Nutrition: detailed on the menu 5 days

The good food can't be boring. So, if to examine in detail this question, we can understand that eating healthy is not means that the rest of his days you have to eat cooked broccoli with the carrot, dreaming about the delicious cheese or red meat. No. The right diet involves a consumption of healthy products, the existence of the regime of feeding, the correct selection of the ingredients, depending on the time of day, as well as regular physical activity. But this can be good and fresh.


the food

I want to simply point out that for the fulfillment of the correct food you must prepare your own meals. Yes, this is not difficult in cooking and will not occupy a lot of your time. But, of cooking, of all modes has that. Sequenced, how to think, how to organize the mode of feeding.

So, for example, if you work the stock several boxes with food that you get in the job had two snacks and full meals. Because, remember, the most important thing instilled in nutrition, says he does not feel hungry. In no circumstance. This rule will help you establish a proper diet, get rid of the kilos and kilos and will help you in the short term to get the result of the classes in the gym or exercise at home.

The first day

Breakfast: rolled oats in the water c walnuts, apples, and pears (optional you can add any other fruit).

The second breakfast: a low-fat yoghurt.

Lunch: fish soup.

Snack: fruit.

Dinner: cooked chicken, salad vegetables, a little bit of brown rice.

The second day

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese and vegetables.

The second breakfast: milk shake with banana.

Lunch: beef with buchweizen.

Snack: cottage cheese with fruit.

Dinner: beef stew grilled fish with salad (can be a bit of a garnish: barley, millet, oats).

The third day of the

Breakfast: hot sandwiches with cheese, tomato and a salad (made of black bread) - 2 pieces

The second breakfast: salad of tomato and Feta.

Lunch: pasta with meat and vegetables (with olive oil. The variety of meat to choose to taste. Primary, you must be the inclination).

Snack: fruit.

Dinner: chicken with asparagus (for frying the chicken with asparagus).

The fourth day

Breakfast: pancakes from the grey of the flour of fruit - 3 units

Snack: kefir.

Lunch: rice with chicken and vegetables (the chicken and vegetables to cook in the pan).

Snack: fruit with cottage cheese.

Dinner: omelette with cheese and mushrooms.

The fifth day of the

Breakfast: rice with raisins.

The second breakfast: sandwich with cheese, lettuce and tomato (available in black or gray bread).

Lunch: baked potatoes

Snack: yogurt and fruit.

Dinner: a rabbit in sour cream, salad vegetables, extra virgin olive oil.

correct food

If you are planning to follow the principles of a correct food, give him bread to eat white, milk and white chocolate, mayonnaise, and other sauces fats. Choose yoghurt without dyes. Also do not forget to drink enough water.