Diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides: to the letter, the exercise, the customers

A guaranteed method, how to lose weight without dieting and eliminate the belly – a simulator, a bit to eat and groom and help to the classic French diet for slimming the abdomen: the sex and the magdalene, to speed up the results – flour, it is best to remove.

But all is not so simple, the excess weight accumulates not only the bad food, there are still some good reasons why our figure becomes the ideal.

diet for slimming the sides of the

In this article we have collected a number of effective diets to get rid of fat deposits on the belly and sides, with special care we take in the diet for men.

Trim figure and beautiful belly – is the key to health, good mood and success with the opposite sex

The basis of the fundamentals of the

There are many diets to cleanse the stomach and the mouth. Some may pass only a proper diet and exercise, this is enough to keep the figure in the form.

But for the majority it is necessary to work seriously on himself: the diet for slimming the abdomen must be in a complex with sports facilities charges, and shall put in order the metabolic processes in the body, to respect the water balance, in addition to beauty treatments clean procedure: body wraps, massage, etc

The main rule for weight loss: in the night there are you consume fewer calories than you spend.

But the sedentary lifestyle, inactivity, lack of physical exercise, progress, that gave us a lot of machines-assistants – do not allow to use the energy in its entirety, therefore, if the goal is to lose weight and cleanse the stomach, the mouth, tighten the figure, it is the correct diet for slimming the abdomen is to reduce the number of calories consumed.

The utility — how to lose weight without dieting and eliminate the belly

Nutrition and exercise – bail beautiful, slender figure, a thin waist and flat belly. Has been scientifically proven that some foods regulate the metabolic processes in the body to burn the fat from the thighs, abdomen, legs, hands, buttocks, help to slimming down:

  • Real, with the exception of the milk.
  • Ginger – allows a good circulation of the blood and the gastric secretion.
  • Cabbage: broccoli and color – chest of trace elements, and vitamins, white – brush for the body, scoop out the dross.
  • The cucumbers in combination with a low calorie diet will contribute to speedy lose weight and eliminate belly.

Recommended for young fruits, to eat better with the skins

  • The green tea is a potent fat burner natural of caffeine in a drink, it dissolves the deposits of subcutaneous fat and internal visceral fat, which is why in the diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides on the menu almost always, it is recommended to add 3 cups of green tea a day.
  • The grapefruit diet is that you eat with weeping, blurring of the cortex. Thanks to the high concentration Of vitamin c, which decreases insulin.
the principles of thinning

All a good diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides need more "helpers"

To speed up the metabolism to add in the diet:

  • The cinnamon, add to lose weight on meals and drinks, melts the fat cocktail: 1 cup of boiling water, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon,1 tsp of honey.
  • Radish — their enzymes that burn fat, comes out of his stomach.
  • Legumes – the protein product, to digest the body needs to spend a huge amount of energy, hence the effect of weight loss.
  • Red wine contains a substance that breaks down the fat cells and does not allow them to develop, to lose weight, you need 100 ml per day.
  • Oatmeal is a source of soluble fiber, nourishes and gives energy for physical activities, to remove the womb.

The diet combined with physical exercise are a way to lose weight and have a flat belly

How to speed up metabolism for weight loss

Even best diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides should carry out properly and also it is important to stimulate the work of the agency:

  • Diet for weight loss – a minimum of 5 meals small amounts.
  • A good night's sleep.
  • The water 1.5-2 liters a day.
  • The physical exercise, more movement.
  • Massages and body wraps.
  • Steam and sauna are weight loss products and reduces the abdomen.

Water is necessary for all diets, in addition to dry

For the purification of the

To speed up the process of weight loss and reduce belly, you need to clean the intestine:

  • cabbage, lettuce, beets, carrots, preferably of green apples, pineapple, peas, beans, lentils;
  • comprehensive culture: barley, millet, oats, buckwheat, whole-grain bread;
  • nuts, flax seeds, bran, dosed seeds and nuts;
  • natural prebiotics: the sour milk, cabbage, sauerkraut, fungus, kombucha, chicory, onion, garlic.

Vegetables that help to enrich the diet in fiber

The slimming diet

To go on a diet without harm to health, must undergo a medical examination and learn the tips a nutritionist who can recommend a weight-loss diet, and exercises of abdomen.

Easy diet quick for weight loss the abdomen to the people who lead the sedentary life-style

Breakfast for weight loss:

  • corn cooked, sprinkled with the grated cheese;
  • the flour of oats, diluted in milk or water fruit;
  • omelette of 2 eggs;

In the overrun of the diet for the belly allows you to lean kefir.

Lunch selection:

  • in the oven or steam bath, cod, cucumber salad, and cabbage;
  • the breast of chicken or turkey and easy salad

Before dinner simple diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides enables you to eat the orange, apple or banana.


  • the squid is cooked, put yogurt;
  • salad of mariculture with a bit of avocado, lemon dressing and olive oil;
  • lean piece of chicken, fish, meat and a little poached or raw vegetables.

Important: When the diet is prohibited to fry in the oil, the food should be cooking, baking, grill cooking, steam, slow cooker.

The weight-loss diet, do not forget to count the calories

Lose weight in tomatoes

Fast of the diet in the tomatoes for slimming the abdomen and the sides, the service of meals in 4 days:

  • 1: Z — thin slice of black bread + cheese + average veggie + coffee without sugar, but with milk. — 2 cloves of garlic, finely mode and fry in a tablespoon of oil, pour 150 ml of water, squeeze of lemon juice 1 tablespoon of l, the pepper and the salt, in this sauce, add the spaghetti. In the supper of pasta with spinach, 400 g of vegetables off boiling water+60 g of spaghetti, sprinkle with cheese and bake in the oven.
  • 2: in the morning – cottage cheese 80 g raspberries or other fruits, in the afternoon – cooked chicken breast 100 g fresh tomato and chopped parsley, the evening – gazpacho.
  • 3: breakfast repeat of 2 days, the lunch — fry the green pepper small, pumpkin – 150 g of in a tablespoon of vegetable oil + finely chopped tomato 100 g + 50-75 g easy yogurt + chopped garlic and onion, add the sauce of the spaghetti 60 g, cook until tender, a dinner of 2 medium tomato cut in slices, 100, fried mushrooms, shut off, mix with the pasta and bake with a little cheese.
  • 4: the beginning of the day, bread, a slice of cheese, tomato, and coffee in the center of the bread, the cheese, top with slices of vegetables and leaf lettuce, in the afternoon: 2 medium carrots, chopping and frying, dilute 100 ml of water, and cook about 5 minutes, put the basil or parsley, pepper, salt and serve the sauce with 60 g ready spaghetti.

The diet for the belly and the waist, the picture of before and after

Known the diet, helps to lose weight and get rid of abdomen

proper nutrition

Table no. 8 is a careful treatment, diet for slimming the abdomen and helps to get rid of the fat. Designed nutritionists for people with obesity and those who tend to eat in excess.

Important: When the diet must be monitor the calories, not to enter in the menu fast carbs and extra fat. Even if it is one of the most strict diets for slimming the abdomen and the sides, the letter should contain not less than 1.5 l of water.

You can eat to lose weight:

  • Lean fish, flesh, bird of the year 150 a day.
  • 2 eggs any way.
  • Of rye and wheat, whole-grain bread.
  • Low-fat milk, the cheese is desirable to exclude.
  • Vegetables in unlimited quantities, the greater part of raw.
  • The grains are allowed, but exclude the bread.
  • Compotes without sugar, diluted 1: 1 with water.

Sweets, cakes, sausages, semi-finished products in the diet under the strict prohibition. With such diversity, can compose is rich and of a balanced diet and in a short time, got rid of the belly and of the sediments in the hips, sides, legs.

Vegetables are recommended to consume raw

Lose weight on buckwheat

Buckwheat to the letter — it is a good diet for a flat belly and a waist, with strict enforcement, help to lose weight more than 10 kg in 14 days.

The porridge we prepare for a day: pound cereals pour boiling water — 1.5 l, wrap the saucepan in a blanket, and the morning is ready.

At the end of the diet to cleanse the stomach of only 100 g of corn grits

Share throughout the day, 5 to 6 receptions, you can add the kefir, plus 2 cups of water.

Important: The buckwheat diet, although is effective, but does not fit all, therefore, before starting a diet to lose weight, you need to consult with the doctor.

For greater effect of thinning, the water when diet replace green tea

Good diet for weight loss helps to eliminate the belly

Orange peel in the diet fast to lose weight the abdomen week is going of 3 kg, the breakfast is always the same: 1 citrus, 1-piece, tea or coffee, sugar to exclude.

In addition, losing weight will help to the letter in 5 days:

Day Lunch The dinner
1 hard – boiled eggs- 1 pieces, a cup of yogurt, orange -1 unit egg — 2 pieces, a crouton, tomato
2 fruit – 1 yogurt – 200 ml, piece, cooked egg — 1 beef, ham -150 g of orange -1 tomato – 1 medium, a crouton, a glass of kefir
3 orange – 1, 400 ml of yogurt, hard – boiled eggs- 1 piece veal steak to the torque – 150 g fruit — 1, kefir – a glass, a crouton
4 cottage cheese fat – 150 g cucumber medium sized – 1 tomato – 1 piece turkey or beef — 150 g apple – 1, on toast with tomato
5 Boiled fish – 200 g 400 ml of kefir, 2 tomatoes, 2 lettuce leaves The egg is -1, the salad – 5 leaves, tomatoes – 2 pieces

Peel of the orange to the diet of loss of weight and from the womb is not suitable for people with allergies in citrus fruits and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

The weekly schedule of a high-protein diet for weight loss

A diet rich in protein to remove the belly and lose weight, good for those who like meat and vegetables.

Day breakfast lunch the dinner
1 150 g of beef + assorted sauerkraut cabbage with peas – 100 g green tea – 200 mm 150 g of beef + assorted col fresh Bulgarian pepper and chopped greens – 100 g 150 g of cod roe stew (hake, cod) + 2 small boiled potatoes + grated beetroot, fueled low-fat yogurt
2 100 g beef, raw carrots grated with yogurt — 100 g of green tea 200 grams of steamed fish, 1 apple, diluted 1: 1 compote of dried fruits 100 g of fish steam with cabbage salad – 100 g, a slice of black bread
3 100 g of cooked lean pork, apple 200 g beans + 200 g vegetable (any raw) 150 g of meat of pork and 100 g of pickled cabbage with peas
4 100 g cottage cheese, tea 150 g of salad from fresh vegetables and 150 g of stew of lean meat tomato salad with onions – 150 g filling with oil
5 2 bread take a glass of kefir The fish 150 g + the tomatoes with the oil -100 g 200 g of lean meat, with juice, apple + 1 apple
6 150 g of cottage cheese and 200 ml of green tea 100 g of cooked beans, grated carrot — 100 g 150 g of steamed fish and vinegar – 100 g
7 2 pan, take 200 ml of milk 200 g of meat with vegetables – 100g Soup beef broth with vegetables. 100 g of meat of lamb, lean 1 slice of black bread
the menu

The weekly schedule of diet for slimming the abdomen and sides is designed in an active style of life, and are therefore important in the intense physical exercises.

The flesh only allows you to lean

Diet for a strong half of humanity – remove the belly from beer

You must choose the best diet is not to eat after 18 hours, to reduce (horror!) the amount of beer, the mode of feeding 5-6 times per day.

Without diet and exercise to get rid of the beer stomach can't

The diet for a flat belly allows you to:

  • lean meats, eggs and fermented fish products are low in fat;
  • complex carbohydrates – cereals and vegetables in small amounts;
  • the fatty acids – vegetable oil.

Effectively removes from the belly of the salt-free diet. And of course daily exercises:

  • reducing the belly — beat of the muscles of the press with the lying down position – 30 times;
  • squats deep – 30 times;
  • lying down, with her hands under the pope and we begin to lift the buttocks up as high as possible – 30 times.

5 minutes in this pose each day and the stomach disappears

To remove the mouth and the stomach, it helps the wrap: the apple cider vinegar put 1:3, wet tissue, fabric, press, wrap around the problem of the area, bundle up of the film, from top to warm clothes, we walk in this way for about an hour.

Feel the difference

When there is the need to reduce a little the volume of short-term, comes to the aid fast diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides.

Important points

To quickly remove the stomach and the mouth, due to your diet, you must remember some important rules:

  1. Try to create negative energy balance. For these purposes it is used two addresses.The first is the reduction of the amounts obtained from food.

    The second – increasing the intake of calories.

  2. Be sure to stick necessary for you the amount of energy it consumes. When your excess, the result obtained will not be, and in its lack can be caused a damage to health.
  3. Eat in a balanced way. Forget the sweets and fatty foods, eat fruits, vegetables. Don't forget the vitamin – mineral complex.
  4. Eat often but in small portions.
  5. Physical exercise is the thing that will disappear the pounds with your belly and sides.

Prohibited products

During the diet, check the ban or at least limit the consumption of the following products:

  • soda water;
  • alcohol;
  • the white bread;
  • white rice;
  • confectionery products;
  • marmalade, honey;
  • the food of rapid preparation;
  • canned fish;
  • tinned meat;
  • semi-finished products;
  • fried dishes;
  • sweet;
  • smoked;
  • semi-finished products;
  • tomato sauce;
  • the mayonnaise;
  • dairy products with high fat content or with the use of additives;
  • the fruit juices.

And another thing, if you have the capability and the will power to quit smoking.


a beautiful body
  • Chronic diseases. Diet is possible only after the authorization of your doctor.
  • The disease of the kidneys.
  • Problems of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • The increased acidity of the gastric juice.
  • The levels of cholesterol.
  • A weakened immune system.
  • Anemia, decrease in blood pressure.