The amount of daily calories for weight loss necessary that the woman and the man

All nutritionists and nutritionem unanimously argue that for the proper metabolism you need to know individual of the amount of daily calories to lose weight and eat according to daily calories – this will help you gently lose weight. However, the number of formulas and on line calculators are confusing to beginners. As correctly perform the calculations and what to do with the numbers?

calories for weight loss

Which means that the amount of daily calories to lose weight

All of the food that enters the body, it has a certain "weight". In line with this indicator is assigned to the amount of energy of the food, when it starts to burn. This "weight" or value of energy is shown in kcal. If a person eats that is the amount of calories per day, which is equivalent to the volume of producitur of energy, a gram of food does not come out in "fat deposit". When the same "weight" of the food exceeds the cost of the energy, the body unnecessary puts it, transforming into fat. The reverse of the same situation, gives birth to weight loss, since the missing will be replaced from the reserves of glycogen.

The standard calories a day to lose weight

The who has drawn the newspaper the threshold of energy consumption, below which it cannot be lower, because these figures – the base minimum required to the body to maintain the means of life. This involves not only motor activity, but also the work of all the organs, the circulation of the blood, even the update. However, later nutritionists have established that "the total of the" rule of calories in the day is not very reasonable, because they only count the division by sex, absolutely not, taking into account the characteristics of age, motor activity, muscle mass.

For women daily

According to who data, the girls are required to consume 1200 kcal more a day. This amount represents, as a minimum, even with lose weight and keep the weight of the standard of calories a day for women can increase up to 1600 kcal. After these data have been supplemented with respect to age, calculate, and, as a result, came to the following average values of the amount of calories:

  • The young people under the age of 25 years, it is necessary to maintain the framework of 2000-2400 kcal.
  • In women younger than 50 years, this framework it is necessary to go down to the 1800-2000 kcal.
  • After 51 years it is advisable not to eat more than 2000 kcal if you have the physical exercise and 1600 kcal – if you knock them out completely.

For men daily

The representatives of a strong half of the need much more energy than the women, because their body weight, a priori, more, them is often a greater level of activity. Minimum amount of daily calories for men – 1800 calories, however, more exact than the nutritionists consider the following data:

  • Young people under 25 years of age should eat 2400 to 3000 kcal.
  • For men of 50 years is necessary, since 2000-2800 kcal.
  • After 51 years of framework move up to 1800-2400 kcal.

How to calculate the calories for weight loss

calories for weight loss as counting

Previously it was mentioned that the simple division by sex does not give accurate result, because both sexes may have a completely different complexion and needs. The specialists claim that a budget custom standards of calories for weight loss and even maintain your weight should be based on the following parameters:

  • age (in years);
  • height (in cm);
  • the level of physical activity.

For children the number of calories a day to lose weight are not considered, since along them the meal goes mostly in the "construction" of the body and the internal organs, is recorded in the fat reserves only a clear excess. Older people, on the contrary, it is necessary to consume less, especially if you are focused on the weight loss, since the metabolism of them slows down. Plays a very important role in the activity of man, which refers to sporting activities and walks, and home business (ironing service, dry cleaning, etc). In addition, we must understand that the calculation of calories for weight loss:

  • required to take into account the background hormonal, which is often performed settings;
  • for pregnant women is performed in certain formulas, as immediately they feed, and the fruit;
  • have in mind the physical state – for the disease, the body will not be as active burning of calories.

The Formula Of Harris-Benedict

The more old, but still working on the method of calculation of the amount of daily calories for weight loss called formula taken at the beginning of the 20 century. It is based on 3 main parameters of body mass, growth, and age. According to this formula receive the basal metabolic rate and calculate the calories per day to lose weight, it is necessary to multiply the result and the factor of consumption of energy, and after this the number of to reduce by 20%. In a similar way can be used to calculate the number of calories per day to increase muscle mass.

Base the caloric value of the diet of the harris-benedict is computed as follows:

  • Women: 655,1 + 9,6*kg + 1,85* cm - 4,68 * years.
  • Male: 66,47 + 13,75 *kg + 5 * cm - 6,74 * years.

The formula jeora muffin

One of the methods, the result of which the doctors recognized as one, is a relatively recent (in 2005) that was compiled by the american Dietetic association, the formula has received the name of muffin - San Giora. To remember a bit easier than the previous one, because it only changes the last digit, and the rest are the same for both sexes. The accuracy of the data that is obtained by performing the calculation, a little further down, that with the formula of harris-benedict. First you have to know the dose of calories in – 9,99*weight, to add to this 6,25* growth and subtract 4,92*age. After:

  • the women of the removed 161 unit;
  • the men go up 5 units.

How to calculate the amount of calories for weight loss online

If you use formulas, and perform various calculations do not will want or in times past, the help will have a calorie counter on line. It is a calculator that works in one of these schemes, although it can be used the formula of Ketcha-McArdle, or the same principle, followed by the who staff. All of these counters help count the amount of calories that it can maintain the shape. However, if the goal is to lose weight, you need to:

  1. Define the daily level of physical activity.
  2. Find 80% of that number. If you want to lose weight obesity, 90% or 95%. The deficit should not be more than 20% of the base metabolism.

The main value of exchange

calories for weight loss minimum

Calculate days of the amount of calories, as already mentioned, helps a number of formulas that you can choose individually. The main change of the night, which is a measure of consumption of calories without a lot of activity, you need to know to take care of the figure. The activity rate is multiplied necessarily, if the person is not restrained in bed, because the fact of the circulation of the house to the place of work/study also suggests an expenditure of energy. Please note that the online calculator only suitable for 18 years and older.

The level of physical activity determine

Gently lower weight, and without the minimum multiplication the consumption of energy in the level of activity, but only in the absence of severe physical exercise. For a person to sedentary work, 20% of the difference between the result of the calculation of formulas and specification, it will be easy to lose weight. In the remaining cases, the information that the main value of the exchange is necessary to multiply:

  • 1,375 – if they are present for practice sessions short, up to 3 per week;
  • 1,55 – during the exercise 5 times per week, duration 1-1,5 hours;
  • 1,725 – for the daily training of 3 to 4 h;
  • 1,9 – when the professionals of the practice of sports activities (preparation to the competitions, etc).

Table of calories of food and prepared meals and dishes

Calories in a day in order to lose weight is not starvation diet. If you study the here the calorie value of dishes and foods allowed on the diet, you will realize that you can generate the menu even with some "disorders" in the form of crackers or nuts. Vegetables, berries and fruit are not shown, as their calorie content varies from 22 to 70 kcal. The approximate image is:

The product Calories (100 g) The dish Calories (100 g)
Grains of oats 303 kcal Chicken fillet very boiled 170 kcal
Buckwheat 343 kcal Chicken fillet cooked 102 kcal
White rice 344 kcal Boiled potatoes 82 kcal
The black rice 260 kcal The beef boiled 254 kcal
The pasta 371 kcal Mashed potatoes with milk 65 kcal
Nuts 550-670 kcal Egg omelet 39 kcal
Cottage cheese 2% 103 kcal Trout in the oven 102 kcal

The zig-zag of calories

Alternative the name of this method of thinning – the trap. This program is designed for people who have at some time noticed stop weight, although the caloric value of the diet has not changed for the better. The zig-zag of calories to lose weight is not given for the exchange of substances more slow, therefore fat burning is going at approximately the same speed. There is even a day when the standard of the amount of calories above the basic – animal measures in the field of nutrition.

How to count calories to lose weight zig zag? The system is the following:

  1. 3 days of a minimum amount of carbohydrates, calories of the diet is reduced by 10% every day.
  2. 2 days – a large amount of carbohydrates, calories of the diet at the basic level in the metabolism or in the top 5%.
  3. 3 days – the well-balanced proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and the amount of calories that jumps out as "the standard, the surplus on a 10%, a deficit of 15%".

The minimum daily calories to lose weight

Previously it was mentioned that women do not want to lower the calorie content of their diet on the day below 1200 kcal, and the men below 1800 kcal. However, there is and safe calorie deficit, that is to say, the reduction individual of a given underlying in the metabolism in a certain number of units. In the opinion of the medical representatives of both sexes, you need to consume each day "ose - 500 kcal". So, if your ose – 1480 kcal, if you want to lose weight quickly of a way to pass the border to 980 kcal hotel.