Wraps for weight loss - detailed description, classes, tips, contraindications

For the first time, the casings of steel to combat cellulite, but with the time it has been noticed that each procedure reduces the volume of the body of 1 to 2 centimeters. They allow wraps for weight loss are useful to the whole body and to the individual plots. Some experts assert that the effect of the volume reduction occurs as a result of the combustion of the fat layer, others believe that it is the result of the output of large amounts of water, which is then recovered.

Be that as it may, as a result, the skin pulled, rejuvenated, and, as a result of the increase in the types of ducts that enhances the lymphatic flow. It raises the tone, removed the crust from the peel of the orange, the skin absorbs minerals and vitamins. To fix the result, wraps best combined with exercise and a correct diet. At home you can use any specialized tool, as well as the variety of the compositions prepared by himself. The best thing of the house to perform the compression of a procedure with a simple food of the film.

Wraps for weight loss are divided into hot and cold. More effective, they are hot, when through the open pores and eliminate toxins and waste products. Cold procedure is good to tone and rejuvenate the skin, by the constriction of the vessels, and the reorientation of the toxins in the organs of internal cleansing. These procedures are displayed swelling, the fatigue, the sensation of gravity, are useful to pull the loose skin.

wrap for weight loss

Wraps for slimming the abdomen in house: on the procedure of

Best of all, this procedure works, if you carry out fasting. On this day, it is just liquid yogurt, kefir, tea, in general, drinking energy. It is advisable not to before and after the procedure, around 2-3 hours. The standard of fluid on this day - 2 - 2.5 liters, drink small amounts. For the preparation of mixtures for the home, wraps you can take various ingredients, best of all, by the experience of collect more efficient in the recipe, suitable for you. Selected time, preferably at night, and carry out the procedure, before going to bed, through your day.

Wraps to lose weight - several original recipes

Recipe 1: Chocolate wrapper. Melt two bars of chocolate in a water bath and apply warm the mixture in the stomach.

Recipe 2: the Blue clay will be more effective view of all types of color of the clay. Dilute the powder in a bowl with water until the consistency of sour cream.

Recipe 3: Seaweed (kelp or fucus) that are sold in dry as in most pharmacies. Pour hot water about 3 tablespoons of kelp and persist for half an hour. The mixture should swell, and then after about half an hour, place on your body.

Recipe 4: Wrap with pepper and cinnamon. Take ground cinnamon (10 grams), red pepper (1-2 teaspoons), olive oil (2 tablespoons) of citrus essential oil (6 to 7 drops). Do not drink before and after the routine, do 10 to 15 times within a month. Pepper cannot be used for varicose veins and vascular of the toothed wheel.

Recipe 5: Coffee - high wrap to lose weight is based on the action of caffeine, it contributes actively to break down fats. Dilute 3 tablespoons of uncooked coffee, dilute until you get a thick porridge and warm milk.

Recipe 6: Oil wraps for weight loss in 20 ml of base oil (almond or olive) add 3 drops of one of the types of – juniper, lemon, lavender. Heat in a water bath, heat up to 40 degrees, and mix well.

Recipe 7: Another option for algae in the recipe. Algae pour the hot water and insist for 15-20 minutes. Add the egg yolk, and 10 drops of citrus oil lemon, juice of orange or grapefruit, 20 drops of camphorated oil. Mixing the slurry until homogeneous.

How to prepare the skin to the procedures of

Wrap for slimming is carried out exclusively with clean skin - you can even use a scrub. Massage in gently with a sponge belly, steam and dry, and then apply the selected mixture. Firmly wrap the belly of the film of the food and rolled up blanket or a veil, lie down and try to relax. Maintain a 40-minute drive. After a procedure of taking a shower, to wash the mixture and apply in the right places nourishing cream.

Honey wrap slimming

Course of honey envelops the calculated in the month to help you achieve extraordinary results. The skin, as with any other recipe, pre-cleaning. Honey, warm gently and apply on clean skin a uniform layer. The film food wrap the problem areas of the skin. The first round of the film around the waist must be sufficiently dense, the width of the material is 30-35 see

Two of the successive turns down to the right leg if you are staying at the level above the knee. Then go up the right leg to the height of the waist. The order of wraps repeat in the left leg. Not through the limbs, for they had not interrupted the circulation of the blood. At the end we make several orbits around the waist. Escape of the warm blanket or wearing the costume warm. At the end with the help of contrast in the shower, wash away the honey and then apply on the skin cream against cellulite.

Honey wrap for weight loss – popular recipes

1. Honey +essential oils. Heat the honey and add a couple of drops of oil, (50 to 60 grams of honey 3-4 drops of oil of conifer, tangerine, grapefruit, orange juice). Dissolve, mix. Don't overdo it with essential oils - they can cause burns on the skin. Applying the composition of circular motions and gentle, rubbing it on the skin. The film revolves in a spiral.

2. Honey-mustard wrap for weight loss.Mix the honey with the powder of mustard (two parts honey, one part mustard). Add the powder to a small amount of water, so that all the powder is filled with moisture. Apply only in the areas to be treated. Mustard can cause a burning sensation in the body. Can be changed to suit and make tasks the home or mobile number of exercises. This will help to increase the effect, even more, reinforcing the effect of the circulation of the blood. Repeat wraps 2 to 3 times a week. The honey is better to take only natural and fluid, as well as your ignis mollibus nutrients are lost. Be careful not to use honey if you have allergies.

Acetic wraps slimming

Prior to the procedures with the vinegar it is worth making the laminator type induction massage with the help of mittens or massage brush. To prepare the solution of vinegar and water, to moisten the sheet to get it the whole or the part of the that you have more problems. Even if you happen to acetic acid wrap for weight loss at home, it is best to have an assistant that is able to sabotado by all sides, to restrict the flow of air. The shroud of close of various layers of the film. Keep about 1.5-2 hours, partial wrap slimming - 40 minutes.

Another form of partial wrap - in place of towels to use a t-shirt and shorts, wetting the clothing in the solution of vinegar, to dress up and warm pants. In the neck area of aspar scarf and wrap wool scarf. In this case, you can move, do things, but try not to make strong movements of his body was the air.

It should be noted, that with this wrap for weight loss the body reacts in a certain way. In the first place fresh, and then the body will begin to sweat. You can take another and tea with diaphoretic herbal - linden, mint, raspberry, thyme. This option helps to resolve capillary setochki. If there is this problem, after the elimination of the things that were in the vinegar, take a shower and apply hair cream. Acetic wrap helps you lose 1-3 kg of weight.

Wraps for weight loss: contraindications

  • You can not carry out the procedure when:
  • pregnancy;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • tumors;
  • the deviations in the work of the kidneys;
  • cardiovascular failure.

For the realization of hot wraps for weight loss there are several serious contraindications.

Women with varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and other vascular disorders can be held only wraps. Keep in mind that you cannot comply with the procedure if you have an allergy, even if it is an ingredient, as well as with the temperature, the painful state, dizziness. Stop the procedure immediately if you feel any discomfort at the time of its conclusion.