Exercises for slimming the abdomen and the sides at home

The bulky torso with sagging sides do not belong necessarily complete, is a frequent phenomenon and in thin people. And get rid of these problems is sometimes difficult, especially taking into account the food cravings and sedentary lifestyle.

But, if the decision is taken and the target set, exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides of the women will help in this. It only remains to have patience and planned to continue its implementation.

Introduction – why the fat is stored in the abdomen and the sides

Why fat is stored in the abdomen and the sides

In our time, the excess weight in the abdominal area is not a rarity, and this affects the way female half of humanity, and of man. In addition to ugly looks, a big belly can lead to the emergence of some diseases. And to begin with, we must understand the causes of the body fat is in these places in the body:

  • Due to the bad food and primarily sedentary lifestyle, violation of the metabolic processes in the body. Because of this, from the food energy is not consumed regularly by adding several inches on the sides and the belly;
  • Kidney problems or heart may be the cause of the fluid retention, leading to excess weight;
  • Broken the work of the digestive system, which leads to constant constipation, against the force of the quality and the conclusion of harmful substances. The body to avoid interference in the functioning of all the systems, postponing the fat in the belly and the sides for protection purposes;
  • The constant situation of stress hormones produced by in this moment, the body increases the appetite and desire to eat sweet food. In response to this, the increase the indicators of sugar in the blood, from the secrete insulin. He, in turn, distributes formulated glucose in the tissues and muscles;
  • The regular consumption of trans fat contained in the muffin, margarine, fast-food and so on;
  • The elevated rates in the blood bad cholesterol and sugar. This can be, such as genetic predisposition, as a result of inappropriate lifestyle.

The fat in the right quantities required by our body for the proper production of hormones and energy. It also protects the internal organs from external influences.

But you can not allow excessively delayed fat in this area – the presence of excess weight over 10 kg says that the problem it is time to decide.

Otherwise, it will lead to diabetes, stroke, cancer entities and to the diseases of the emp. Therefore, with the fat in the belly it is necessary to fight in a competent manner and with a purpose, I took patience.

Well-chosen exercises and rational energy use can radically change your appearance and life in general.

Important: this is not a temporary promotion — I selected a healthy life style and modified a-good nutrition is necessary to apply all of its life!


To the newbies in the physical condition, it is recommended two months resemble to the gym to learn the correct technique of execution of exercises, but also for the body automatically in the process and in the future the same required load.

Another advantage of the fitness centre — instructor will be individual exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides of the woman and ensures the correct execution.

More specialised rooms, as a rule, is a static bicycle and/or a treadmill, necessary for the aerobic load. This is true for people who are shy of running in the street.

And other motivational cause of the gym – bought compost will help you not to lose classes.

Exercises for the belly and the sides in the home


At home exercises for slimming the abdomen and the sides maybe a week to remove a few millimetres. Their number depends on the origin of weight, the regularity of training and power.

Tips and recommendations before you begin the training

The start of the school should be aerobic cargo in the form easy to run in the street or on a treadmill, jump rope, fast walking or cycling. After warming the body with exercise, and the brace, finally to prepare the body to the main complex.

Two hours before the start of classes to eat – this should be a dish of quick-to-digest products, including protein and fiber (salad of cooked vegetables with the chicken ,).

During the exercise, be sure to drink small sips simple still water every 10 minutes. During the day drink up to 8 glasses of liquids including the first plate, tea, coffee, juices and fruits.

How to work with the area of the abdomen

Due to the excess body weight may be difficult to perform any exercise, available skinny. In addition to the presence of dyspnea, and increase the pressure make it difficult to run or even walk fast.

That it is possible to carry out, it is necessary, first, to reduce the weight, and that will help these people with static exercises. The difficulty lies in the need of sounds the time to maintain a position, gradually increasing the work load:

  • Sitting or standing, sleeping in the castle of the hands in the nape of the neck and exert pressure on them the head, exercising the resistance. Just 12 more than 5 seconds 2-3 approach.
  • Snuggle your back to the wall, taking in the hands of all the objects of a weight not exceeding 1 kg – - separate the hands to the sides, keeping 1 to 3 minutes. Then rest and repeat – 3 approach.
  • Sitting on the ground, with the legs straight – lift one leg, holding for 30 to 60 seconds, then another. Perform on each of the legs 3 approach.
  • The emphasis on the elbows and socks of the feet, raising the body above the surface, of the celebration of its 30 seconds or more. Stretch the stomach, having dragged itself and the buttocks.
  • Lie down in the elbow-to-elbow, to lift the body and hold for 30 seconds or more – 3 focus to each side.
  • Standing on the surface or any of exaltation up your socks and be so of 2 minutes. Rest no more than a minute and repeat again. And so 3 times.
  • To perform squat to the half, to leave a record of the situation in the minute 3 the approach.
  • The planting in the soil, legs bent hands to press on with two of the parties at the hip, trying to sleep. The leg with the provision of the resistance 3 sets of 15 seconds or more.
  • The same thing, but try from the inside to separate the legs.
At the end of the complex of the same, as in the beginning, do warm-up exercises, consisting of aerobic exercise and stretching of the major muscle groups.

There are exercises for slimming the abdomen and the sides, the proposal of a fitness coach Anita lutsenko, allowing it to improve the appearance of the waist for a couple of weeks of classes regular:

  1. Y. P. – sed on the floor and with the legs and rounded with the hands in front of down to the right, back and through the left side, that is to say, the P.;
  2. Rising up on one knee of the other leg to put on the side of the tip, the hand of close behind the head – the inclination of the body towards the supporting leg and the reimbursement at the I. P. The same thing on the other side;
  3. Rising up on both knees, hands up to the inclination of the body, first in one direction, then in another;
  4. Lie on the floor, raising the hands and the feet – throw out the one other namesake limbs (right hand to right knee and vice versa).
Each of the following exercises, done for 3 sets of 15 times.
Calendar and results

It is not worth to expect a radical change in the short term, but feel and see the results already in a couple of weeks with regard to the implementation of all the recommendations.

Other methods for the removal of the fat in the necks of the bottle

Lose weight and remove excess fat from the abdomen and sides it is possible not only through the physical activity and a proper diet. This, in general, change of lifestyle, which includes daily walks in the open air, out with friends, in nature, and so on.


The television can also be seen with the use for the body, turning the ring. In the office each time to get up and make the inclination of the body from side to side, down and forward, squats, push-ups of arms of the table. Even sitting in a chair in front of the computer, the effort and the relaxing, the glutes, the workout of problem areas.

The execution of self-massage or consult a professional to help you get rid of the excess inches at the waist. Standing in the shower, massage jet of water aimed at the problem areas.

It turns out that in any activity, there are more ways of development of the muscles and burn calories.

By following all these recommendations, you will be able to radically improve not only your appearance, but to life in general.