7 the changes that occur with your body to lose weight

The understanding of the chemical processes that occur during the thinning, bought of frustration, it puts "marks" on the hunger and the insufficient number of calories, protect from torment due to a hormonal change and the level of energy in the body.

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1. It increases the levels of cortisol

One of the many things that occur when the loss of weight, and that people do not even think it is the stress that it subjects the body. Especially can influence the formulation of hormones, if you are not careful.

And even though the doctors prescribe to the patients who want to lose weight, drugs to relieve stress, many of them do not.

Your state of health will depend on, will increase if the levels of cortisol – the hormone that protects the body from the stress of losing weight.

Hormones have a direct impact on all the functions of the body. In turn, in its production affects how you eat and activity level. To control this process is very difficult, so it is important to eat to avoid the excess of cortisol.

To reduce stress, make more beautiful views of physical activity, such as yoga, walking, pilates, hiking. It is a good workout, you are able to decrease the level of cortisol in the blood, as well as contribute to calorie burning and weight loss.

In your diet should prevail, proteins, fats, starches with a low glycemic index, as well as vegetables and green vegetables.

Control the level of sugar in the blood is also very important to lose weight.

The high level of cortisol causes stress, overeating, and weight gain. To avoid this, eat well and choose the tranquil exercise.

2. First you lose the water

When you start to follow the diet, usually, at the beginning, the extra kilos will go quickly. But then this process slows down, and this is related to the loss of water.

In the first place, you can restart quickly enough, at the expense of the loss of water. However, beyond the weight reduction is slower.

The excessive loss of water is not a bad thing, as this will help you to get rid of the swelling! But in the future, you should not feel by the fact that the process of losing weight begins to decrease.

3. In your body to accumulate fat

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With any diet, when the calories received every time less, the body's response will be the rapid accumulation of fat. Drastic reduction in calorie intake can cause difficulties with weight loss.

The best way to deal with problems of moderate physical load, and the consumption of no less than 1,500 calories a day.

Some are not focused on counting calories, but just eat a moderate amount of healthy foods, to not feel the hunger pangs. This helps to deal with the increased appetite and gradually prepares the body for the limited consumption of the food.

4. You need to sleep more

Weight loss, in fact, leads to the decay of the forces. Do not have to battle with the need for a break in period of slimming! Instead, rest the time necessary for your body. This will allow you to relieve tension. In addition, as long as you follow a plan of intensive training, there is no reason why the blame of a break. Of course, this does not mean that you need every day to be on the couch!

At the time of the loss of weight of the body is in tension, therefore, you must restore the power and to replenish energy.

In the first place, take a rule to sleep at least 8 hours a day, and each day finds time for meditation or the small 20 minute break.

5. You become irritable

The loss of extra pounds, often, may be accompanied by a bad state of mind, especially if you are a lover of sweets, junk food and fast food. Your body is emptied of the products to which you are accustomed. But don't worry, everything's back to normal, when the body is set the balance.

It has been shown that the consumption of refined and processed products often produce addiction, as the drugs. This is especially the sugar. You no longer can do without such food, and if it's not there, it behaves like a naughty boy! Believe me, this will soon pass, and you will not have to suffer sudden changes of mood and the feeling of hunger.

Do not forget to eat more proteins, vegetables and healthy fats will help suppress appetite and calm raging hormones.

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6. Can worsen the quality of sleep

The loss of weight is able to change the quality of the sleep, which can be the cause of the overweight. In case of restriction of the intake of calories, problems may appear to fall asleep.

To avoid this, eat at dinner something thicker for the suppression of hunger or drink before bedtime a glass of almond milk – is adorned with calcium and essential fats, they calm the excited brain and helps you sleep. You can sweeten its stevia, or add the cinnamon to lower the sugar level in the blood. Believe me, after this drink no longer have the urge to make a foray into the fridge for hunger, which prevents sleep.!

7. Lean muscle mass is lost

When you follow a diet to lose weight, you lose not only fat but muscle mass. And this is not very cheerful news.

To resolve this problem, make sure you perform strengthening exercises, or exercise, with the burden of his own weight, for example, as the yoga. This will ensure the recovery and growth of muscle mass. The developed musculature helps to burn fat, a beneficial effect on the metabolism, keeps your bones in normal conditions, prevents from the osteoporosis and atrophy.

Do not be afraid that the body will be pumped. You just have to get a smooth appearance type, if you several times a week will do weights and exercises or periodically the position of "Dog muzzle down".

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It is very important to eat well each day, to avoid the reduction of the metabolism and unnecessary stress.

Too small amount of the intake of calories can slow weight loss. Therefore, if you prefer, to eat enough, and only with healthy foods.

Limit your consumption of starch and sugar for the proper functioning of hormones and the best results.

If you've recently lost weight, if something unexpected happened to your body? If you decide to go on a diet, that cause you concern?