Weight-loss diet beginners: the menu of the week

Diet for beginners less strict, but, however, it is a good one. The main task – to change attitudes toward useful products, to be perceived not as a drug, and the result of the work culinary. The main skill that you must master to beginners, is the use of spices. Thanks to them, usual kitchen sparkle with new flavor nuances and aromas.

Phases of the diet

diet for weight loss beginners

The duration of any diet is defined, the original data achievement of objectives. This means that the sequence of actions for those who wish to get to be a little thinner and remove several inches in the waist and hips, will be different from the approach to the representatives of the category "100+".

The phase of the diet for beginners conditional. Each phase has as objective to tackle a task, so that the body is more easy to adapt to the unusual conditions. Below your description.

The first phase is the preparation of the body for the diet. Many decide to start a new life since Monday, so in the remaining, before him, the days try to compensate the future shortfall of calories and "break" at the end. It is the root of evil. Not can so drastically change the food cravings and forgo the usual dishes. In the best of cases, beginners will constantly torment the hungry and the shape of a small cake, can result in a malfunction. In the worst-case scenario for beginners threat with eating disorder (bloating, nausea, flatulence, diarrhea).

To get started: two-three days before the start of the diet, forget about the heavy products. Include in the diet more vegetables and fruits. Do not forget the protein – cottage cheese, lean meat, legumes. The size of the portions may be normal, reduce needs only the amount of food you consume at dinner. Alcohol also must give up, for that the body has not gained the excess water.

The second stage - a gradual decrease of the caloric density of the diet. Calculate the optimal amount of calories per day is possible with the help of special applications and formulas, but generally accepted is considered to be the following indicators. For athletes the energy value of the card is 2000 kcal. For beginners, the practitioners of 2 or 3 sessions in the gym or at home in the week, when sedentary work, the caloric value of the diet in the day is 1500 kcal. For those who ex officio is constantly in the legs, get rid of excess weight in 3 to 5 kg per month, reducing the usual ration to 300-400 kcal.

To begin: the first restrictions on the power supply must be in the first place, sugar. Barefoot superfluous thanks of coffee or tea without sugar. You can replace the honey. The same thing occurs with the addition of sugar in the kitchen. The casserole with honey instead of sugar as sweet, but much more useful.

Third stage: "barefoot superfluous" (purification). Lasts 1 to 3 days. Thanks to the fact that in the days preceding the letter was not heavy, the body is much easier to remove the excess fluid and toxins. The main components of the menu at this time should be the dishes that contain fiber. The last is a dietary fiber that will swell in the intestine and provide a feeling of satiety in 4-5 hours. On the other hand, the menu-based fiber stimulates digestion. For weight loss is very important. The body does not experience a deficit of energy, but full of strength, to not miss class in the gym or at home.

Where to start? The breakfast should include in the menu of any kind of cereals, except rice (brown rice fixed and retains water). For beginners to lose weight cereals may be cooked in milk by half with water. It allows a small amount of butter (a teaspoon a day). During the day the steam baths with vegetables and fruit salad. Dinner menu should include fermented dairy products. The kefir and . you can take any fat content.

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And, finally, rebooting. When the stage of "barefoot" was left behind, the body can get from the products is much more nutrients before their entry into the blood of the cathedral was stop accumulated toxins). Ideal – the consumption of dishes that do not require heat treatment. For many specialists, the teaching of the oriental practice, they claim that from products obtained without violence about the nature, the body can get more benefits. According to their teachings, the milk of a package is considered "dead", but the meat is almost a poison. On the other hand, the consumption of a single food plant when it is too fanatical about it, can lead to a situation such as anorexia nervosa (a syndrome that consists in the total absence of appetite to the objective of the agency's needs in nutrition). And it is not exactly the mode of power supply is not suitable for the athletes, for which the nutrient deficiency plagued with injuries.

Comment from nutritionist. Many people mistakenly believe that the so-called "barefoot" means the rejection, in principle, not only of the fat of the food, but also in the beginning of the meal. In reality, those who lose weight of the house must understand a simple thing: if the body receives a sufficient amount of fuel, you can work to the maximum, which means that its energy consumption will increase. Deficit of calories leads to a slowing of the metabolism, and this is riddled with speed dial weight after the diet. What happens with the grease of the dishes, there are some nuances. Leave you need of fried food and the one that contains the trans (modified from the molecules that appear in the unsaturated (vegetable) oils and fats in the process of high-temperature processing). But in the diet necessarily should be present in oily fish, avocado, cheese, cottage cheese, milk, and not of fat. Thanks to them, the body synthesizes hormones. This is especially important for active athletes, as well as for women in the climacteric period.

The maintenance of a regime of correct power. It is considered that the formation of the habits occurs in a period of 21 days. During the first 7 days you will experience stress. During the subsequent weeks adapts and rebuilds its activity. Only during the last week of the days to observe the changes of the quality (improves the condition of skin, nails, and hair, eliminates swelling, restores the saline balance, etc). As a general rule, in this period, even sweet leaves of I want candy, chocolate and cookies, as the body has learned to receive the lack of substance of healthy products.

What should I do? The slogan: "Barefoot superfluous – tighten adjusted the belt," at this time, I had no reason to be. Here, by contrast, give a small measure of relief mode. One day a week you can do "start" - is everything that you want, and in any amount, but until 17:00. Thanks to the recently formed food habits of body to the sense of saturation, it will take much less food than before starting the diet.

Diet for posesoras of different types of figures

According to one of the classifications distinguish these types of figures: "the apple" (skinny legs, large reserves of fat in the abdomen). Type "pear" (narrow shoulders, wide hips). The type of "rectangle" ( the waist, that almost can't be seen). The type of "triangle" (a subtype of the figure of "the apple" - the width of the shoulders, the narrow hips). The type of "hourglass" (proportional to the developed countries of the shoulders and hips, narrow waist).

Characteristics of the diet for every type of figures are the following:

Characteristics of the diet The type of the figure
Apple, triangle Pear Hourglass, rectangle
We eliminate Fast carbohydrates (pasta, sweets, fruit) Food rich in starch (rice, potatoes, pasta) Sweets, baked goods, white flour, dried fruit and nuts
Lean Soy, fish, nuts, raw vegetables Tomatoes and tomato juice, cheese, fish, seafood, vegetables, cabbage, navy Protein foods (beef, chicken, eggs, fish), fresh vegetables, vegetables
Drinks Natural, coffee, ginger tea (a teaspoon of grated ginger in a liter of water) Cranberry morse, green tea Fresh juice, diluted in water in proportion of 1:2, compotes of dried fruits and nuts
Download the day Kilo of cucumbers or zucchini, 2 apple, green tea 500 g of cottage cheese, 2 litres of yogurt or sour milk 700 g of cooked beef, 2 litres of compote

The diet for the middle-aged ladies

It is those over the age of 45. In this case, lose weight help you practice in your home and a special diet. The goal is not only to get rid of the extra pounds, but also in normalizing hormonal.

Prepare the dishes the best of the house in several days in advance, as each one of them is going to fulfill their function.


What products should be in the diet:

  • Fermented. In the first place, the curd, since thanks to its high content of calcium makes the bones stronger.
  • The fatty fish. Sardines, salmon, mackerel, trout will not only help to lower blood pressure, but also of stimulating the synthesis of hormones.
  • All the cereals. They are very rich in iron and b-group vitamins, potassium and magnesium, which has a positive effect on the state of the cardiovascular system.
  • Vegetables. The parsley, the onion, the garlic does not only strengthen immunity, but also dilute the blood, preventing thrombosis. The cucumber, tomato, cabbage are the best sources of fiber, which is necessary for digestion.
  • Berries. The cranberry is necessary for the immunity and digestion, raspberry – for the heart.
  • The dried fruits and nuts – sources of potassium and magnesium.