How to lose weight for a week

Week — is the true term to lose weight. The diet of the week can be useful to your body, and can cause and irreparable damage to the health depends on the diet and the menu. We have how to lose weight for a week in the home.

Diet 2 pounds in a week"

To lose 2 kg per week, it is not necessary to make great efforts. You can choose the minimum eating habits or physical exercise. 2 kg per week disappear after regular loading(10-15 minutes each morning): the torsion of the coat, running, squats, jump rope. If the excess of 10 minutes of sleep for you is more important, provides the adjustment in the mode of power supply: densely to eat, easy dinner, drink more water, eliminate bread, sauces and sweets - 2 kg per week is iran with ease. How to lose weight in a week in pounds? Exactly the same process, of course, much faster than before.

The diet 5 kilos in a week"

5 kg - it is a great weight loss, which will be visible to others. Sometimes it is unnecessary to 5 kg separate thee from the way of your dream. The excess of volume in the hips, ugly folds in the stomach - all this does not make you more thick, but it prevents you look sexy in the open summer dresses. Task: 5 kg per week! Begins weeks of the diet, with the most complex - with loads of the day. The previous night, because the body of the cleaning with the help of slimming tea and enemas. The first day on apples and yogurt: 1 kg of apples and 1.5 liters of low-fat yogurt divided into 6 portions, and eaten with the same intervals throughout the day. Drink water to avoid dehydration and don't feel the sudden sensation of hunger. After a thorough review of the download starts to the diet. Diets for weight loss a week of the great multitude. For example, the kefir diet. Choose the one that suits you.

The diet

The diet of 7 pounds in a week"

The loss of 7 kg per week can be harmful to the body, especially if the excess weight a little bit. Calculate the normal weight you help calorie counter. If you are seriously reflected on the diet of 7 pounds in a week", you have to limit to a great extent. The diet of 7 pounds in a week" does not imply a physical effort, unlike the more moderate diets in a week. Lasts the diet - stress to the body, that the transfer of their resources to achieve in your life. Suspension fitness or loading, can lead to ill wellness and to the violation of the pressure. In fact, the diet 7 pounds in a week" is a week of discharge with the rejection of the dinner. One of the options of a one week diet of estonia of the diet in protein.

Lose weight per week!!! Menu:

Day 1 - 6 boiled eggs

Day 2 - kg of ricotta skim

Day 3 - a bit of cooked chicken

Day 4 - 100 g of cooked rice

Day 5 - 6 cooked or baked"in uniform" potatoes

Day 6 - 1 kg of apples

Day 7 - full the download to yogurt and water

The kefir diet

The diet in 2 weeks

If you do not have strict deadlines for weight loss, for results, it is better not to look: to lose 5 kg and more, make a diet of 2 weeks. The more you have excess weight, most long-term diet to follow. The diet of 4 weeks, 7 weeks will not only help you to lose weight without harm to health, but that will give long-term results. In extreme conditions of body slimming will the weight quickly, like losing. Sometimes, it lasts for a week diet in general does not give the expected result, as the body begins to make the reservations, avoiding the drastic hunger. Diet in 7 weeks reconstructed the work of the digestive system, helps to recover metabolism, yes, and only negotiate you have the habit of eating any other way.

7 weeks and up to 4 weeks, it is very difficult to comply with tough diet. With dannoy possible failures, episodes of binge eating, which in the common fund of hunger cause great harm. Therefore, the diet in 3 weeks and already the emphasis is not on reducing the amount of food, and in the strict regime of food, rations to(best that is often and in small amounts), in the correct distribution of energy rich food during the day(in the morning - complex carbs in the evening, as the protein). More information about protein-carbohydrate diet.