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The best motivator to get in shape are real stories of people that happened. In this article I want to introduce you to the girls who have had real problems with being overweight and could be fixed.

The amazing stories of weight loss

Christina Taylor


A — 172 kg, 90 kg

Constantly feeding off the food fast is your favourite pizza already at the age of 15, cristina obtained more than 170 kg of live weight. And when your class has gone to italy, all were strolling through the epic ruins, and cristina had to wallow in the room, since I could not move much time the canal and is very tired. Finally she took the decision to change. First, he began to do mischief to the extent of their possibilities in the home of aerobics and then came up to the gym and has taken up the security forces of the workouts.

In the first 7 months of cristina threw out 23 kilos of weight, dropping the weight continued in the following years. Finally, during 7 months of hiking in the gym, and avoid oily junk food cristina lost weight up to 90 kg

As a result, not recovering from her husband and immediately he added nearly 30 pounds of weight, relaxed, and changing your healthier food habits. However, taking the hands she is able to return to the target for 200 pounds (90 kg).

Amanda Green

To: 75 kg AFTER: 54 kg

The 35-year-old mother of texas questus adipem very simple: after the second that the child only has stopped taking care of himself, ate whatever I wanted, not occupied. Her husband, a police officer, constantly absent, and the mother of two children stuck stress French fries. And when your growth 160 cm up to 75 kg, Like any fat, she tried to avoid mirrors, to calm himself, he tried to imagine to like it until I saw it in family christmas photo. The shock and the firm decision to do so.

Amanda began with the release of junk-food, began to control the weight of the food and has been busy cardio DVD — the sweating of an hour a day in front of the tv. The first result, always more remarkable and fast - less than 7 kilos in a couple of months. However, with time, this way, "vix" not until 61 kilos. To lose 6 kilos amanda added classes with weights 3 times a week. All this took a year and a half.

Courtney Stearn

To: 82 kg AFTER: 59 kg

At 17, courtney discovered the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), one of whose consequences is the increase of weight. And their habits associated with the consumption of lots of sweets and traditional adolescent to ignore the healthy eating created with it inevitable — what have they done with his body, 82-kilogram. That's pretty for a girl, height 167 see

Courtney then quickly gained weight is of 1-1,5 kg in a week.

She tried to work in several activities, but the laziness besetted the girl, was everything to her wasn't interesting enough, and boring, until one day your neighbor didn't take courtney with a bag of training. She fell in love with this activity and has become the opportunity to train every day, jump rope, hit the pear, to dodge the blows.

In the first month spent almost 5 kilos. The result of the encouraged courtney and she continued to lose weight a total of more than 20 kilos.


Katrina Macleod.

UP to: 100 kg AFTER: 59 kg

After school katrina has stopped eating meat for ethical reasons. But instead of switching to grains, vegetables and fruit became the queen of simple carbohydrates

The departure of marriage and the birth of two children, gave him even more psychological causes to not realize your excess weight. As a result of this nice 160-centimeter the woman has become a 100 kilogram miracle. With such a weight, even the movement through the mall she was with difficulty. And once I even could not find the suitable size from the largest size in the store.

The first that has begun to the fat very reasonable and correct — to count calories and control your diet, has gone on to complex carbohydrates and vegetables. Only she was able to get rid of the first 18 pounds After this he added the morning to run.

After a year of lifestyle change katrina weighed as 72 kilos. But also has not stopped pursuing their 59 kg helped her fitness, and strength training.

Andrea Tinkalyuk

To: 86 kg AFTER 66 kg

Andrea is always engaged in various sports activities and even continued to do so after the university — regularly played on the volleyball, hockey and football, but that life did not prevent him from dialing 86 kg of weight, anyway, too much even for such a high number of the girl (175 cm). "After the holidays we used to drink beer and eat burgers" — shares andrea.

Andrea decided to lose weight for a trip to the dominican republic, and signed up for classes with weights. Before classes underwent a medical check-up and scared, to learn that I had the body at the level of 45-year-old females and 86 kg of weight.

This so impressed that he decided to change his life and habits. The most difficult — he had to overcome his life aversion to vegetables, are beginning to make them of vegetables of the mass, reviewed the eating habits. But has not stopped drinking with friends, in comparison with the beer in a little less calorie cocktails.

In addition to the strength training added to the swimming and through the nine months of exercise, even participated in his first triathlon. During this time, she has already thrown the first 11 kg andrea never stopped, and in the east, and now weighs 66 pounds.