Valuation of the brands of fermented foods: kefir is better for weight loss

The consumption of fermented foods, it is useful to maintain the shape and the digestion in general, but the answer to the question of what kefir is better for weight loss, not everyone knows. It is important to the freshness, fat content, calories, and even the temperature of the beverage. In addition, use flaxseed to lose weight with various additives. There are even full of the diet in this product. To resolve the question of which of kefir to drink for weight loss, will help you instructions below.

What should be the composition of kefir

About the benefits of this drink can talk a lot. It is not so much in the low-density caloric, but in the composition. The main advantage of the bacteria-prebiotics, that help to restore the disability of calories from the diet, the microflora of the intestine. Find in store one hundred percent natural, kefir is difficult, therefore, to pay attention to the composition of the product is necessary. It must be present:

the kefir
  1. The kefir yeast. The most useful is considered contains lactic acid culture, fungi and yeasts. If the composition of only one of the two, the product can be called as curd or pseudo-kefir. It is not worth to choose the drink, which includes "the yeast and the lactic acid of the crops."
  2. The protein in the composition of kefir is also mandatory. The protein makes a balanced low calorie diet the diet, helps to reduce the appetite, accelerate the burning of fat. The protein in the composition should not be lower than 3%.
  3. The calcium. It is an essential trace element is also mandatory. It avoids the accumulation of deposits of fat and helps your body more quickly of spending calories.

In the packaging thereof in the composition should not be ingredients such as milk powder or restored, milk, fruit juices, additives, dyes, palm oil and preservatives. These products make this kefir in the kefir drink. The most useful and natural in this case it is livestock products. In the composition of the good kefir may be present:

  • the pasteurized milk;
  • the yeast live bacteria, or in the kefir fungi;
  • fermented tremors and Bifidobacterium.

Calories kislomolochnogo of the product

To lose weight one of the important criteria in the selection of products is their content of calories. The same applies with the kefir. Its value calorico determines the content of fat. For the achievement of a slender shape convenient to choose a drink to lower your interest. Calories in such a case, will be around 25-30 kcal per 100 g of product. In this lean drink is all the use without excess calories.

The kefir of fat content it is best for weight loss

drinking kefir

Skim milk yogurt, not a series of useful vitamins, therefore, this type of option you choose, it is not worth. In addition, very to exclude from the diet of fat also it is not necessary, as the body requires. The best option is to choose a beverage with a fat content of up to 1%. With the use of vegetable oil in the diet of a kefir ideal. If in your diet fats are limited in full, then choose the fat content of 2.5%.

The expiration date

Why kefir is better for weight loss is only that the fact or the that already a couple of days? Positive properties it has only a fresh product. The term natural yogurt is 7-10 days from the date of manufacture. Only the period of the bacteria live in the composition of the beverage. Greater useful life indicates the presence in the composition of preservatives. Sour kefir has on the body, the same effect, but:

  • it has higher acidity, which can negatively affect the functioning of the digestive system;
  • it has a strong effect purgative.

On the past due the product, and says that consistency. The kefir cool it evenly. If the agitation in the beverage stand out two layers – a serum from milk and cereals, this is mentioned in the expiry. In the same indicates the yellow color of the drink, the bitter taste and a pungent odor. This drink to consume absolutely impossible. A fresh, slightly bitter and does not have a strong odor, and white color.

It's like taking flaxseed to lose weight

It is not only the important question, what kefir is better for weight loss, but and the correct way of drinking. Most nutritionists recommend that you consume this drink at dinner or before bedtime, and not without reason. Its powerful fat-burning action of kefir is the obligation of calcium that is better absorbed, as later. For this reason, a glass of this cocktail before bedtime actually promotes weight loss. In addition to this detail, it is important to follow and the rules of consumption:

  1. The daily rate. The optimum is 200-400 ml of yogurt a day. A higher amount may cause swelling, swelling of the belly, great flatulence.
  2. The time of receipt. This drink is useful not only for the night. Excellent choice of breakfast in the morning – buckwheat or mix of fruits quite quickly. In the lunch for the maintenance of mental activity and the repression of the desires of sweet you can drink a glass of this product with the addition of honey or cinnamon.
  3. The duration of the. If it is the kefir mono -, you can't stay with it for more than 3 days, because for the body is a great deal of stress. When a menu with the use of cocktails of fruits and vegetables for weight loss kefir can last 7, 10, and up to 21 days.
flaxseed for weight loss

With the honey

If the answer to the question, what is the kefir is best for weight loss, it is worth noting the capacity of consumption of the drink with additives. This will help to diversify the diet, yes, and the drink does not get tired so fast. There are many recipes kefir cocktails, even with the addition of the honey. Be prepared for one of them:

  1. Prepare 250 ml of kefir of fat up to 1%.
  2. Add a teaspoon of honey. Can be replaced by the same number of syrup of rosehip seed oil.
  3. At the end of introducing a teaspoon of oat or wheat powder bran.
  4. Stir all until a homogeneous condition.
  5. Consume the product in place of a second breakfast or your last meal.

With cinnamon

To improve the fat-burning properties of kefir, you can add different spices, such as cinnamon. In addition to the utility when you lose weight but also improves the taste of the drink. This is especially important to avoid that it appears the addiction to the kefir, and he not began to to stick. Preparing a cocktail is very simple – in the glass of the kislomolochnogo of the drink just add half a tea spoon of cinnamon. Employ your best before you go to sleep, and by night in the body was going the fat burning process.