What promotes the cinnamon to lose weight: beneficial properties of the spices

Useful properties of cinnamon for weight loss are defined by their chemical composition. The seasoning refers to srednekaloriynym product: 100 g contains about 247 calories. — The protein of 8.7%, carbohydrates — by 11.2%, fat 2.2 per cent from the calculation of the daily norm for an adult.

La spezia is characterized by a rich vitaminum and minerals of the composition:

  • coumarin — organic compound, thanks to which, we feel, soft and an incomparable aroma of spices;
  • the substances of tanning;
  • the essential oil;
  • phenolic;
  • the rubber;
  • the resin;
  • minerals: copper, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc, sodium, selenium;
  • vitamins;
  • the hill — vitaminopodobnoe the substance.

On the content of iron, manganese, and calcium, this spice is a leader. If the body needs these substances, it is urgent to include in your diet. This is the chemical composition explain the valuable properties of cinnamon for weight loss, thanks to which, they can lose weight.

It is interesting! Unlike the usual us fine aroma of the cinnamon teal, the flowers of this tree are very strong and unpleasant odor.

The mechanism of thinning

The reality is that many doubt, how it promotes the cinnamon weight-loss products, or is a myth and the loss of hope. In fact, the daily consumption of this spice is limited: no harm for health, it can be said, not more than 1-2 tea cochlearibus. But as it is small number it can break so considerable reserves of fat, of which we all dream to get rid of?

It is necessary to remember that the seasoning usually is complemented with other adipem ardens, products. And it really works thermonuclear — fast, powerful and effective:

  • normalizes the blood sugar;
  • becomes not so viscous, eliminating cholesterol from the plaque;
  • improves the metabolism;
  • makes present the body's systems to work harder;
  • rapidly and harmless removes the slag and toxins;
  • normalizes the functioning of the liver, the intestines, the stomach;
  • it neutralizes the free radicals;
  • gives the extra energy, which helps to the easy and rapid to handle the stress and emotional congestion;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • improves the memory;
  • increases the concentration of attention;
  • activates the functioning of the brain.

That is, the action of the spices on the body, but we still need to ensure that the concrete is useful cinnamon to lose weight?

  1. The influence of the spices on the viscosity of the blood and the sugar levels in she will do that you will be getting is stable, firm feeling of satiety, that is to say, between the main meals is not going to experience hunger.
  2. The improvement in the process of digestion because of the regular use of cinnamon teaches the body to properly spend received the energy, not accumulate it in different places, in the form of fat deposits.
  3. The spice, falling into the stomach along with other products, it begins to perform the transport-driver function. That is to say, that contributes to a better absorption, assimilation of useful vitamins and minerals.
  4. This will help to speed up the metabolism in cells, in which it produces and of the lipolysis, i.e. the breakdown of fat.
  5. There is a blockade of the dependence on sweets. And because the abstinence of dessert is very important in a key moment of any diet.

Here's how it affects the cinnamon in the weight loss. It should be understood that it is not eliminates the body fat, but it starts in the body a series of biochemical processes that have the effect of lipolysis and — thin, contracts est figure.

But to achieve that, you must know how to deal with this exotic product, to not hurt health, and has helped him to achieve his goal. And to start, you have to decide what type of cinnamomum product to use to fight against kilograms superfluous.

In a note. The best quality cinnamon enters in the market of sri lanka. However, plants are grown for commercial purposes also in sumatra, madagascar, the island of Java, in india, egypt, brazil, vietnam, although it is a spice of these areas is different from sri lanka stronger scent and an exquisite taste.

The diversity of forms of

The diversity of</1_img>

To lose weight with cinnamon is comfortable and that finally gave rise to results that you are dreaming, it is necessary is competent to choose the flavor, presented on the market in several ways.

  • Dust

More often for weight loss is used ground cinnamon, but pick your quality of choice difficult. The importers claim that 80% of this product is cassia bark, humilis gradus tree of the cinnamon. To distinguish the copies from the original is very difficult. However, many prefer to buy powder, because it is easy to use. Paste in the dish, and so they can lose weight.

  • Of the rod

It is much more efficient to use cinnamon sticks for weight loss, they are easily crushed in the mixer in the same dust. Only you're absolutely sure that the quality and the present. Of course, in case you were able to buy the tubes, and not a counterfeit.

  • The oil

Much more spectrum that the powder and the sticks, has essential oil of cinnamon, which can also be used in the fight against overweight. In the first place, it can be included in wraps for weight loss. In the second place, to make the basis of excellent exfoliants to eliminate cellulite. In the third place, a few drops added to the ingredients of a cocktail. In this case you have to remember that it is in its action is many times more efficient and more powerful than the rest of the form of the cinnamon, so it and contraindications will also be much greater.

So you can take cinnamon for weight loss in any of its forms, the choice in accordance with the goals of taste preferences and individual characteristics.

So, for example, high blood pressure, of essential oil of this spice is contraindicated, while the dust and the wand in limited quantities, can be consumed without any harm to the health.

A curious fact. La spezia is a series (6 to 10) layers of thin inner bark of a tree. Contract in the wand immediately after the separation of the plants. These tubes are dried and used as a condiment. The thinner crust in them, more pleasant aroma. They are very long.


Before cooking and a drink in order to lose weight with the cinnamomum, consider contraindications, in which the state of health may significantly worsen under the influence of this spice. Them concern:

  • the tendency to allergic reactions;
  • intolerance individual of one of the products specified in the design of the recipe;
  • depression;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • the pathology of the organs of respiration (the smell of cinnamon, only worsen your current);
  • myocarditis;
  • defects of the heart;
  • the stomach problems (gastritis, ulcers);
  • the rheumatism;
  • neumoesclerosis;
  • stones in kidneys and gallbladder;
  • pancreatitis;
  • cholecystitis;
  • giperglikodermiya;
  • enterocolitis;
  • the reception powerful of the prepared medicated;
  • diseases of the skin with the heavy current (for example, the worsening of the exudative diathesis).

The study of contra-indications will allow you to evaluate objectively the pros and cons of this tool to lose weight. Their negative effect on the body is expressed in the following way:

  • irritates the stomach;
  • increases the heart rate;
  • increases the blood pressure;
  • causes strong contractions in the uterus, which can lead to a miscarriage;
  • toxic coumarin in the liver, is the work of the kidneys;
  • as a natural antibiotic, la spezia you can get in touch with the medication that you take, and edit.

Keep in mind all these drawbacks, before preparing mirabilis Manducat cocktail with cinnamomum, which can become a problem, and not of salvation, in case of a bad use. If any of the deviations are not, and you're ready to lose weight with the help of this wonderful product, select the schema and start to get rid of the extra kilos.

The benefit of cinnamon for weight loss allowed nutritionist to develop various schemes to get rid of your excess weight. Choose the one that you will be able to master.



To lose weight recommended, above all, drink recipes, which involve the addition of spices in the milk, coffee, decoctions, and even the water. For example, the green tea with cinnamomum has been consolidated as a powerful tool that allows you to lose weight without much effort.

This type of smoothies are not only useful in the fight against the overweight, but also very tasty. Cooking it is better to directly to the consumer, as well as the spice quickly "" give your scent and enjoy them not have success.

  • The tea

Green tea with sticks of cinnamon invigorates, tones up, gives you confidence, eliminates not only lose weight, but also in a bad mood. Cure for the cold. A pour the pastry 500 ml of boiling water, leave for an hour. Put on the fire, but, literally, a minute before the boil remove from the plate. Sleeping in a teapot natural veneer of green tea and pour cinnamic water. After 10 minutes you can enjoy incredibly aromatic a cup and think about the choice of a new bathing suit to her slim and firm figure.

  • The water

Unlike the tea, the water of cinnamomum does not involve the use of boiling water, and liquid at room temperature. Powder (10 g) are reared in the glass melt water, the mixture is mixed carefully for 4-5 minutes. Is added 10 ml of honey. Leave for half an hour. Drinking, not tremulique quassa.

More than a delicious drink for weight loss — water with apples and cinnamomum. A medium-sized apple (better to take green), grated on a grater directly with skin and seeds, mix with cinnamon powder, obtained after grinding of 1 of the rod. Pour a liter of water at room temperature. Put frigus in the fridge a couple of hours. Strain the liquid.

  • With apples

You can also prepare more goryachitelny drink of apple and cinnamon in the form of tea. Grate a green apple, of medium size (recommended variety for this recipe — "granny smith"). Add 10 gr of spices, and the same amount of chopped ginger. Pour in the water, brought to a temperature of about 90°C. to Insist half an hour. Strain the liquid.

  • The pasta

Mix 10 gr of honey and cinnamon powder. There are furfures bread.

  • With ginger

One of the most successful of the bigae for weight loss is ginger and cinnamon, which you will run your blood faster, and accelerate at the same time the metabolic processes, thanks to which the fat deposits will begin to melt in the eyes. 10 g of cinnamon powder pour a glass of boiling water, carefully mixing, add 10 gr of grated root, re-beat. Leave for half an hour. Before the use of strain. A tea with cinnamomum and ginger — this adipem ardens, cocktail of fast and effective weight loss.

  • With the coffee

It is recommended for slimming coffee with cinnamomum, because the end result is quite low in calories for a drink (35 kcal). With it, you can begin the day of discharge. You will need 10 grams of ground coffee natural, 125 ml of water and 1/3 of a tea spoon of spices.

  • With a leaf of laurel

Another tandem, which you can use to lose weight, it is the bay leaf, and cinnamon. The tea of these components, strengthens the immune system, supports in the standard to show the system, positively influences the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. To prepare 1 wand of spices and 5 leaves of laurel leaves are filled with a liter of hot water and folliculos germinaret for 15 minutes. The customers indicate that the daily consumption of this drink not only revitalizes the body but that lets you lose weight up to 5 kg per month.

  • With the oatmeal

If for some reason you can not give a hunger strike, the oatmeal with cinnamomum in the morning, is what will help a little, but to correct the problem in the way. Both dietary products, therefore, when a balanced diet during the rest of the day you can achieve good results. Simply add a portion of the slurry of 10 g of spices.

  • With the milk

Products to lose weight contributes to the milk and cinnamomum. In a glass of low fat milk (best to preheat) — a pinch of spice. After shuffling to leave a couple of minutes for saturation.

  • With cottage cheese

Athletes that will not prevent reset 2-3 kg, the nutritionists recommend to eat in the morning, cottage cheese with cinnamomum. 200 gr of skimmed milk powder product — 10 g of spices. Seductive fragrance of the cinnamon reminds PLENUS cakes, aspersit spice, and calls the gravis appetite. But this feeling can be controlled: learn to cook with this seasoning ingredients to cocktails and victu pasta — and from now on, this smell is going to call you a few other positive emotions. Inhaling, you ever think as you, with your own effort, have managed to lose weight in a impressive number, thanks to the oriental, exotic, delicious spice — cinnamomum.