7 of the rules like drinking water to lose weight

To lose weight, lose weight, and stay beautiful and fresh, have a good and elastic skin, beautiful and abundant hair, and strong nails, you must take into account the water. In the process of weight loss very common is the hair,skin and nails.

What helps us out the water when trying to lose weight?

Water for weight loss
  • it regulates the temperature of our body
  • eliminates the products of decomposition of his body, washing your interior
  • transports nutrients, oxygen and glucose in cells
  • gives natural hydration of the skin and other tissues
  • makes the joints more flexible and helps to strengthen the muscles
  • regulates digestion

How to drink water to lose weight?

An average of 30 ml on 1 kg of weight. If you are adept to weigh 70 kg, your standard water 2100 ml per day. If your weight is 100 kg, then the norm of water for you - 3 liters a day. Not worth drinking more of its standards, is not properly and sometimes dangerous.

When you drink water?

The water is best to drink for 20-30 minutes before eating. And through 1-1.5 hours after a meal. Drink water during the meal and after eating is not recommended, as this worsens the digestion. The truth, if you really want, to drink.

As drinking water to lose weight?

The water should drink in a uniform way, in small portions throughout the day, all days and all of life. In the meantime, start with 1 cup of water in the morning on an empty stomach. Remaining amount of water divide by the number of intervals between meals.

The water diet

What type of water to drink to lose weight?

The water is considered to be only the pure drinking water without gas. Tea, coffee, juices, sweets of aeration – the water is not considered. As you start to drink water, if it almost did not drink before this? We started with 1 glass in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 cup in between meals. Do not try to drink your daily norm. Then, slowly increase the portion to a desired number.

What temperature should be in the water?

The water you have to drink at room temperature. The body spends more calories than what you would consume.

As do not forget that should you drink the water?

The drink of water should get you into a habit. Don't think you need to drink. Simply always keep a small bottle of water at his side. In the workplace, along at the sofa, in the handbag or in the car. She should always bear in mind. If they meet a reasonable and balanced correct supply of the beverage of drinking water, physical activity, excess weight will go away forever. In this case, you will need to look good and save your health and vitality.