Shakes for weight loss at home - recipes

Nutrients diet drinks, cleaned and maintained in the integral program of reduction of weight, along with a proper diet and exercise, delicious ingredients drinks help you quietly endure the decrease of the amount of food, eliminate the feeling of hunger and speed up the process of getting rid of the extra pounds.

Smoothies for weight loss

smoothies for weight loss

A cocktail is an excellent opportunity to fill vitamins, fill the stomach and make the process of slimming down quite comfortable. Now buy a prepared cocktail is not a problem, but are sold to distributors, in the shops of sports nutrition, pharmacies. The disadvantage of pieces of the purchase of drinks is very conditional of the security and the high cost.

To refer them to a well-known herbalife, orifleym, energy diets, Chocolate slim, the Doctor thin. Are good in the fact that the fat burning is slow, therefore, the appearance is not affected, in particular, there will be the sagging of the skin. However, the funds have a number of limitations on the use, about which the manufacturers and distributors do not always tell.

Beverages, prepared in the home much more useful, you always know what they put in the cocktail bar. The absence of preservatives, dyes, fresh produce, low-cost – with certain additional advantages. When contraindications to an ingredient you will always be able to replace it or select another recipe.

Drinks home made herbal, milk and yogurt, vegetables, berries and fruits – action in the body is different.

When you choose the recipe, you should take into account the objective. In its action, drinks, drop weight, are:

  • Diuretics. Have an important positive effect of the – removing the excess fluid from the body, eliminate the swelling. In the early stages of weight reduction work quite effectively. They are made with the use of herbs, green tea, often the base of cocktails are converted in berries and vegetables, with a diuretic. To refer them watermelon, cherry, goji, tomatoes, hawthorn. Using diuretics drinks, you should take into account that it is most convenient to take at home, as at work, in transport, may occur descriptive of the problem. With great caution the data of cocktails are used in the hottest time of the year.
  • Of the energy. It is preferable to consume in the morning, to have energy in a day. The base of the drink are citrus fruits, juice of sheet aloe, other products enhance the activity, tonic and improves mood.
  • Product cleaning. Favorably acting on the intestine, improving motor skills, in a natural way, a soft release of their excess. In consequence, the intestine starts to function as a clock, as in some homemade recipes of cocktails contains ingredients that help normalize the flora and deal with the constipation.
  • Improve the metabolism. It is very effective to help you lose weight, accelerate the metabolism, pour the blood, heat. The base of drinks are spices, often burning.

How to prepare a cocktail for weight loss

The process of reduction of weight should be fun, therefore, we are faced with the task of making nutritious and delicious drink. In the preparation of beverages there are a number of rules, observing that iddo and significantly reduce the weight.

  • Prepare a cocktail with the use of a blender and food processor. In some cases, you can just rub or stretch a fork.
  • Prepare the beverage directly before consumption, in order to ensure the safety of substances of value. Note: if stored in the refrigerator and, with the lid closed, some useful products lose vitamin component.
  • The fresh berries and fruits allowed to substitute in frozen, as it keeps all the vitamins.
  • Dairy products intended for smoothies to lose weight, buy low-fat.
  • Do not place the sugar, want to improve the taste, add a bit of honey, dried fruits.
  • Decided to use in the recipe of the spices, I recommend shredding your own. Cinnamon take in sticks of a drum, pepper and pea pods.
  • In the drinks that improve the processes of change, it allows you to adjust the amount of brand-new spices to your taste – reduce and add.
  • Do not worry if after the infusion, the amount of cocktail is more small.

Proteins (protein) shakes for weight loss

protein shakes

Actively burn fat deposits, supported in the tone of the muscles, reducing the feeling of hunger protein or protein cocktails. For those not in the know, the protein and the protein of cocktails – the designation of the same drink. Proteins – building blocks for the human body, in the recipes of an excellent combination of proteins, and additional components.

You must take into account that eating protein drinks, you should increase the burden of work physical. As with the lack of charge of the protein is converted into fat, and as a result of the exercise in the muscles. You want to lose weight – align the smoothie, the diet and aerobics classes.

Recipe no. 1. With kiwi and honey.

Drink a glass of kefir, 300 ml of milk, kiwi and 2 tablespoons of honey.


  • Before heating the honey in a bain-marie, who became in the liquid. Add in the blender, add the kiwi and the whip.

Recipe no. 2. With the raspberry.

Drink: glass of milk, 100 grams of raspberries and a glass of kefir.

  • How to do: the fork of the grindstone of the berries, pour in half of kefir with the milk and beat at high speed.

Recipe no. 3. With the strawberry. Burn fats, good satisfies the hunger.

You will need: 100 grams of strawberries, half a cup of milk, 120 ml of yogurt and flax seeds – great spoon.

  • How to make: cut blender the seeds and berries, add the rest of ingredients and beat again.

Recipe no. 4.

Take: soy milk – 2 glasses, tangerine – 3-piece, one teaspoon of flaxseed oil and 125 ml of kefir.

  • How to cook: peeled mandarin orange teeth double in the blender, fill the other components and stir.

Recipe no. 5. Green. Suppresses the feeling of hunger, burn fat. Recommended for use after physical activity.

Take: cottage cheese – 130 g, milk – 150 ml, a stalk of celery, a few sprigs of parsley, the garlic, the ginger and the pepper to taste.

  • Beat: cut the vegetables, add the cheese and pour in the milk. Whisk, add the spices, taste and adjust the flavor, adding spices.

Recipe no. 6. Classic smoothie.

Take: egg whites 2 pieces, a cup of yogurt, banana, a pinch of cinnamon.

  • Do: separate the proteins, and mash with a fork the banana, connect, mix, and add the cinnamon.

The best shakes for weight loss kefir

Beverages yogurt the purpose of the purification of the body, the normalization of the functioning of the stomach and the intestine, to promote weight loss.

Recipe no. 1. The classic.

Take: a cup of yogurt, oats – 2 small tablespoons, cucumber. The rest of the supplements do it for taste – the ginger, the pepper, the mint, the dill.

  • Do: rub finely the cucumber, cut the ginger and the parsley, add the kefir and the beat.

Recipe no. 2. The of the apple. Saturate, rich in vitamins, fills you with energy, and satisfy hunger.

Ingredients: 2 cups of yogurt, two stalks of celery and a green apple.

  • How to cook: cut and crush in the apple puree and celery, pour in the kefir, and returned to work a blender. By desire of the improvement of ginger and cinnamon.

Recipe no. 3. With cinnamon. Facilitates rapid metabolism, accelerates the metabolism, and the blood, cleanses the organism, improves digestion. It is recommended to consume between 20 and 30 minutes before the meal by the glass.

Take: a cup of yogurt, a teaspoon of cinnamon and grated ginger, a pinch of red pepper flakes.

  • Prepare: rub the ginger, add the cinnamon and the pepper, pour in half a tablespoon of yoghurt and stir the dough. Add the rest of the drink and stir.

Recipe no. 3. The cleaning cocktail for weight loss. It corrects the constipation, cleanses and activates that deletes those unwanted pounds. Drinking on an empty stomach, one hour before the first meal. If you have any problem with the chair, reduce the amount of prune.

Take: a glass of kefir, a couple of pieces of dried apricots and 6 pieces of prunes.

  • Mode of preparation: dried fruit, pour hot water, put the preparation of juices of half an hour and crush a blender. The addition of a fermented beverage, of beat.

Recipe no. 4. With the cucumber.

Composition: fermented drink – a glass, cucumber, cilantro, the parsley, the fennel, the total number of vegetation 50g, ½ Teaspoon of cumin, a pinch of pepper and salt.

  • Prepare: sauté a couple of minutes in a dry pan cumin, parsley, pepper, rub a slice of cucumber. Connect, add a quarter cup of yogurt and stir. Add the rest of the drink and the whip.

Smoothies for weight loss


Incredibly delicious cocktails are obtained milk-based, you can invite children with weight problems, due to natural supplements they have virtually no contraindications.

Recipe no. 1. Cheese.

Take: 100 ml of milk, 100 g cottage cheese, any vegetables – 50 g

  • Prepare: finely chop taken from the vegetables, mash with a fork the cottage cheese, dilute the milk and beat of the smoothie.

Recipe no. 2. Sweet chocolate cocktail with a banana.

Drink: glass of milk, 100 g cottage cheese, a banana, a tablespoon of cocoa powder and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

  • Connect the cottage cheese with cocoa and butter, add pounded in the mashed banana, stir the dough and pour in the milk. Work whisk until the mass is homogeneous.

Recipe no. 3. With the honey. Very nutritious and healthy drink for weight loss. It is able to substitute for the breakfast.

You will need: a glass of milk, ¼ cup of natural skimmed yogurt, banana, 100 g cottage cheese, 50 of hercules, a tablespoon of honey.

  • How to cook: heat the honey to a liquid state, and mash banana. Connect the components, remove and pour the milk. Beat.

The energy of a cocktail at home

Load energy in the day, so their use is recommended in place of breakfast. Optionally, after about half an hour after ingestion you can eat.

Recipe no. 1. The citrus fruit.

Take: a large tablespoon of honey, several rings of canned pineapple, half a grapefruit, a couple of pieces of ice.

  • Composition: all components of a turn in the blender, beat, if you want, add a little bit of mineral water and a spear of ice.

Cocktail with green tea

Wonderful drink invigorates and tones, operates mochegonno, releasing of excess water, accelerates the metabolic processes. Especially good with the morning in place of breakfast, or appetizer, but up to noon.

You will need: 5 small spoons of green tea, half a lemon, an orange, 2 teaspoons of liquid honey and a liter of water.

  • To brew, the green tea, let stand for 10 minutes, strain.
  • The orange, divide into slices, cut, removing the film, add the lemon juice, stir, pour the tea, add the honey and beat.

Smoothies for weight loss

An excellent cleaning of the action in the home have smoothies vegetables to lose weight, the most unimaginable amount of vitamins.

Recipe no. 1. Beet.

Take: 2 of the carrot, the orange, the fourth part of the beets and the ginger.

  • Preparation: finely chop scrub vegetables, orange, disassemble into slices and immerse them in the blender. Is beat and cultured.

Recipe no. 2. Tomato.

The preparation is quite simple: a couple of fresh tomatoes blanch, remove the peel, and beat, adding a little water. Add salt is not desirable, although it is not prohibited, but the green is welcome.

Recipe no. 3. Vegetable soup. A large amount of fiber will be on the order of the chair, to saturate, because the cocktail well suppresses the feeling of hunger. Well, instead of dinner or snack.

Composition: a small carrot and the beetroot, the celery, the lemon juice and the yogurt.

  • Cut off the roots, the celery, the cut in the food processor, concentrates of juices and yogurts. Again beat.

Recipe no. 4. Apple-carrot.

Take: 400 g apples, 250 grams of carrots and a liter of water.

  • How to make: boil the applesauce, a couple of hours let it sit. During this time, rubbed finely the carrot, and step on the juice. Type in applesauce and mix well.