Slimming most effective free methods of slimming

Every woman wants be thin. Want even more slender model, without realizing that they and already perfect. So they spend enormous amounts of money for your body always look elegant and attractive – diet, gym, massage, swimming pools, saunas... not all women can pay for these expenses. But since you can losing weight is completely free!!

effective slimming

Ways to lose weight

To do this, you only need the force of will. As well as a great desire to achieve your goal and review your the dietary habits. It is no secret that the temptation is great, for a delicious meal, in the form of sweets, of cakes and junk food around the large crowd.

But the expectation of that very soon you can return to putting on your favorite dress, has been made smaller and a pair of jeans, in that always looked very good, dominating – since then men are with the admiration that accompany the reviews of slender figure, and the ladies burst of envy – gives you strength and patience in the struggle with the weight.

Start to lose weight you need to with replacing old habits by new ones, that is to say, starting with the breakfast, everything must be in a very different way. This means that we have not when they are accustomed or when taken, and when I want to. And it is not that you have in the fridge, and what fancy.

First, the old ways do not allow the body to feel its the real needs, but simply to listen to yourself and don't skimp on this time.

And don't forget a new dress, soon are stuns. According to the statistics, the women for the life they spend about a year the meditation, what you will put in your closet. And afford the luxury of thinking about the selection of the kitchen will give you the opportunity to stop thinking in the future about what else to put, to hide the defects of form.

The food is with a lot of taste, making it a delight. As the most effective methods of weight loss are the ones that bring you joy. As the new underwear lace in place of that has bothered t - shirts- it is not done at once, and first they admire, look, put, slowly, listening to nice sensations.

It should be remembered that the human body has not been suitable to eat large amounts of meat, and walked by the small portions of food in mainly of plant origin – fruits and nuts. None of the ends the ancestors weren't overweight.

To lose weight fast five or more pounds, only one week. But you have to eat all the this week only in fresh fruit and vegetables, do not eat in excess – and a half-two kilograms of food in the day is better the amount. And, at the same time, to improve the state of the skin, once you have activated such a case, you must choose between the fruits, which come to the type of the skin thinning of the person – as they say the dermatologists.

Dry skin is combined with mature, sweet and red fruits; fat – with immature, very sour and weave; normal and mixed skin accepts all kinds of fruits and vegetables to equal parts. But to make the process of weight reduction was quicker, for the night, take the bathroom necessarily hot, preferably with a hot tub. If not, then self-massage for about fifteen minutes, it will replace the technical, and the skin will begin to rejuvenate with amazing speed.

ways to lose weight

Another type missed the diet reminded of the beauties of the last century. If you have breakfast without sugar or tea coffee with 40 grams of cheese, eat a boiled egg, 120 grams of roasted without oil, a piece of meat and 20 grams of cheese, eat without sugar a tea or a coffee, and the dinner of the same meat and the salad of fresh vegetables with a small drop of the oil, in a week you can not know in the mirror. The pounds that are poisoned the life, disappear, as if by magic!

But to lose weight in a week – this is boring. Therefore, it is the best method weight loss extremely fast, in only a day. The simple form, as all great – no food all day, especially tea. Prepares him as well: in a thermos pour a tablespoon of solder and pour a liter of hot milk. And nothing of sugar, naturally. By the day it is easy to iran of two pounds. But it is long this method does not apply.

All these diets do not expensive, especially if one restricts, for example, in the salt. Just leave salt to all the food, and the pounds will begin to melt – as tasteless the food does not want to eat in great quantity. Also will extra pounds, if stop doing and sweet. And much faster than if there is not salty foods.

But is there any way to to lose weight, where it is not necessary to spend? Yes, of course– there is a great many of these techniques. One of them is the diet. Its essence consists in what it is necessary to select seven of their favourite foods and distribute them by days of the week. And then there is in each on that day only the product that you have selected. For example, in Monday – bananas, but not much fancy, and a total of five pieces. And Tuesday buckwheat, a plate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And not to add any other eating and drinking only water.

And if you compare all the free methods of weight loss, this is one of the most free, because you do not have to go to the sports centre in gyms, or buy the ingredients drugs. The other method is called "table games". You can eat everything, that I like it, but only from very small bowls – outlets for jam and tea dishes. As for the food, but in small portions. And eat not there, where it is prepared, and in another place, that in addition had to especially to get up and go.

In reality here is the special secret is not. The issue in the fact that the brain does not perceive immediately from the stomach, signal saturation, always there is a delay of about five to ten minutes. And yes, eating a bowl of porridge, like a, it is best to wait five to ten minutes. And only then go to in addition. The most interesting thing is that when the man opens the lid of the pot, to put a portion, you will realize that you no longer want. The brain has received, finally, the long-awaited signal.

Very useful give a download days. It is not necessary to maintain a rhythm of hunger. You can organize the kefir or apple day, and that day only this type of the food, the most important thing for her was the least calories. One day a week – it is four to five days of fasting in the month, that is to say, four-five days the weight just it goes without special work! But and in the rest of the day, enough talk of me, "stop", when the hand came back for a superfluous piece of cake. And then the weight will be also to leave, although not as fast as when you download.

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Yes, they can lose weight quickly. You can lose weight expensive. You can lose weight interesting. But the most enjoyable option – lose weight free, combining the and the speed, and the pleasure, and not to lose the excess currency of ten cents and in waiting for your future slim figure!