Set of exercises for weight loss

You have excess weight you want to lose weight, but have experienced numerous diets with a null result? Then the power is rational is it necessary to add regular realisation of a set of physical exercises. If the expenditure of energy is greater than the amount received with the food, you are sure to lose weight.

complex of exercises for weight loss

The impact of physical exercises on the human body

The impact of exercise is based on a significant increase in the consumption of energy, the normalization of all forms of exchange, strengthening the decomposition of fat in different organs, improving the function of all organs and systems, increasing fitness and maintenance.

The type of exercises used for the thinning, the volume, the intensity of the load depends on many things: age, the presence or absence of chronic diseases, fitness of the person, their individual characteristics, and so on. So, for people young and middle age without cardiovascular disease, in particular, show the resistance exercise (walking, running, swimming, rowing, skiing, etc) and sports games.

The rules of the execution of physical exercises to lose weight

You can not begin immediately with great physical effort, it is best to do so gradually, especially if the body is not accustomed to a mode of work.

If you have any health problem and before the occupation of the gym, it is best to divide the whole course of slimming with exercise into two periods. In the first period, the man adapts to moderately increased physical effort, by using a series of exercises and after the walk. Improvement of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems (the disappearance of dyspnea and palpitations with exercise), we can pass to the second period, when the full complex of physical exercise combined with the more intense resistance exercise (run, swim, play, and so on).

Journal of complex exercises, it is recommended to perform long-duration (one session should last between 45 and 60 minutes or more). Mainly used exercises of large muscle groups, performed with a great amplitude of movements and alternate combined with breathing exercises. They are widely applied mahi, circular movements in the large joints, moderate exercise, and resistance with a variety of objects (balls, gym sticks, and so on). Great attention is paid to the abdominal muscles. In the exercises should include dosed walking and running.

Set of exercises for weight loss

This complex of exercises can be performed first once a day, then right, gradually bringing the total of the amount of time that elapsed up to the time of:

  • stand up straight, hand lift slowly stretch feet, stretch your back; rest your hands on your head, dropping your hands (start with 5 or 6 times until you get to 10-12 times);
  • lie face down, lift up at the same time on the ground the hands, feet and head, the tension when the muscles of the back; back to the start position (start with 2-4 times until you reach 10-12);
  • stand; slightly bent knees, lean forward, to one side of the back of the hand; the back is bent, to the extent possible, and by moving slightly the trunk, as if he were trying to touch the knees (start with 2-4 times until you reach 10-12);
  • standing on his knees, then sit on the heels; the vigorous movement of straightening the trunk, at the same time, raising the arms above the head; tilt the trunk to the left and to the right (start with 2-4 times until you reach 10-12);
  • stand with the feet together; the tension of the muscles of the glutes, slowly rise on toes, tilting the trunk as far as possible to the back and strongly the tension of the muscles of the back; to keep the balance, the hand push back and support in your buttocks (start with 2-4 times until you reach 10-12);
  • standing on knees, legs slightly open; keeping your back straight, move the body on the feet, and then a quick motion to move the center of gravity of the body on the hands and stretch along with the trunk, lie face down (to start with 2-4 times until you reach 10-12).

Breathing exercises

breathing exercises

After each exercise, it is recommended to do breathing exercises. The air base movements is the correct sequence of filling the lungs of air, inspiratory, and the release of waste air during exhalation. This sequence should ensure the uniform distribution of the participation in the breathing of all the fractions of the lungs, avoiding the stagnation of the phenomena. Breathing motion affects all of the internal organs of your massage.

The breath begins with the filling of the lower part of the lung, and is accompanied by protrusion of the belly. Then, gently fill with air, and middle-and the upper part of the lungs, which expands and lifts the chest. Exhalation occurs with the same sequence. First is the expiration of the air from the lower portion of the lungs (abdomen is retracted, lifting the opening). Then down by the rib cage.

Inhaling and exhaling is necessary smoothly, without jerks, to breathe through the nose. The increased activity of the inspiration requires, so he was more short of expiration (1, 2 – breathing, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – the breathing). Breathing exercises can be performed lying down, sitting, standing, walking and running. The walk looks like this: 1-2 step breathing with protrusion of the belly, 3-5 steps of exhalation with retraction of the belly. The breathing can be combined with the trunk, lifting the hand, abduction of the feet, the breathing – with doubling of the casing, the news or the descent of the hands, double down, or the animation of the feet.

Doing the exercise, do not forget that the diet, should be excluded from the sweet, flour, and fatty foods. And then you are sure to lose weight.