How to lose weight quickly

It has been noticed that lately we are always where somewhere? The rhythms of modern life do not give standing on your place. The event will be changed one by one, and we strive at all time. In other words, "and live in a hurry, and feel the rush". We want, here and now. Even want to lose weight quickly by the incredibly short-term. We started to search for ways and methods and, of course, we stumble in the endless debate over whether it is harmful or not from the rapid weight loss. Versions and arguments about this amazing the crowd.

the rapid thinning

But since we need to lose weight quickly, it is very necessary, if in the future the glimpse of the longed-for summer and holiday, the trip to the sea on vacation or otherwise not less important event. How to lose weight quickly and preferably without harm to health? – this question turns on only the main in the order of the day. If the goal of the staging, it means that it is time to take drastic measures, otherwise, the sleep and stay a sleep. Remember, if the excess fat is not going to be a year, lose weight quickly and lose weight in a few days, without detriment to the health, certainly, is not going to work. That is why, in order to lose weight quickly, you must act with prudence.

The first thing you should do is to consult with a specialist and learn whether you have contraindications for a rapid weight loss. If you are healthy and can afford it, it is necessary with all seriousness to proceed with the election fast of the diet, picking up suitable for you an option. Have patience, studying the pros and cons of how you can lose weight quickly, since this is of their well-being. For these cases of emergency, it is suited to short-term download quick diet. This type of diets, in addition to having beneficial influence on the body in general and at the same time help you lose weight. But, to begin, we highlight some important aspects that should be taken into account, the decision to lose weight fast:

  1. Decide what time of day you prefer to eat and to go on with this chart, without breaking it. This gives you the feeling of acute hunger.
  2. Drink a glass of warm water for half an hour before meals. This will contribute to the rapid saturation with the consumption of a minimum of food rations. Speaking of water, it should be noted that during the day you should drink 1.5-2 litres. The scarcity of water in the body can lead to a variety of problems, while the sufficient amount contributes to the normal metabolism and the detoxification of the organism of slags. Therefore, to lose weight fast and without harm to health, drinking sufficient amount of water throughout the day: 1 glass morning, immediately after awakening, and then – before each meal, and at night before going to bed.
  3. Eat more fiber contained in the normal, grilled vegetables. Eating more often in its raw form, this will bring more benefits. The vegetables, as it is known, contribute to the reduction of weight and speed up metabolism in the body.
  4. Another important the secret of how to lose weight quickly, without causing harm to the health – consumption of cooked, braised and cooked steamed food.
  5. Delete from your diet all fried, salty, smoked, flour, rich, totally giving up the soft drinks.
  6. Prepare for the fast extractor regimes not only physically (for example, by refusing the eve of the dinner), but morally, since these days occur it is not so easy. However, to configure in this is not necessary, look at everything that happens in a positive way and gracili itself on health!
the fast slimming diet

The diet of "download Four days"

The diet this diet is strictly regulated and includes only 4 names, product names and 4 of the beverage, that you can eat and drink as much as you want. There are other limitations: the green tea and the apple juice should you drink it without sugar, the rice and the chicken to cook and eat without salt. Probably, this strict diet without salt and sugar, looks like mali saporis and monumental, but, believe me, what you get a sense of lightness that will give you four days of this diet, to compensate for all his hardships and sufferings.

  • First day: boiled rice, juice, apple juice.
  • Second day: very boiled the chicken, apple juice and green tea.
  • Third day: the fat cheese, low fat kefir.
  • Fourth day: any variety of broth of milk, cheese, green tea.

The Diet Of "Summer"

Apply this diet better and more just, more efficient in the summer. At this time of year the counters of the shops and markets abound incredible amount of vegetables and fruits. Therefore, do not refuse to itself in pleasure, in less than 4 days, that is it for this diet, you can easily lose 2-3 kg in Addition, the diet of "Summer" is a kind of purification of the diet, as it shows body of harmful substances and toxins.

  • Day 1.You can only eat fruits, drink natural freshly squeezed juices.
  • Day 2. The preference for the lawn tea: romashkovyj, raspberry, venatione, Etiam, and many others, in the pharmacies, amazing the crowd.
  • Day 3. On this day it is recommended to support in raw vegetables, and stew in their juice.
  • Day 4. Eat the broth of vegetables of different types of cabbage (colour, broccoli, sprouts) with the addition of pepper, the onion, the parsley, the garlic. In addition, eat that broth all day, can be as much as you want.
  • The three-day diet

    Remember, for three days of this diet should be followed 4 days of normal (moderate) power. The hope that by three days of deprivation and restrictions will continue to be 4 "normal" day, it helps to relive those three days almost without pain. Yes and for the account of the balance of the products of this diet is transported very easily. Later, after a follow up of the diet of 4 days, it is important not to drop them, eat with intelligence, and the body with the time to learn to keep at bay.

    • Day 1

      Breakfast: black coffee or tea without sugar, a slice of bread, 2 tablespoons jelly or jam.

      11.00 am: ½ grapefruit, 75 g tuna, 1 slice of bread, 4 radishes, 1 cucumber.

      Lunch: 100 chicken without skin and fat-free, 1 Stack. green cooked beans, 1 Stack. cooked shredded beet, 1 slice of bread. The chicken finely cut, add 1 teaspoon of soy sauce and, stirring constantly, quickly browned in a pan without adding oil.

      Dinner: 1 small apple.

    • Day 2

      Breakfast: black coffee or tea without sugar, the egg, 1 slice of bread.

      11.00 am: 1 banana, 100 g of broth, cottage cheese, 4 radishes, dill pickles, 3 dry biscuits.

      Lunch: 100 grams of ham, 100 g cabbage, ½ Stack. chopped carrots, 1 slice of bread.

      Dinner: tea, 50 g of prunes.

    • Day 3 of

      Breakfast: black coffee or tea without sugar, 30 g of cheese, 3 crackers.

      11.00 pm: 1 small apple, 1 boiled egg, 1 fresh or salted cucumber, 1 slice of bread.

      Lunch: 50 g of tuna, 100 g of cooked, 100 cauliflower, 1 slice of bread.

      Dinner: half a small melon or apple.

    Express-diet on the weekend

    It is no secret that weekends are for us all not to download, but dignissim, in these days we have to fight to eat all the most delicious. Has come, at last, the time to spend the weekend working on it. Start the application of this diet Friday, by refusing in this day, at least, do and sweet, then the restrictions on the food end of the week that does not seem too serious.

    • Saturday

      Breakfast: 1 Stack. 2.5% of kefir, 1 sandwich of rye bread with cheese.

      Lunch: salad of vegetables with the addition of peas or canned corn, filled with olive oil.

      Dinner: 150 g of lean (best of sea fish, 1 Stack. kefir.

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    • Sunday

      Breakfast: 1 Stack. green tea, 2 of the sliding.

      Lunch: 2-3 small potatoes, and cabbage salad (fresh or sauerkraut) with the corn, stuck with olive oil.

      Dinner: 100 g of chicken breast, vegetables or fruit salad, 1 egg, 1 Stack. kefir.

    Potato diet for 3 days (the option not to infirma)

    The potatoes, as it is known, well contributes to extinguere even very strong in the appetite. This diet will help you lose weight 500-700 g / day. These are the advantages, but there are also disadvantages – potatoes diet does not contain vitamins, therefore, at the time of its use, it is recommended to take vitamins in pills.

    Breakfast: 1 Stack. of the milk.

    Lunch: 300 g of fresh mashed potatoes in the water.

    Dinner: potato salad, for preparation of which you need 250 g of boiled potatoes, 1 cooked hard-boiled eggs, salt, vinegar, oil and mix ground pepper to taste.

    This lasts for the diet not? Then, try a softer option of potato starch from the diet. Boil 1 kg of potatoes, roast potatoes and divide among 5-6 techniques. Eat potatoes without salt, but always with the greenery: dill, parsley, chives, basil. At breakfast you can eat 1 piece of rye or furfures bread-and-butter, and at lunch add to the potatoes a little bit of veggies: carrots, cabbage, onion, cucumber, cooked beetroot, Bulgarian, pepper, except the tomatoes, eggplants, vegetable marrows. Beverage drink warm water in unlimited amounts, green tea without sugar, loosely cast infusions of herbs.

    The diet "Col miracle"

    The sauerkraut is more affordable in russia the product. In cabbage contains bacteria, that stimulate the digestion process, as well as substances that present a body of impurities and toxins. Therefore, this diet is very useful and allows you to lose weight 2 kilos in 3 days.

    Breakfast: rolled oats, 250 grams of fruit, 1 cup of yogurt without sugar (or 1 slice of bread of flour, meal, a piece of boiling meat, brine sauerkraut).

    Lunch: fritters of acid from the cabbage by the following recipe: 1 grated potato, 2 tablespoons of sauerkraut, 1 egg. Cabbage salad is acidic (or cabbage salad tart with 1 apple and 1 carrot).

    Dinner: sauerkraut, braised fish and the beet, or cabbage soup acid with 2 patatamu and vegetables.

    If in the intervals between meals, appears the feeling of hunger, eat even cabbage and be sure to drink water.

    Egg-the diet of honey

    The man, "sedens" in this diet, it is necessary before to fund everything though. In the first place, raw, eggs love, not all, and in combination with honey. In the second place, eggs from the diet are necessary fresh, the best house, bought tested people. These precautions are necessary to avoid the possibility of contracting salmonellosis. So think. Although this diet really reset 2-2,5 kg for 3 days.

    • Day 1

      Breakfast: 2 egg yolks and 1 teaspoon of honey and beat with a mixer (to be something as well as gogol-Mughal). Cup of tea with lemon or coffee.

      Lunch: 90 g of broth, cheese, coffee or tea with 1 teaspoon of honey.

      Dinner: a cup of broth, 1 slice of black bread. Apple, pear or orange.

      In the evening: tea with lemon.

    • Day 2

      Breakfast: egg with honey (turpis mix), coffee or tea with lemon.

      Lunch: one egg with honey, 100 g of cottage cheese, tea with lemon or coffee.

      Dinner: 150 g of fish, fish grilled without fat (grilled, vegetable salad, tea with lemon.

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    • Day 3 of

      Breakfast: egg with honey, apple, tea with lemon.

      Lunch: 50 g of cheese 1 slice of rye bread, 200 g of lettuce, loaded lemon.

      Dinner: 300 g of cooked beans vegetables (not feculentos), the egg, the tea-1h.l. of honey.

    During the daily diet of eating half of a lemon in any form: tea, in the form of juice, dilute with water, you can add the lemon in the vitellus-the mixture of honey.

    The diet for a woman

    Any woman, determinatur go on a diet, you have every right to consider that the act feat. The proposal of the diet is no exception. It is a practice a week, but the feeling of lightness you will find already in the 4th day. The most important rule of the dinner, not later than 18.00 hours.

    Breakfast: 100 grams ricotta cheese low-fat with chunks of fresh fruit, tea without sugar.

    Lunch: lean fish, vegetable salad, for dessert, any fruit.

    Dinner: kefir, 1-2 toast of black bread.

    In conclusion, I would like to remind all those who wish to lose weight quickly and lose weight , any diet, without leaving a mark, so that the body does not pass. That is why all the combinations of the diet, calculated not more than 3-5 days, after which it is necessary a minimum break of 2 months.

    They say that the end justifies the means. So, in our case, the goal must be real, and that the means selected are correct. Only in this case, you manage to lose weight quickly and without harm to health.

    Good luck and good results!