Lose weight at home with exercise

A margin of fatty tissue of the person is necessary, but the health of the fall, if the fat builds up more admissible. The custom of the women in that situation – lose weight with diet, but low when the activity does not reach the programmed result. Sedentary work requires a strict diet, the willpower you lack not all women. Effective interventions for the resolution of the situation – the physical exercise.


Characteristics of training for weight loss

The diet lead to the elimination of those extra pounds and also deprive of vitamins, trace elements and amino acids. Because behind the diet in the woman starts zhor. The body requires nutrients, lack of exercise, the girl returns to increasing weight. To get out of a vicious circle, it is necessary to do exercise.

But to deprive the attention of the daily diet is not possible, you'll need a set of exercises for weight loss at home, and proper nutrition. The correction of the diet, added sports, is soon going to lose body weight. It is not necessary to go on a diet, follow the simple nutrition recommendations:

  • Avoid foods to a base of bread rolls: white bread, pastries, cakes, pasta;
  • Remove from the diet with grilled side dish, instead of frying the meat is better for cooking;
  • Eat vegetables, fruits, fermented dairy products;
  • The booking possible of the time of the meal 2 hours before bedtime. Do not eat at night!
  • Careful with the consumption of water, the standard – 2-2,5 liters;in
  • Sit down to eat when the hungry.

Weight loss comes from the lack of calories in energy for intense exercise. With the increase of the intensity increase the costs of energy, with little intensity of consumption is 4-5 calories per minute, with an increase of the load of consumption of calories reaches 10 to 12 calories per minute.

To call a calorie deficit, you can not consume fatty, sweet foods and products rich in carbohydrates: carbohydrates-rich bread, pasta, confectionery products.

To lose 1 kg, it is necessary to burn the sport to 8000 kcal. Beginners are advised to choose a less intense activity, the desire before to lose weight, do more will lead to injury of muscles, ligaments. The most effective exercises come from the legs and the glutes, the muscles consume more energy. Less effective workout to burn fat represents to the muscles of the back, the chest, the shoulder and the hand. The load of the abdominal muscles in the last consumes the least amount of calories.

Make the aerobic exercise more than 30-40 minutes a day, 3-4 times a week. Initially, the body consumes the reserves of carbohydrates of around cellular fluid, the blood and the liver. Only half an hour after approaching its end, the body gets to the fat, the cells of the organs, and the subcutaneous tissue. Because if the duration is shorter than the time of exercise useless for weight loss.

Effective classes are the maximum allowed by the intensity, the upper limit of the load is determined by the "working group" of the heart rate.

Before and after slimming

To calculate the "work" of the load multiply the maximum of 0.65 or 0.85. For minimum loads, take the factor of 0.65, the maximum intensity coefficient of 0.85.

For example, if the age of 40 years, the maximum number of heart – 160 beats. Then optimal workout to burn fat falls in the range of 104 to 136 hits. If the number of blows will not reach this court, increase the load, if the pulse exceeds the standard, reduce the intensity. Through the calculation of the amount of hits, the control of the load.

Set of exercises for weight loss at home require the application of a series of rules:

  • Passes the sport no sooner than one hour after eating and for 3 hours before you eat;
  • Rest between approaches, not to feel, walk, it is best to take care of easy gym;
  • During the classes you can not quench thirst, you can take a sip, quench your thirst after exercise;
  • Breathe deeply, inhale as stress increases, the exhalation of the decrease of the load;
  • Exercises to lose weight at home must occupy at least an hour, 3-4 times a week.

Warm-up for the quality training

Before sport warm up, to follow the movement of rotation of the legs, pelvis, shoulders, legs, back and arms keep straight. Of foot, follow the curvature of the body to the right and to the left, tilts, swings the feet to the front, to the sides and back. Between the twisting movements of neck, the palms and the soles of their feet.


For women who suffer from excess body weight, approaching more simple and natural of the school – running and walking. Start with an easy walking step, slowly increase the time from 20 to 45 minutes. To increase the efficiency to change a few simple quick steps sports. After that go for a run. The travel distance increase once a week or two in a 10%, driven by the well-being and the pulse.

To exercise without leaving the house, the purchase of sports simulators. We are going to see various options: running, bike, rowing machine and the ellipsoid. The first two loaded only the feet, the reserve distributes the load evenly through the body. Also, the elliptical requires great efforts. The rowing machine moves the muscles of the back, arms, abs, as that uses less resources of the leg. In grebnom the machine should be addressed for the balanced development of the body.

Simplified push-ups of arms

The men differ in that in the original position, rest the knees on the ground, but the back also keep the straight and the elbows don't take that away from side to side. Follow 10-15 push-ups 2 approach.



  1. Butt lying down, keep your back straight.
  2. Place the palm of the hand to shoulder level, elbows maximum keep your body.
  3. Only 10 push-ups in 1-2 approach.

Simplified the bridge

From the classic bridge is different, because It rest on the floor shoulders, and not with the hands, the arms spread from side to side. Follow 15-20 moves.

The bridge

Lie on your back with your feet flat and hands on the floor, lift the pelvis up as high as possible. Do 15-20 movements.

Ironing boards

  1. Take the emphasis lying down, but on the ground do not support the palms of the hands, the elbows, the forearms put in parallel, the body keep straight.
  2. The task of keeping as well during 90 seconds, if it's heavy, you carry time slowly.

"Bend over" in the triceps

  1. Sit on the edge of a chair, benches, sofa, the legs slide forward.
  2. Based on the hand, pull the housing out of the chair forward, the weight of the body fully rests in the hands.
  3. The task of lowering and raising the body, training triceps shoulder, at the top of the right hand, at the bottom almost touches the floor of the pelvis.
  4. Do 10-15 movements in a 1-2 approach.

The dog

  1. Stand on four legs, lift the bent leg backwards and upwards.
  2. First, 15 times for one leg, then the other.

Reverse of a caterpillar

  1. Lying on the back, at the same time lift up the legs straight and the arms, lift the shoulder blades from the floor.
  2. Gently return to the starting position.
  3. Do everything 10 times in a 1-2 approach.

The elevation of the feet on the ground

  • Option 1: Lying on the back, raise the foot above the ground of between 20 and 30 cm, the scapula also lift the floor, put your hands in the front. Keep the legs and chest of 60 seconds.
  • Option 2: Same as the previous option, but is done while in the womb. Lift legs and chest off the floor, put your hands in the nape of the neck, hold a minute.

The bike

The exercise is performed lying on the back, legs bent to lift, and tighten your stomach.

  1. Imagine that you go on a bike, throwing forward one leg, the other in a circular path.
  2. Move the feet per minute.

Side lunges

  1. Stand up straight, throw a leg out to the side, sit down deeply, touching the opposite leg of the hand, keep the back straight.
  2. Do 15-20 attacks for each leg.


For the correct execution you can practice standing sideways to the mirror.

  1. Make sure the back was straight, the hips must be squat parallel to the ground, the knees do not raise.
  2. Do 25-30 squats to 2 approach.

Lunges at the jump

  1. Then, running forward, the knee of the rear leg does not touch the ground.
  2. In the break do it in the left leg, and then also in the jump switch to the original position.
  3. Make 20 attacks for each leg to the 2 approach.

Exercise burpee

  1. Sit down deeply, rest your hands on the floor, slightly jump, throw out the two legs back to take the butt of lying did not stand up from the squat.
  2. After the after the feet, quickly tighten the legs below me.
  3. Follow the movement 20 times in the 2 approach.

The posture of the eagle

  1. Stand up straight, the hand to dissolve in the side of the palm tightening on the cuffs, and with the thumb to show what is "good".
  2. Then turn your hand, with your thumb, looked at the floor, the hands keep parallel to the ground for 2 minutes.

Wide crouch

  1. The feet position the more shoulder-width apart, raising his knees to the sides, do squats deep.
  2. Follow just 20 squats.

Jump with the zahlest

  1. Standing on the floor, keep your hands down, high jump, hits the heels of the same in the pope, and the touch with the hands in the nape of the neck.
  2. Saddle 20-30 jumps.

Jump with the grouping

  1. Standing directly, hand in hand hold close to the waist, high jump, the knees gently the belly, while with the hands pressed on the front of the leg.
  2. Follow 20-30 jumps.

Hitch successfully completing exercises

Little by little, with the help of tilt, rotation of movements in the joints of hands, feet, reduce the intensity of the exercise. A hitch will distribute the blood evenly over the body, and stagnation of the blood is dangerous varicose veins. To improve the effects of practicing sport walking by the house, walk down the street.

The planning of training

Training Plan is necessary to build on the basis of the mass of the body, when there is obesity, high physical loads impossible, to regulate the excess dough you can increase the load up to almost normal limits. To do this, you must calculate the body mass index, is equal to the mass of the body (in kilograms) divided by height squared (in meters). The optimum number for women is 21, for men – 23, figure normal of any floor should not exceed 25.

Start doing sport should be 3-4 workouts a week, to lose weight 45 to 60 minutes at a time. Effective training should alternate aerobic load (running, cycling) 2 times a week and 2 times the power of the load (in the wheel press, squats, and others that are described here).

When the normal body mass index during the week of intensity is necessary to bring the amount of movements and approaches described in the article. When the excess body weight of up to half of what is indicated in the number of fully comply with the complex you can start doing within a month. Obesity it is better to train in the gym, and not of the house, since that weight is accompanied by various diseases. In this case, there is a constant monitoring the medical professional and coach.

How much can be reset

Reverse of a caterpillar

Many dream of restoring in the first month up to 10 kilos, but this can be harmful to the body. Optimum speed of the reduction of weight in a month is 2-3% of body weight. In the first month, the results can be more than modest, in place of the weight loss can detect a rise, all due to the building of muscle mass.

Muscle weighs several times more fat, because the volume of the waist and the hip is reduced quickly, and the mass of the body falling slowly. To lose weight normal objective is to restore in the first month, around 2-3 kg (with a weight of 60 kg) for up to 5-7 (with a weight of 100 kg).