Effective drinks for weight loss

The problem of excess weight is a concern for many people is already more than a generation. The factors that cause that contribute to the accumulation of excess pounds, quite a bit. This and the impact on the body of the toxins along with the food and water, poor diet, air pollution, inactive lifestyle and much more. All this negatively affects the exchange rate and the metabolic processes in the body, and in consequence is decreased division of cells of fat.

drinks for weight loss

If in a variety of diets that many of you already know, what little I know of the importance of fluid intake throughout the day. If the drink is not enough, the accumulation and the toxins, fats, will lead to inevitable weight gain. However, not every drink is good for health and helps you lose weight. So, for example, to eat sweets juices and soda drinks, you run the risk of adding even more. That's why we want to offer you exclusively useful, wellness, and ingredients of drinks for slimming, diet cocktails, as well as infusions, decoctions of herbs, with the help of which the effectiveness of your weight loss and keep the figure in shape will be more productive.

How to use correctly the water

The regime of drinking to lose weight, do not is less important than adequate nutrition. Drinking during the day can and should be both as required by the agency. But there is a list of rules that universally it is recommended to take during any diet.

  • It is better to drink simply purified water, free of gas.
  • The first admission of fluid should be immediately after awakening, it is necessary to drink for the arrival of a glass of water, therefore, you wash it from the inside, iran of all the toxins and harmful substances, accumulated by the night, activates the functioning of the digestive system and prepare your next breakfast.
  • Calculate individually for himself the daily norm of liquid, per kg body weight is 40 ml of water. So, for example, a person who weighs 60 kg should drink 2.4 liters per day.
  • Drink water for 20-30 minutes before you eat to avoid binge eating, after eating, to drink after at least 30-40 minutes.
  • For tomorrow not to be confronted with the swelling and "bags" under the eyes, refrain from consuming the liquid around 2-2,5 hours before bedtime.
  • Almost any form of weight loss, animals, green, or herbal cleansing tea to lose weight in a moderate amount of organic coffee without milk and sugar, as well as juices from some fruits, especially citrus fruits. The protein to your diet, you can drink smoothies diet for weight loss at the base of the protein.

Drinks to lose weight at home

The water. Of course, without water and maintain the water balance in the body, about weight loss you can forget it. For the well-being of drinking 2 liters of water. If you suddenly produced an irresistible desire of eating or drinking something harmful or not desired, drink a glass of water, it will fill the stomach, and, at least, at the time of temper the appetite. But, who would have imagined that the water may also be varied. We offer you some recipes useful and delicious of a little water.

  • The water with mint. For that the water was not so monotonous, put a couple of fresh mint leaves.
  • The water with lemon or lime. These acids citrus fruits and the use to increase the acidity of the stomach, thus contributing to accelerate the digestion of foods and effective decomposition of fat cells. Also, it should be noted that the lemon juice godson quite well attenuates the sensation of hunger, which is important for people struggling with a excess calories. Often, we confuse the desire to eat the most basic of thirst. Therefore, this refreshing beverage is the perfect complement to any diet or usual diet. In the morning you can drink a glass of water with squeezed several lemon slices. You can also create a vitamin drink for the whole family with lemon and honey.
  • Stimulant drink for weight loss ginger, cucumber, lemon, mint. The drink that bears its name, the water sassi (Sassy water) in honour of its creator. He created a cup with the best quality of the ingredients that help the stomach to standardize their work, to fight the slag and toxins, reduce gas and digest unnecessary fat in the body. This very healthy and delicious fat-burning beverage ever more popular among the women who dream of "casting" a certain amount in kg, especially for the ladies, the fantasy fix the problem of the shape in the abdomen area. For the preparation of the classic version of the drink, you need 2 litres of pure water ( of course, it is best if it is spring or mineral, but you can still pass filtered and purified water), ginger root grated, a few mint leaves and slices of fresh purified from the skin of cucumber. When all the components ready, put them in a large glass jar and pour the water, place the bowl in the fridge for half a day, during that time the water filled themselves useful vitamins and micronutrients, and it will be nice and refreshing taste.
tea with milk

Purifying, teas for slimming

Today, several manufacturers offer a variety of teas and herbal teas for pohudenii. But with everything, there is nothing better than a prepared tea to lose weight at home with their own hands, this drink is completely harmless, no questionable additives you can also choose the right option and preference of taste. We offer some varieties of tea for weight loss at home, recipes and variants.

  • The green tea. The beloved tea of the variety that is used effectively in the fight with a surplus of volume. This beverage contains a notable amount of antioxidants, activates the metabolism and promotes the burning of fat. A day is enough to drink 2-3 cup fresh quality of tea after a time of observing a positive effect. A pleasant surprise, not only is "melting" extra pounds, but also improve the skin condition and improved well-being. Because the antioxidants clean up all the negative consequences of sleep insufficient, the tobacco and the excess of work.
  • Ginger tea. This drink gives it a special value. The ginger has come to the countries of the east, and today is widely used in a variety of recipes for main dishes, salads, sauces, as well as teas. The rhizome of the plant has a wide range of healthy properties, one of which is the stimulation of the circulation of the blood. The tibetan monks sure that the ginger root refers to the products that help to strengthen the processes of change, removes toxins, and with your help it can be for a long time to be young, beautiful and healthy. Therefore, to prepare the tea, pepper, thin slices of a small piece of ginger root and fill it with boiling water, through a floor of hour drink ready for your use. To taste you can add lemon or orange juice, honey, mint leaves, a pinch of cardamom or dried cranberry.
  • The assemble of herbal tea for weight loss at home. By using this popular recipe, many felt easily. This tea has poslablyayushchim and a diuretic. To prepare the collection, the connect equal parts of the bark of the oak, the flowers of tansy, buckthorn, grass, mugwort and yarrow. A tablespoon of terminate the collection brew in a glass of boiling water. The tool is very bitter in taste, therefore, you can add a teaspoon of honey. It is better to drink in the morning, on an empty stomach.
  • Valve tea for weight loss is applied if there is a problem with the fluid retention in the body. To remove excess moisture and to obtain the effect that invigorates the body, you can use the following herbal teas to lose weight at home: infusion of calendula, or of the mother-and-stepmother, the strawberry tea, or a drink certified leaf of black currant, as well as infused in boiling water the leaves of birch. Drainage drinks for weight loss at home it is best to use as an additional tool in methods integral of thinning, where necessarily there is a proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Shakes to burn fat at home. Cocktails

  • A cocktail for weight loss energy. This is a good option to people, who need to spend a lot of energy throughout the day, as well as athletes. the main components of this drink are: cottage cheese, nuts, kefir and grapes. Mix everything with a blender until you obtain a dense, homogeneous mass. This cocktail is you can get replace 1 on food intake.
  • Useful orange smoothie. This drink contains an array of vitamins and minerals, and also contributes to the purification. For the preparation you must grind it in the blender all the orange veggies: carrots, paprika, pumpkin, sweet taste you can add khaki. Fill orange color in the mass, fat-free kefir or plain yogurt.
  • Green smoothies to lose weight. Vegetables and fruits are considered to be more useful, healthy and against allergies, are, without doubt, help to improve the exchange of substances. In the composition of the popular cocktail green: broccoli, cucumber, peas, ginger and a bit of kefir in the event that the mixture is too thick.
the recipe of the drink for slimming

Today we have had a lot of effective ways to lose weight at home. Get rid of the excess inches and pounds and staying in shape is easy and it is not necessary to sit on diets and everything for granted.