Phyto spray for weight loss: the effect of application, contraindications

The excess weight in a greater or lesser extent, does not give rest almost one of every two people in our vast country. And take care of manufacturers of means for their reduction happy to promote their new developments. To acquire the slender figure, women and men are purchased in the color of an advertisement that promises the acquisition of ideal shapes and without a single ounce of effort. To such a media is referred to phyto-spray to lose weight, the demands that have more to do with the action in the subconscious mind, which show real-life testimonies of people who have fallen into a marketing gimmick.

fitospa for weight loss

Phyto-spray – metered sprayer, in a package colorful with the inscription "the air freshener of the oral cavity", that somehow satiates the hunger and reduces the weight.

Components spray

The components of phyto spray decades, found its application as a tool for the reduction of the mass of the body. Is used or in its pure form, or are located in different prepared in various proportions.

According to the manufacturer, the thinning should occur at the expense of the well-balanced composition:

  • green coffee;
  • extract of Garcinia;
  • berries goji;
  • acai berries;
  • the fruits of mango;
  • citric acid;
  • mint.

The manufacturer ensures that the components selected, falling in the body, suppress the appetite and burn fat. We will try to understand how effective are these collected in a jar gifts of the nature:

  • Green coffee regulates the level of sugar in the body, improves concentration and is a powerful antioxidant. It allows, through chlorogenic acid has the capacity to burn fats, but in reality, their use improves slightly the metabolism.
  • Extract of Garcinia – supposedly speeds up the metabolic processes in the body, reduces the feeling of hunger, but also prevents the formation of fat due to its content of a particular acid.
  • Mango, goji berries and acai – edible fruit of the exotic plants, the main value of which is the content of the huge amount of micro - and macro-elements, vitamins and amino acids. Thanks to this useful in the composition that act positively on health in general, but, unfortunately, do not possess the properties of burning of fat.
  • The citric acid is used in cooking to enhance the taste. It is also used as a preservative for fruits and vegetables of the pieces. In large amounts it can cause decay of the teeth.
  • Mint – it really freshens the breath and is a part of many of the means suitable for this purpose. For medicinal purposes is used as a sedative, antispasmodic, colecintico and an antiemetic, if it is.

After analyzing the composition of the phyto-spray, it can be assumed that in their action with excess weight are able to fight two components – the green coffee and garcinia. But not by the fact that the dose received at the body with a push of the dispenser, is capable of such miracles.

It was also mentioned the fact that the components that enter into the composition of phyto spray, a long time ago tried to lose weight, but why had not the world of the salvation of their accumulation, and it remains in question.

FitoSpray – the mechanism of action and contraindications


Let's see, how the drug can perform its direct function-to influence the weight of the body. If you believe the advertising, the mechanism of action of the spray for weight loss FitoSpray consists of the ability to:

  • reduce the appetite;
  • removing the excess fluid from the body;
  • digest the fats.

The developers claim that lose weight with this invention is easy and simple:

  • it is not necessary to spend your forces in the motor activity;
  • I can easily forego the next cake;
  • all that is required of a person – 1-2 times during the day to spray the spray into the mouth.

Therefore, the active substances of spray, falling in the body, burn fat, defeating the hunger and without going through the physical activity. As a result of less than 5 kilos in 5 days!

The obvious conclusion is: phyto-spray – tempting an offer for the lazy people, and without problems themselves dangerous Treats. Even if at some point the feeling of hunger and leave, later still eats his food, and in addition pass a day without a movement and as a result of their figure will remain the same.

If you decide to try this wonder of the tool, we want to point out that the bottle ends quickly, therefore, when ordering you can buy several pieces.

Do you have any contraindications?

Despite the fact that from the official site proclaims about the complete safety of phyto spray because it is made up of natural ingredients, and has also received the certification, the tool is not worth to use for children as well as infants and pregnant women, as well as people with allergies.

Customers popular against the comments of celebrities – who to believe?

Giving spaces of the internet, a pattern can be seen that the sites with comments about phyto spray have an amazing contrast. In general, the positive comments are decorated with bright colours advertising on the pages of the history of thinning of personalities, where below a collection of impressive, the photo of the lucky ones that loses weight as and recommendations to the sale. And here is the negative of the customers about phyto spray to lose weight, you can only find independent sites and discussion forums. Carry strong negative and talk about the complete ineffectiveness of the drug.

Judging by the actual reviews of the purchasers, any diet does not occur, and the positive stories – false information. The only thing which brings together the comments, this is what the good taste of the phyto-spray leaves your breath fresh.

But it's like the spray to cool off your mouth" medication and registered.

The doctors in their opinions about phyto spray to thin the solidarity, that the manufacturer would deceive unwary buyers by the advertising for the courses. According to them, the tool does not work, because its composition is not capable of dealing with fat deposits without the correction of the diet, and material style of life. Its operation is based on the self: "I protect you from feeling hungry, that means I'm not eating". Perhaps for some it is a blessing of heaven, if not a lack of strength of will, regardless of whether dealing with over-eating and laziness.

Probably, the creators of phyto-spray proposed a new and interesting way of consumption of a same complex with the aim to displace its competitors in the production of green tea, the drink and the pills for weight loss.

In a note entrusted to the buyers: reliable data on the fact that the product has been subject to clinical trials, not! Therefore, to judge with certainty about its safety cannot be. The specialists in the field of dietetics, and medical doctors urge not to risk the health and not throw savings to the wind.

phyto spray

Purchase and apply phyto spray for weight loss, as you realize, it makes no sense. This is evidenced by the numerous comments and opinions of the experts. And if the pounds do not give rest – to adjust your menu and exercise, that will give a result with no side effects and the superfluous expenses.