Aerobics — efficient fitness to lose weight

Selection of aerobic programs for weight loss today it is so large that it can and become puzzled — who prefer to be guided in the selection, in which to pay attention during the classes, what should be the duration of the training to get the best results? These and many other issues are discussed later.

fitness for weight loss

What is the aerobics?

All the processes in the human organism can be divided into aerobic, produce oxygen, and anaerobic, for which oxygen is not required. Weight training activates processes anaerobic — damage in the muscle tissue during the exercise, the rest of your repair and improvement in response to exercise stress. Aerobic same load does not affect so rudely to the muscle fibers — activates the processes of oxidation, as a result of which directly consumes the energy.

It is known that the aerobic exercise wastes a lot more energy than the motor. By the looks of it, it is hence the popularity of aerobics together with the representatives of the beautiful sex. More than aerobics and it looks a lot more feminine, more jerking, bars and dumbbells. The justice it is worth noting that, for purposes of weight loss of strength training with weights is also necessary — in a complex with aerobic.

In general, this type of physical activity, like aerobics, it has the following advantages:

  • the high consumption of energy;
  • it is a good session of training of the cardiovascular system;
  • the development of coordination of movements, of plastics, of grace;
  • the lack of need for adaptations or special conditions;
  • the opportunity to participate at home, individually and in groups to strengthen the motivation;
  • a variety of training programs.

The aerobics is not suitable in the case of a great excess weight, as well as the high loading of the joints that the fat people and so overwhelmed. For this same reason, with the caution of aerobics should be taken and the people with the sick in the joints. In any case, before starting the classes it is very advisable to consult with your doctor.

How to practice aerobics?

Introduction to the aerobic training, it is important to take into account these aspects:

  1. Before exercise is good to warm up the joints: crush foam, creams, uteplyat and stabilized by knee pads, elbow pads, elastic bandages.
  2. In the training process, it is important to monitor the heart rate: if heart rate is not high enough, the training is not effective, with excessive heart rate pressure on the heart is too big. To calculate your personal corridor, within which must be found in the pulse during the training, put away 220 from your age, calculate the 0.6 and 0.8 of the figures are, respectively, the minimum and maximum heart rate. An example of the calculation of the 40 year old: 220 – 40=180, 180 x 0.6=108, 180 x 0.8=144. Therefore, for the forty years of the person's heart rate during aerobics classes should be between 108 and 144 beats per minute.
  3. The duration time individually taking into account age, fitness, state of health. Aerobic training in order to lose weight, you need to be long. The this 20 to 40 minutes (depending on traffic) body will spend the reserves of glycogen in muscles and the liver, and only then begin to use the deposited fat. With the exception of the short high-intensity interval training, but are only available trained people.

Latino aerobics for weight loss

Of all the most popular types, perhaps, aerobic dance. And it is not surprising, in consequence, the training not only consumes up to 500 Kcal, but greatly increases the mood. Of plumbing, also the increase of the plasticity and coordination of movements.


Aerobic dance, in turn, is divided in a multitude of directions:

  1. Belly dance. Belly dance, on the one hand, the well-known address of choreographic art, and on the other, a popular type of women of classes for slimming and improve the body. In all aspects of magnificent views of the activity: improving posture, flexibility, pleasure, involves all groups of muscles, including deep, which is not so difficult to load. Allows you to regulate the load, increases sexuality and even promotes female health.
  2. Strip dance. Strip-dance — "seduction" a modern twist. Sensual movements not only improve the female figure, but that they increase the libido, as well as the attractiveness of the girl. In the facilities of training includes, as a general rule, the unit of power, in reality, dance and stretching.
  3. Jazz aerobics. Improves posture, is performed at a moderate pace, gently and continuously. Here are a lot of rings of the form of a wave of free movement for surgery of the hand, which give a great pressure on the spine. This type of aerobic exercise is well-suited to the girls with the preparation of choreography.
  4. Hip-hop aerobics. It is considered as the most energetically costly views of aerobics. In a single session is going to be 450-500 Kcal. Almost as intense Rock-n-Roll aerobic — many of the movements and jumps, high pace.
  5. Latin aerobics. Lately is very popular, for example, Zumba, that are in almost every gym. Fiery Latin rhythms, it is not very difficult technically, but very sexy movement. The rhythm, the spring step, an intense work of the thighs. All of this ensures a good physical activity and mood, despite the fatigue.

Of course, dance, aerobics can be done in the home.

Step aerobics at home and in the room

Step aerobics has long record in almost all gyms — intensive of horse racing around the platform have demonstrated their efficacy in the construction of a perfect body. This type of aerobic exercise you could even call it strength, because the more advanced and complex will include classes with the weight, and after a jump is a necessary part is performed by the power unit and at the end of the stretch.

The classes in the room are preferable in the first place, because it needs the inventory of the platform, the dumbbells or the weight, in the second place, the guidance of a trainer and group classes to motivate you not to stop and step — quite heavy aerobics class, so the temptation of regret itself will occur no more. However, and at home it is possible to organize a complete workout, especially if you have the self-discipline. The inventory is easy to buy into the sport-the store or even replace the media at their fingertips.

If you plan to do in the home, choose the platform width of 40 cm and a length of approximately one meter in some of the exercises are uncomfortable to do near too long banks. The height must pick up your physical condition, it is not worth to immediately start with the high. In sport shops you can buy models with adjustable height – very useful for beginners.

When step aerobics it is worth to observe some simple rules:

  • Half an hour before exercise drink 250 ml of water, in the process of training, drink a little and in small portions.
  • The climb up to the platform to perform the movement solely through the foot, not involving the back (which must be direct).
  • The movements should be smooth, without jerks.
  • The foot on the platform place completely all around the base of the foot.
  • The same movement can be done not more than a minute, and then switch to the other leg (the hand) or the following year.

All of the exercises step aerobics is performed in the face of the platform (although in some of the author of the programs, there are other options, but for "advanced users"). The knees of both legs slightly bent to avoid injury. The body must keep to the right, the muscles of the cortex and the abs tight, the shoulders are omitted, the chin lifted.

All the complexes of step aerobics are based on a number of key steps: Top-up, Basic step, Step-touch, V-Step, etc


Aqua aerobics for weight loss

Perhaps the only disadvantage of aqua-gym that you can't practice at home (well, except that you have a personal pool). In everything else, it is the ideal choice for all, regardless of age and weight. In connection with the fact that the classes are taught in the water, do not overstretch the joints (especially the knees), which is very important for people with a great excess weight.

The load in this way is obtained a very good thanks to the resistance of water to make the exercise more difficult, than on the earth. Also the fact that you don't sweat, you can swim for warm-up exercises and after the class. The water helps to evenly distribute the load, to simulate a beautiful figure. In reality, very exuberant lady — aqua-aerobics the only variant of intense aerobic activity.

If you want to get rid of your excess weight it is not necessary to buy expensive gym memberships — the internet the opportunity to study at home aerobics program developed by famous coaches and fans. You can easily find the lessons of oriental dance, or Zumba, complex step aerobics or rhythmic gymnastics. Choose what you like best, and start studying.