The rules of the diet to lose weight for women: the menu of the week

Every woman sooner or later faced with a situation in which you need to urgently get rid of several kilos of more.

diet to lose weight for women

In this case, the assistance may come from a balanced diet for weight loss per week, which, unlike the mono-diet, the damage body to apply not and losing excess weight will help you.

The basic principles of a diet to lose weight for women detailed menus of the week

To lose weight in a very short time, women should limit their consumption of fats.

On the day you can consume no more than 25 grams of fat. It is desirable that it is made in the body from food, and in the form of a spoon of fish oil, taken on an empty stomach. If the fish fat intimacy evil, is a possible natural substitute for vegetable oil, for example, soybean, sunflower. Other products fatty, and kitchen, must be excluded from the diet.

Among them are:

  • sausages;
  • nuts;
  • the oil;
  • margarine;
  • mayonnaise;
  • fats of animal origin;
  • the cakes and pastries.

Is the restriction of fats within a week will not only speed up the process of getting rid of excess weight, but also to the body will be useful.

Another principle of diet for weight loss women – the restriction of the intake of carbohydrates. We are treated like sweet – sugar, honey, sweet, and salty – bread, cereals. If in the case of varieties crackers are still possible scenarios in the menu of sweets have to give up completely. A product such as milk, at the time of the diet will need to replace another kislomolochnoy products with low fat percentage, the kfir, curd, cottage cheese, whey.

You have to also exclude from the diet any fat products which usually contains a large amount of calories and preservatives, and that the body, which lose weight to nothing. Among these products are:

  • potato chips, bread and any other snacks;
  • pasta;
  • all kinds of beverage, including packaged juices;
  • fast food.

Little by little, it is necessary to make the transition to the power priority of the specialties of the raw, rice, oats, beans.

The special attention must be given to a component of the diet, as the protein that is essential for the muscles of the human body. A sufficient amount of protein in the body is not to appear a feeling of fatigue, weakness. To calculate the daily norm of proteins, you should multiply your weight in kg and in number of 1.6. The results obtained, and it will be necessary that you should follow during the diet.

Preparation of diet menu for 7 days

Example of the correct letter to the women of the diet, which is able to remove excess weight, without detriment to the health, consists in the combination of foods allowed taking into account the ingestion of calories of each dish.

In each of the 7 days, you must select one of the proposals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each meal is balanced in the diet of the corresponding rules of separation of power.

Options breakfast 7 days:

1.A small portion of the vinaigrette 160-200 g, a cup of yogurt, a piece of bread-back-of-grain.

2.100-150 g of flour of oats or of wheat and of oats, 300 g of any of the berries and the green tea, you can with a spoon of honey.

3.Nonfat cottage cheese up to 200 g of sour cream with a minimum fat percentage, with berries of 200 to 300 g, and compote of dried fruits.

4.Omelette of 2 eggs with the green, 2 bread rye, the applesauce and the apple for dessert.

5.Vegetable salad, 1 and 2 of beans, cooked eggs, piece and green tea.

6.Porridge oats with raisins, 1 boiled egg, a glass of kefir.

7.All the slurry in the selection (of wheat, of oats, of oats) with the portion of the fruit, to the 300 of the year, green tea or compote of dried fruit.

Options for lunch 7 days:

good food for weight loss

1.A vegetable soup, in the second the oats in the water with the croquette of chicken, steamed, and a portion of vegetables of the salad.

2.Vegetable soup with lean chicken broth, you can eat 2 bread, in the second of buckwheat cooked with chicken and drink a glass of fresh orange juice.

3.Portion of the soup of beetroot-vegetarian recipe, 2 bread, serving vinaigrette with the potatoes.

4.The fishing of the ear of the lean varieties of fish, serving of cooked raw rice, steam cutlets from meat of beef, salad of cabbage, carrot and can be green, green tea without sugar.

5.Chicken soup, a piece of return-grain bread (small), in the second boil the pasta solid varieties, shred the cheese, put the vegetables, make the salad with tomato and cucumber. Drink a glass of compote without sugar.

6.Vegetable soup with broth, a couple of crispbread, buckwheat with chicken , salad of cabbage and cucumber and tea without sugar.

7.Cream of mushroom with cream and mushrooms (you must choose a product that is not greasy), the first to prepare rice crackers, in the second boil the potatoes, make any kind of salad vegetables and tea.

Dinner options 7 days:

1.Cook the fish or shrimp on the number 300 of the year, throw them out to the plant pillow steamed broccoli, pea pods beans, zucchini with the addition of herbs and sea salt. Drinking tea without sweeteners.

2.Any type of cereal, boiled in water with the steam chicken gardens and courtyards and the compote.

3.Boiled chicken breast with vegetable salads, green tea.

4.Porridge of rice with addition of vegetables peas, broccoli, carrots, beans, bell pepper, a cup of yogurt.

5.Portion of skimmed powder, curd, you can add dumb cream, salad of cabbage, green and cucumber – doses of up to 300 year, tea without sugar.

6.Salad of favorite fruits, messed with the yogurt, and tea or compote.

7.Prepare an omelette with the addition of tomato, vegetables and cheese, eat 1 orange and drink a glass of kefir with a minimum of fat.

If you expect five meals a day, in the intervals between the main meals, you can add chop:

  • cottage cheese with fruit;
  • 2 eggs – if in this day of other scientists not there are eggs;
  • 100-150, fresh berries with a handful of crackers;
  • 30, nuts;
  • yogurt with fruits;
  • any fruit of your choice, it allows there are even bananas;
  • cup of yogurt, rye bread.

When the proposals of the portion at breakfast, lunch and dinner you will have to reduce a little, it would be ideal to reduce in 2 times.

The option of a day diet with increased amount of protein in the diet:

menu for weight loss

1.Breakfast: flax cereal — 1 cup + any fruit, the alternative is the bread of return-cereal-butter-pasta and fruit.

2.Lunch: Delicious salad from such ingredients: "romain", goat cheese, cucumber, avocado, sunflower seeds, spicy, vegetables, vegetarian, soup with a slice of bread.

3.Snack: grated carrot, hummus – no more than 5-6 tablespoons or fries, homemade without salt.

4.Dinner: Protein cooking on a bed of vegetables, as well as salad vegetables. Between custom and original products of protein are:

  • white fish varieties;
  • scallops;
  • duck meat;
  • the flesh of deer;
  • low-fat part of the beef on the grill;
  • lentils;
  • the step;
  • the cheese;
  • pinto beans;
  • lamb;
  • eggs;
  • the fillet of the cow's milk.

5. For dessert you can eat up to 30 grams of black chocolate, cooked apple with cinnamon.

If you wish, and approach business with the fantasy to the letter any diet you can make a interesting and varied. More than a proposal that is flexible enough and does not have any major limitations of the products.

Diet to lose weight for women: a letter in the week and important moments of the power

Correctly chosen the menu is only part of the success. For that to really achieve weight loss with this diet, you must follow certain rules:

1.You can not eat before going to sleep. In the ideal of the last meal should be carried out no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.

2.What can not boast of an excellent strength of will in the matter of total abstinence in the consumption of sweets and confectionery products, you should at the very least, minimizing to the maximum the number of these.

3.Every day, women should consume no more than 1500 kcal. But the amount is not worth too much of the reduce – the standard deviation in the smaller portion of 200 to 300 kcal. This is because the body while it is in a state of stress due to the small income of the food in the body, you will start to accumulate fat and weight loss stops.

4.Make sure to dedicate time to physical exercise. An integrated approach to nutrition and exercise will help you to achieve the desired result. You can start with the run in the morning or attend a gym 2-3 times a week. Sports help build muscle mass and to form a beautiful silhouette.

5.De you should avoid stress. In combination with a diet low stress is going to give even more negative of the reflection and of the health. But in itself the stress often become the reason of eating properly and in large amounts. Try to get out of the stress situation in other ways, if he himself is inevitable.

General recommendations power supply:

  • mandatory ingredient should be the protein of the egg from the fat of the meat;
  • in the diet, have the obligation to assist the fruits and vegetables;
  • eating should be in small portions 5 or 6 times a day;
  • it is necessary to comply with the regime of drinking – eating a daily 1.5-2 liters of purified water without gas;
  • leave at least at the time of the diet of the production of alcohol.

If you stick to these simple rules, it can be observed in the short-term the fat start to lose the figure.

The needle of the balance in this diet is not the main indicator.

a correct diet

When there is a large amount of protein and active training will increase muscle mass, which weighs much more than fat. Therefore, it is necessary to be guided in the appearance of your own feelings.