Linden slimming: we use it to make tea, broth, infusion and a relaxing bath

In the fight with kilograms superfluous to the frequency of use of diuretics. Allow to considerably reduce the weight by about 3-4 days. Today, on a wave of national love to the natural medicines for this purpose, it is customary to apply the medicinal plants. And if you want to reduce to a minimum the risks to your health, use weight loss linden, which will clean thoroughly the body, but in this case it will act in a gentle way and a little aggressive.

The action in the body


The linden since ancient times, is a medicinal plant of many diseases. Particularly useful are its flowers, in the composition there is an essential oil, tannin, coumarin, flavonoids, saponins, wax, glucose, vitamins, carotene, micro and macro. Thanks to them, we use the raw material as a tool for weight reduction.

Slow, but true slimming result of a powerful diuretic effect. Of your body for several days actively appears in a fluid that collects in tissues and causes swelling. Along with it go the toxins, impurities and other contaminant residues will be published on the bowel and other organs. The only disadvantage of these funds, along with harmful substances, the cells lose precious vitamins and minerals.

This effect is supported by another important property of linden — sudorfico. Get ready for what when the consumption of a hot beverage with your flowers you are going to sweat. And lose the same excess fluid and harmful substances.

In the comprehensive cleaning of the body begin to establish the processes of change, which the excess weight are very often violated. The fat in the store is no longer delayed, as is spent on education energy. During this thinning is recommended to continue to call a diet that is calorie limited and increase physical activity.

Help linden and with those that produced the so-called hunger psychological, when you want to grab any problem. Infusion of their inflorescences have manifested a calming effect. Calm the nervous system stops present in the brain of signals about what is necessary to quench the feeling of hunger.

While the use of this plant, in a month you can lose up to 5 kg of weight.

Layfak. To get the best results in losing weight, increase the selection of sweat properties of lindane can be improved . This can be achieved in different ways. For example, do customs wrap and drink a glass hot from the flower of linden tea with honey. Or accept any fat burning a hot bath, and then the broth. And, in fact, in another case, the thermogenesis to accelerate several times.

Indications and contraindications

Note that the lime tree at its base is not the tool for slimming and medicinal plant. Therefore, planning to fight with the overweight, it is imperative to take into account the indications of its use. It is possible to combine business with pleasure: and in kilograms of losing, and the health of the cells.


  • angina pectoris;
  • the bacterial infections;
  • insomnia;
  • bronchitis;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • headaches;
  • the cough of any nature;
  • intestinal spasms;
  • laryngitis;
  • fever;
  • neurological diseases;
  • even handled the fainting state;
  • pathologies of the urinary system;
  • gout;
  • pollinosis;
  • colds;
  • the rheumatism;
  • dental problems (gingivitis, stomatitis);
  • seizures;
  • cystitis;
  • the stomach ulcer.


  • allergy (can cause the essential oilscontained in the colors of lime);
  • intolerance of the individual;
  • hyperexcitability;
  • urolithiasis;
  • the mental imbalance;
  • problems with the heart;
  • the poor clotting of the blood.

Before you use brews and infusions to combat kilograms superfluous in the first place, make sure that you do not have contraindications to it. If you have any doubt, it is better to consult with with the medical.

It is interesting to. The linden is one of the few medicinal plants, with which you can lose weight without any harm to the health of pregnant women, lactating family, and even children.

Regulations for the implementation of

Not everyone knows how to take linden as a means to lose weight. If you think that the technique is only in the constant use of a tea of dried inflorescences, it is not so. Here is much more nuanced, that will help you achieve the preferred target for short terms.


Collection and storage of

Collect the flowers of the linden it is necessary to in July, when still not all the shoots have been able to develop. They should not have obscurations and damage. Look for trees far away from industrial enterprises and highways. The drying of the raw material, it is recommended in well-ventilated, warm room, without access to direct sunlight. Store in paper packets in a dry and well-ventilated place.

If not you can do it yourself, buy ready will be sold pick up at the pharmacy.

Bath for slimming

The inflorescence can do to prepare fat-burning baths:

  1. 100 gr of raw material, are filled with 500 ml of boiling water.
  2. After infusion of 2-3 hours of this concentrated solution of strains and pours in the hot tub.
  3. These procedures, to take three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes, constantly adding hot water.
  4. Course — 10-15 baths.


  1. To prepare strengthens the selection of perspiration and diuretic, it is best to take the linden flowers, because the leaves of this tree a little bit the profile of another user (they have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties).
  2. Of them it is possible to prepare a decoction, infusion or tea — see for yourself what gives you the preference. For its effectiveness in weight loss plan none of these drinks does not give to each other.
  3. Don't try to sweeten their flavor, sugar, as well as the excess calories to anything.
  4. To achieve strengthens the selection of sweat effect, to drink it is necessary in hot, in small sips.
  5. Optimal time — in the pauses between the meals, three times a day.

For more shades

  1. To compensate for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals that are lost due to the potent diuretic effect, it is recommended that at the time of to lose weight, or to receive polyvitaminic complexes, or include in the diet foods rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A, E, C.
  2. The course should not exceed 2 weeks, because you can lose a lot of useful substances. Yes, and the muscle of the heart receives the huge load during the abundant sweat.
  3. You want to get in to lose weight the maximum results? In this case, you need not only to drink lime drinks — it is necessary to fix your action sports and low-calorie diet.
  4. You can also combine lime with other fat burning and diuretics herbal. Very often it is used the schema of thinning with the mistletoe white. Within 5 days you need to switch drinks of these plants.
  5. Avoid dehydration will allow a daily amount that you drink around 3 litres.
  6. If in the term slimming feel weakness and vertigo that threatens to derail, here just and help to the leaves of linden. Cooking in your well relieves fatigue and pain syndromes. The raw materials are help you endure any type of diet.

Data drinks should always be fresh. It is not necessary to prepare profit and leave in the morning.

Keep in mind. The linden has an excellent a calming effect. In this sense, to not load in the evening, drink will be sold some tea before going to bed. And sleep more strong it will be, and hunger will no longer torment.



To prepare traditional beverages of the flower of linden colors that will help you to lose weight, use the following recipes. Try to comply with such ratios. The only thing that you can experience — add other ingredients diuretic herb, which can only improve its effectiveness.

  • Cooking

You want to lose weight fast and without harm to health? Use for this purpose, the decoction of linden, who is preparing for, literally, 15 minutes For this, 15 grams of flowers of sleep in a pot of boiling water (300 ml) and keep at low heat for no more than a quarter of an hour. Leave until the solution is hot. Strain the liquid. Drinking of 100-150 ml between meals. Instead of boiling in the fire, you can select to evaporate in a water bath (this will take a little more time — half an hour).

  • The infusion

There is the belief that long-term boiling kills all the nutrients. So many prefer to use for weight loss infusion of linden. 15 grams of flowers make a glass of hot water at 90 degrees to the water. Leave in a thermos all night. By the morning brew. It is recommended to drink in small portions (50 ml) during the day throughout the week. Then you have to make a break of 7 days and repeat the same scheme.

  • The tea

The best fat burning tool tea of linden, after which begins an abundant selection of sweat. For its preparation, 15 g inflorescence to make a glass of abrupt boiling water. Support under the lid for 10 minutes to Raise hot boiled water in a ratio of 1 to 1. Drink at any time of the day, but not more than 3 glasses. In will be sold the tea it is useful to add different products, widely known in dietary as ingredients. This is the root of ginger, lemon, cinnamon and honey. The drink more tasty, and its efficiency increases several times.

  • Dust

Dried flowers grind in a coffee grinder. Apply 10 gr. before each meal, abundantly watered with water. Duration: 1 week.

The linden is one of the most useful of the herbs for weight loss. In the first place, you can easily prepare them yourself, that is to say, to be absolutely sure of the authenticity of raw materials. In the second place, it has fewer contraindications. And its diuretic effect is so smooth, that not everyone feels it. And yet, the cleansing of the body slowly, but it happens.

Be sure to use the tea of this herb in conjunction with fat burning tub and anticellulite wrappings, etc — and your figure will be flawless.