The basic rules of the diet for men

But, you do look thin, their peers, and I would not want to follow his example? In addition, the majority of the women considered a big belly and double chin unattractive.

If you, at least at the bottom of the soul, also what you think and want a change, then read our tips and you will see it is not worse than that of ben affleck in his 44 years.

We want to mention that the power management proper and convenient, not only to maintain a good physical form, but also for the prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

The main errors in the power

  1. There is more than what is necessary. It is not necessary to continue to eat, when you feel the feeling of satiety, but the food on the table was still there. This feature draws on that of our ancestors, that tuck sick and tired of not knowing when to eat the next time. Too often, this habit grows from the childhood, when children are taught: many eat – you'll be big and strong.
  2. A large amount of "heavy" foods. Many men believe that the broccoli and fish in a couple of food for the weak, giving preference to the fat, fat meat, white bread with mayonnaise and with all that calories and quickly saturated. Of course, the necessary calories, but not in such amount.
  3. Chop in front of the computer (tv). Often grow into a full experience of the food intake, while the man considers that this meal is only one of the change. The danger lies in the fact that biting of the tv or the computer, you lose the sense of measure.
  4. Calories in the form of alcohol. Harmless at first glance, the beer (even a bottle after a day of work) awakens the appetite and reduces the feeling of satiety. Yes and calorie expenditure, that is got into the body with alcohol, without leaving a mark, does not volatilize, especially in combination with sugar-containing sugar-sweetened beverages (juices, soft drinks, etc). Because of this, generally, deteriorates the metabolism and the body dehydrated.
  5. The sport abolished the consequences of malnutrition. It would be naive to think that sports will give the desired result, if before and after them to continue the bad eating. This fact has been confirmed by the study. If you consistently attend a gym, without a doubt, will improve the circulation of the blood, but here the excess weight is not going to disappear. You need a comprehensive program: diet + sport.
lose weight for men

You grow the belly, but none of them live?

Specifically in which they live and in abundance: the cholesterol, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, that is they live and don't want to leave your body just as well.

There are three main reasons why it appears the big belly:

  1. The sedentary lifestyle. Most of the time the man migrates between the seat, the vehicle seat and a sofa (abdominal muscles, obliques are getting weaker).
  2. The hormonal change. As well can occur with age or after stress situations (deposited fat in the hips and the abdomen).
  3. A bad diet. At this point are: to eat in excess, risk of food and caloric beverages (in general, worsens the physical form).

The sinking of the fat in the body, not only does not give you any type of advantages, but is also a symptom of the predisposition to diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

The experts made the count: if the growth of 170 cm, waist circumference is 94 cm, the risk of onset of disease on average. When the volume of the waist reaches or exceeds 101 cm, the risk becomes high.

Many of those interested in the question: "What to do to lose weight?". The correct answer is diet and exercise. In addition, products must not only be useful for a particular purpose. They must contain magnesium, and zinc, to a productive education of the testosterone and support in the cardiovascular system.

Foods that contain zinc:

  • the fish and other seafood;
  • the seeds ( pumpkin);
  • the seeds of sesame;
  • lentils;
  • cooked beef;
  • cocoa;
  • the barley and oats;
  • berries fresh, especially the blueberries and raspberries.

Products that contain magnesium:

  • nuts;
  • cocoa;
  • buckwheat porridge;
  • the whole-grain bread;
  • the soy flour;
  • beans.

Strict diets are not for men?

Many men believe that a strict diet is not for them. It irritates Me the monotony and the necessity of controlling the same. However, it is not necessary, each time more clearly for the time, for example, at breakfast, there is only buckwheat. The diversity of the diet, composed by a useful food is welcome. By what you can do for the desire of different combinations of food. In addition, the number of meals is the same as that in the normal mode, the majority of the people – 3 times a day.

Options healthy breakfast

Most nutritionists justified, consider that the breakfast is the only choice of food intake, when the monkey eat the most normal of the lot. It will also benefit if the man eats breakfast at the family table. The woman can control the amount and the quality of the food.

It has been observed that in men, the history or the sites of the house, the less frequently it is observed the excess weight in comparison with those who prefer the breakfast in the cafe on the way to work or fast food.

A healthy breakfast is the sure path to improving fitness and health. We offer options:

  1. the bread of the whole wheat bread with a spread (vegetable mix and butter) or cottage cheese with the addition of the vegetation;
  2. oatmeal with skim milk and fresh berries or fruit;
  3. air-omelet with vegetables (roast need in a teflon pan, adding no more than 1 teaspoon of olive oil);
  4. toast with tomato, avocado, and sliced slices of bacon;
  5. 2 boiled eggs and wholemeal bread.

Also at breakfast you can make smoothies from vegetables for example, carrot, broccoli and celery.

To supplement the breakfast of juice, or tea, best green. But if there is a desire to take a coffee, do it after breakfast.

Meals throughout the day

The day of the best to eat the soup. He not only satisfies without packing on excess calories, but it is useful for the stomach. After the soup, you can eat a stew of vegetables with meat, as well as vegetable salads. The food doesn't have to take, so as not to complicate the digestion, because the liquid reduces to the consistency of the gastric juice. It is recommended to drink later than 30 minutes after eating.

The dinner should be not more than 2 – 3 hours before bedtime. On the night of the intake of foods may include protein, but not fatty food, but also salad vegetables. As lean proteins, ideal for meat, cheese, tofu, fish and other seafood.

What can you and what doesn't in diet diet

For the change of the substances complete, it is necessary that daily drinking ordinary water. The recommended standard is – 2-2,5 l of each day. To productively are created testosterone, while the heart and vessels to work without interruptions, you need protein, calcium, and vitamins: A, b, c, D, E. In relation to this all is limited to the flesh cannot be. It is important that you are lean.

It should go without processed foods, junk food, and sauces from the shops, because in them a greater amount of sodium and sugar. It is not suitable for the diet and the food, made frying. But you can give the gift of food prepared on the grill.