Running to lose weight – how much should you run and what technical

The simplest option to start the process of loss of weight which include in your exercise routine on a regular basis. Running to burn fat is one of the most effective methods to spend the excess calories. Let's look at the features of running to lose weight.

running for weight loss

Why running is helpful for weight loss

So, what helps running to lose weight? Let's see.

Problems with being overweight, as a general rule, are people who lead the sedentary life style. Since he now has a good half of the population had access to personal vehicles. Thanks to cars we don't run, but that, in principle, to walk. Consequently, the body accumulates fat and the muscles atrophy view is not necessary.

To avoid the fullness and the unpleasant consequences for the appearance and health, it is necessary to take in hands and to run out. It is the most basic type of physical activity, which is available to all. And let this is simply a brisk walk. Once your body adapts – you will pass the race.

We will consider, as running burns fat?

Running makes your heart work faster, therefore, this burden refers to the cardio. Accelerated pulse per unit of time through the heart passes more blood than in a state of tranquility. The lungs also begin to work in a more intensive way and your blood actively is enriched with oxygen. The oxygen saturation is produced in all cells of the body, from the tip of the toes, up to the brain. The processes of change begin to flow more quickly.

Running requires energy. To ensure a constant flow, the body spends its inner potential. First consume glycogen, stocked in the liver and then already in the course are the fat deposits in our body. Therefore, running and excess weight are concepts incompatible. If you are going to actively move and to burn more calories than you get with food, the excess weight you have will disappear. Running and weight loss two things.

  • To run (7 to 9 miles per hour) the fat burning begins after 20-30 minutes of continuous running.
  • When the interval training for fat digestion begins much before, it is not necessary to run a time to start the catabolism of fat. But in ranges running – quite heavy is the load and is the cardio not everything is perfect.

Speaking of which, what is promoted to run out by the thinning, it is important to specify the type and the duration. If we refer to the classics of running at an easy pace – the duration of the exercise should be of not less than thirty minutes.

Preparation for the race

To start running is not necessary to buy expensive accessories, you will only need comfortable sport shoes and sport clothing. All, nothing more is needed.

Running shoes select with the sole of average thickness and softness. Moulded outsole with studs provides a good grip with the ground, but a lot of time in it not to run. If the sole tightly to the spring, this is going to interfere with its sustainability. Sneakers with soles that are fine to buy it is admissible in a case, when it is going to run on a rubber track in terms of stadium or cross-country skiing in the alleys. On the blacktop, run in the shoes not to discourage himself from the joints.

The suit can be collected from simple pants, t-shirts and jerseys. When there is cold, then you will need to jacket top, hat and gloves. All of this should be easy for you to not sudemos. And if you sweat, the clothing should be well made moisture to the outside.

Cheap synthetic clothing not to be able to draw the moisture to the outside, it sweats. More expensive models are able to do so. Therefore, if you have a good income, don't skimp on the clothing.

If you don't want to buy a jacket, you can pass a jersey. Is tested the option – heat and comfortable.

The mode and the power

For beginner runners, it is important to respect the systematic character of training. If you run two times, and stops – a sense of this doesn't help.

how to lose weight with the help of run

In the mode of racing you need a bit of review your diet – changing to a healthy diet to lose weight. Along with the race, is more rapid helps to clean the stomach and other problems of the area.

Combining the power and the ribbon of the activity, you can lose weight much faster than separately through the diet or sport.

When you are going to run together. You can practice running every day, in the morning or going out to the street for the night. The best time to do something, when you feel more comfortable. You are an early riser and get up at 6 in the morning – a morning run! If the owl, and all day they are at work or school – select to go running in the evening. In the night of running is not necessary. The body at this time must sleep, regardless of the owl, you and the lark.

Jogging for weight loss should be done 3-6 times a week. In fact, how many times a week do you do, will depend on the duration of the journey. The more classes, more small can last the race. But remember, as you lose weight with running – its main objective, that more and more you move, the more intense will the process.

Where you can remove fat with the help of run

Can you go jogging to lose weight in your legs – without a doubt. As in the case of the race working the legs, effective running for weight loss the legs in the first place. More exactly, say that the fat going all over the body, but by training the muscles of your legs will look slimmer and fit. Correct running for weight loss will also contribute to the care of the fat of the buttocks, the waist, the hips and the rest of the bottlenecks.

Points of attention of the fat is not. Don't expect it to magically the fat will go away only with your belly. Really, go for a run to eliminate the belly, of course, it works, but the excess inches may not only with the area of the waist, the upper part of the body you will also learn.

So I don't have to worry about, as it is better to run to lose weight in the legs, or in some other place – with the problematic area of fat will go in parallel with the other parts of the body.

The technique of running to lose weight

There are several modes of operation, which can be used as a tool for the achievement of the objectives.

Running in place

For the more modest, there are to run in the place of the house to lose weight. You must rise up in any place of your home and to run. Run in place to lose weight is different from the usual career the fact that you simply lift your knees up and put your feet in socks. This is done quickly, on each leg you a little bit of jumps. The hands make the same movement in the real time of the race.

Therefore, running to lose weight is you can practice without leaving home, and not buying the special simulators. The location is very boring class. As sang vysotsky "of the first and not the laggards...", any competition of the stimulus. The image in front of the eyes does not change, and the downstairs neighbors may react negatively to noise.

However, whatever they say, this running help you lose weight, as well as any other type of cardio. If you have enough patience, in his goal to achieve.

If you want to use running to lose weight the abdomen, it is necessary highly to raise knees. In this case, the more active the lower part of abdominal.

Interval timer to run

A powerful incentive for the activation of catabolic processes in the organism, this is the website of the race.

Its essence is simple: you just 5 minutes at your usual pace and, then, the maximum accelerated during 20 to 40 seconds, and then, in a period of 2 to 5 minutes, recovering the pulse and the breathing. In addition, repeated acceleration. A tape of training that you can do 4-6 accelerations. How will allow your body.

This type of quick race to eliminate the belly and sides, promotes the burning of fat in all those problem areas.

Feature is that the interval timer to run out by pushing the body in the anaerobic context. The muscles there is not sufficient oxygen for the normal exercise of the route of glucose oxidation. Finally, the muscle begins anaerobic a process which highlights the metabolite is lactic acid, which gives all the well-known burning sensation. As well interval timer running influences the change of the substances, this is, so to say, the end of cardio. We know that the extent, the excess of interval timer running can hurt you!

In other words, the interval of career, with all its effectiveness, there is a big disadvantage – not everyone can test. Contraindication are heart problems, lungs, joints sick. Beginners it is also better to train with traditional methods.

how to run

That is, although the most effective way of running to lose weight, due to a series of restrictions which is not the most common.

And here the following method to lose weight you can recommend to everyone. All shifty in the note – running is the optimal combination of load and security.


This race forces the heart to work to the limit of its capacity, but results in the consumption of calories to a new level. The lesson is long, but very useful. This race is considered the healing.

Jogging can, which does not have obvious health problems. After all this movement is only a little stronger than that of fast walking step.

To lose weight person can without damage to the body gradually clean up the excess weight at the expense of regular racing.

Many of us eye-catching to go running in the mornings, but running in the evening for weight loss, it is also very effective. As has already been pointed out, the important thing is not to try to train at night because the body needs to sleep.

Saves from that career of the cellulite, and the lack of air, the peaks of pressure and tiredness. It also elevates mood, stabilizes the nervous system, out of the cell of oxygen.

Many of the advantages of this simple lesson! It is worthwhile to include regular running in your life, isn't it?

The duration and frequency of run

The reasonable question, if you use running to lose weight, how much should you run?

Answer: running is a must after a day, or 5-6 times a week. Less sense, followed quickly tired.

  • The minimum time for each jogging must be 30 to 40 minutes.
  • The maximum time interval run – 20 to 30 minutes.

More secure and more useful to run after a day of 45-60 minutes duration in the nice rhythm. This and the work of the muscles, and the gradual elimination of the fisin fat, and cardio.