How to lose weight in the womb of a woman

The first place of fat deposits is known, is converted in the waist. So if you want to lose weight so special attention to this area. And not just download press, exercising the abdominal muscles. The woman has to control the products that go into the body, since only meager food in combination with exercise and wraps will help you to get rid of those extra pounds.

For many women, the problem area is the belly and sides. His slim waist – bond of femininity, grace and youth. Unfortunately, with excess deposit of fat in this area is faced with not only the owner of the complexion of the "apple". The paradox is that, precisely, with the sides more difficult to shift body fat, even though it is where it is and unfolds. Let's try to understand how to lose weight in the womb of a woman and if it is possible to re-obtain the ideal for a flat belly.

The main causes of a set of excess fat in the area of the waist


As a general rule, the young people enjoy a flat belly and smooth sides, 42-44 size of the clothing and not think that sooner or later this area of the body will become more problematic. Thirty years ago no longer be able to enter into the pants or jeans without showing the ugly "rollers" on the belt. It is difficult to collect in the closet, you have to make a choice in favor of dresses for women in maximum age hide the defects of form. Excess body fat are able to ruin the self-esteem of any representative of the beautiful sex. Is it possible to prevent the onset of excessive weight in the area of the waist? Yes, but you will have to abide by the following rules:

  • Eating is necessary in good measure. To eat in excess, and the disturbance in the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is the main cause of fat deposits in the abdomen. And best of all, not painful to change your eating habits at that time, when the problem already exists, and prevent the problem, starting with properly and in a balanced way, to eat even with their youth. If the parents were not able to instill correct eating behavior – develop your own self. Only you are responsible for the health of your body and the beauty of the waist. Overeating, abuse of simple carbohydrates and saturated fats animal fats – the direct path to a huge belly.
  • Alcohol: beer, cocktails, wine, liquor, and any type of alcoholic beverages that contain sugar is not only a blow to the body, but also the direct path to the so-called belly of the beer. It's not worth thinking that you can only form men who abuse beer. Slim, pumped sars is only possible if complete elimination of alcoholic beverages out of the diet.
  • The food, eaten at least three hours before going to bed, do not get to digest. This contributes to the gas-swelling of the belly, to the emergence of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. This load for digestion is deadly. Even with the youth to instill the habit of not eating anything for three or four hours before bedtime.
  • Sports of the load. This should not be something that you like – physical education must bring in the joy. Keep in mind types of sports games, yoga, pilates, dances of Latin america. The fundamental condition is necessary to constancy. Two or three workouts sense that it will not. Look for this type of physical activity that brought joy, illuminated in you, the emotion. Not necessarily to the point of exhaustion balancing the muscles of the press in the gym: the fat with your belly, it just melts even the simple aerobics! What is important is the regularity.
  • The regime of drinking is important, as it shows the body of toxins and helps to get rid of the swelling of the tissues in the area of the waist. Per kilogram of weight shall have not less than 30 ml of pure water.

To do with a thick belly

beautiful belly

If you've missed the point, when they can help to preventive measures, and now the volume of your waist is far from being perfect – do not rush to feel! As you lose weight the tummy of a woman, if the excess weight is already marked? You can always return the slender waist – but to do this, you will need to arm yourself with patience. You must rebuild your lifestyle and eating habits.

These are the products that you can eat in unlimited amounts, at any time (without counting the time for three hours before bedtime):

  • the fat of the cheese;
  • cooked egg white;
  • omelet of egg white and milk (without oil);
  • very boiled the chicken in soy sauce;
  • braised beef, previously marinated in chives and salsa;
  • the fat of kefir, ryazhenka and other fermented beverages;
  • homemade cheese 1.5% milk.

As you can see, the fundamental condition for the selection of products is the minimum content of carbohydrates and fats. The most popular and fastest diet based on protein food, take this into account. Of protein products, we can prepare a hearty and delicious diet for a long time. The important thing is not to fall and do not agree to your body to "hydrate of carbon with a bang" in the form of pies, pizzas and sweets. After half a year, to a food, you will be amazed of the results.