Diet for slimming the abdomen

Diet for slimming the abdomen and thighs

Due to a sedentary lifestyle and belly too full of the hip became a problem for many women. But NameWoman of the opinion that all problems can be solved! Diet for slimming the abdomen and thighs, as such, does not exist, however, there is a set of rules, compliance with which leads to a reduction of such unwanted volume in the wrong place. What rules must you follow?


That exclude of the diet for slimming the abdomen and thighs

We will approach the issue in a responsible manner and consider the thinning of the belly and the hips separately, independently of each other. For slimming the abdomen is logical to give up on the things that grows is the white bread, any crackers, buns, cakes and biscuits. There remain prohibited all the rapids of the carbohydrates, including fast food, milk, and overly sweet fruit. And, behold, complex carbohydrates contained in legumes, cereals, and pasta flour, semolina, on the contrary, they are useful. To add to the diet of the diet for the belly, should oranges, the juice of lemon and salad. Go easy on the coffee, drink more simple, clean water.

For slimming the hips of coffee it is better to discard. As any alcohol and fat food. Add in the menu of fruit and raw vegetables, drink more water.

By the way, make sure your hands before eating were always clean and do not be lazy to wash produce (fruits, beverage bottles, wipe containers of yogurt, etc). Why suddenly we remember this? Let go of elementary hygiene, the man inserted into the intestine multitude of bacteria, which leads to swelling of the belly.

The diet for the belly and the thighs: basic rules

Sitting on a diet to lose weight abdomen and hips in the first place, there was a reduction in the number of calories consumed. Keep in mind that lower the bar lower than 1200 kcal is not recommended by doctors, as in this case, the body goes into active mode typesetting extra pounds, and do not get rid of them.

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Careful with the consumption of fat. On the day of the do not eat more than 12 g of fat. It seems that make it very difficult, in reality it is easier than ever. We consume a large amount of fat without realizing it. Mimes, yes chocolates, chips, nuts, candy, we got to 100 g of fat a day! It is not surprising that our figure loses the appeal of the curves. Renounce the small pleasures of stress, therefore, try to replace harmful from the sweet utility. In the diet for the belly and the thighs in place of the convention of goodies to buy (and better prepare yourself) bar, granola, in place of caramel take nuts, milk, or white chocolate substitute bitter. And that you are not surprised by the predominance of fat in the bitter chocolate compared with the milk. Unlike the milk, and bitter chocolate does not harm the figure, and in moderate amounts may very well be part of the diet for slimming the abdomen and the thighs.

If tea with sugar give up is not possible, replace the sugar by honey. He does not yield to the taste of sugar and benefits for the body. By the way, Apple honey improves digestion and it is possible to recommend to those whose problems of volume in the abdomen area and the thighs.

Train yourself not to load at night. The last meal should be not later than 6 to 7 hours or less 3 hours before you sleep, and not before going to bed. With an empty stomach badly given to drink? Then your salvation in the diet for the belly and the thighs are concealed in a glass of kefir with a small amount of fat. By the way, is classified in this fermented drink in relation to the use of the form not only of fat, as correctly to choose and to drink the kefir, we have discussed in other articles

Do not forget to drink plenty of water each day.

Adhere to any of these rules until such time that it will reach the necessary result, and all of life. Diet for slimming the abdomen and the hips does not imply suffering, of hunger or of the hard constraints, so that you will stick to it to a greater or lesser extent, is not difficult.

If you follow all the above tips, the results will not be made to wait the 3 weeks will be visibly transformed. The speed of arrival of the figures in perfect condition, can be increased through the use of physical exercises (faithful assistant, you will become the hula hoop, or, simply, ring), and different facials. Diet for slimming the abdomen and the thighs will work best if in addition to the limitations on the food that you are going to use creams and scrubs for the problem areas. Especially recommend the honey massage, and also to read the article on the honeymoon of a beauty salon in her house, honey procedures and the wonderful properties of the honey.

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