat.
  • Sitting in a chair you have to lift your legs, bent in his lap to his stomach. Do 15 approaches.
Exercises with accessories

The council! To help you to achieve the desired outcome of training should be performed at least three times a week. It is the best time to do this is from the 11 in the morning until 14 hours and by the afternoon of 18 to 20.

Useful tips

Remove wrinkles around the waist with the help of the gym is going to work, if there's not an excess of food and sedentary life style.

  • The caloric value is necessary to reduce so that its value was a little less than what the body needs during the day.
  • The food there is that take 5 or 6 times a day in small portions, so as to consume around two litres of pure water.
  • Each day should be given to the training corps of the load. With this, the main training, can be done three times a week. And each day make it easy for the gym in the morning, do a half hour of hiking or small to run.

Basic exercises can be performed three times a week. And each day make it easy for the gym in the morning, do a half hour of hiking or small races

For weight loss is effective, it's worth a comprehensive approach:

  • You must leave the bad habits: smoking and intake of alcohol, even in small amounts.
  • It is not recommended to take antibiotics and hormonal drugs.
  • You must sleep well.
  • Massage the belly and the sides will improve the results.
  • As additional procedures that can be used against the cellulite wraps. When you do this, prepare a mixture of seaweed, chocolate and honey.
  • They are contraindicated in intense exercise during acute pancreatitis, hernia, osteochondrosis, cholelithic diseases, after abdominal operations, and any type of pain in the sensations. The gymnastics can be done only after consultation with the doctor.

The council! Mothers are not worth throwing in the production of milk for slimming. In this period it is possible to do simple exercises.

Important rule to lose weight sides is regularity. Observing rational in the mode of feeding, and doing recommended by the complexes of exercises you can achieve optimal results even in the home.