Real slimming. Discover the 5 main signs of

Most of the women and the day can not live, to not become in the balance, so that you simply become their hostages. The persecution of the loss of weight forces you to weigh every day, morning and night, with the hope that the figure will decrease. Without seeing the desired results, the person is uncomfortable and just angry at himself, sometimes under the hand fall, and the same scale. But only if the scale demonstrate real weight loss?Discover the 5 main signs of the body to lose weight, even if the balance is not seen.


Real weight loss is not only indicators of the scale

The body mass index is, of course, important, but, in addition, there are many other important parameters, which are responsible for the beauty of the body and confirm actual weight. Coach convinced that losing weight is not necessary to pay attention only to the reduction of the mass of the body. The reason is simple: the training increases the muscle mass and fat of the intermediate layer, of course, is going.

It is because of the increased muscle mass of the indicators of the scale may not change, or, on the contrary, the figure can increase.However, the process of thinning goes with success!

1 of the feature – daily service of clothing feel much more free

The easiest way and a clear indication that the body lose weight. The absence of changes in the balance does not mean that the weight of the penalty in the place. Pay attention to your clothing, if she was free, favorites of the trousers or skirt hanging in the waist, the belt of the tight pants all the same, and the dress at the hips and stopped squeezing, then weight loss is exactly. Faithful proof of this can be centimeter tape, with which you can easily measure.

2 the indication of a new strength and endurance

If it still persists the belief that the weight is in place, it is worth reflecting: what do you before you do 20-30 squats easy, yes, even with weights, it is possible to burpee did it 10-15 times without a break or the cleat 2 to 3 minutes? If before you couldn't perform and half of the deviation, and that now makes it easy and simple, then progress is evident. Then, the body has changed, it appears the muscle strength and endurance, in addition, it has been the apathy, the fatigue, improving physical fitness and the ability of intellectual work. All of this surely speaks of the layer of fat and the body to lose weight.

3 indication: the quantity of food has fallen, have appeared useful products


Of course, it is very difficult to rebuild your eating habits, to conceive of years. But what is ignored in the supermarket departments with pastries, warranty, intermediate goods or pastry in the balkans, already a huge victory.

In addition to the usual portion is markedly reduced in size, and is one of the important features that the body follows the relief of excess weight.

Occurs the internal control, however, the feeling of hunger, as in the diet have appeared the right products, which provide energy and help get rid of the hateful kilogram.

4 sign – more photos

More direct evidence of thinning – the taking of photographs and regular selfie. The appearance of confidence in your own attractiveness and the strength it begets the love of self, and most frequently photographed. Even if the one in the picture, made up only of that just to buy, is the favorite, is the one that starts like this shows that you see in the mirror. The important thing beyond perfect and will always be the long-awaited moment, when you easily be able to boast to their friends of their before and after photos.

Symptom 5 - the state of mind and the confidence

Along with the strength and resistance is added to the planning of each day, which is related to the assets of the workouts. Appeared the causes of sports 10 important facts. Every morning the pleasure of conceived by you in order to make themselves better and perfect, and it necessarily improves the mood. It has changed the way of walk, she became the most beautiful and easy, has improved the well-being. Confidence in the own forces, that you clearly feel compelled to go forward, and that means that you always do.

The mood

Not weighed every day, it is better to do it once a week. Follow a correct diet and buy only those products that help you lose weight and strengthen health.

To get the true lose weight, it is necessary not only desire, but well-built an action plan, which is to regulate the rules of a proper nutrition, quality products, and self-discipline.