Yoga for weight loss: simple exercises for beginners at home

In the struggle for a beautiful figure, is used in many ways – good food, sport, pills, herbal teas for weight loss and even hunger strike. And all is well remember — to lose weight you need to run, jump, ride gravity and all ways to sweat. And the yoga on the contrary — inviting you to relax, at a moderate pace, quiet, not too complex exercises. It creates the impression that it was ineffective.

But it is not so.The benefits of yoga to women and men simply wonderful! It will not only help you to get rid of excess weight, but also to strengthen muscles, increase endurance and flexibility, improves mood.

yoga for weight loss

Can the yoga in the fight against the overweight

Those who are already working in an exercise or just going, perhaps more than once about yoga as a method of weight loss. This option is a lot of doubts, but the effectiveness of these practices demonstrated by those who have already walked this path.

And the experts of yoga say that you first understand what yoga is.

It is not only the physical exercise is a process of self-knowledge and self-improvement. It affects not only physics of our component, but also spiritual. And taking into account that being overweight is the most common problem that is initially located in the head, the efficacy of yoga increases.

As psychologists say, the excess weight is man's attempt to be sheltered from the outside world, to defend itself, and the yoga helps to lose weight. Probably, overweight occurs in people who suffer from permanent stress, the dissatisfaction of your life.

Therefore, even when you get the miracle-pill, and removing excess weight, not by the fact that after this hand again not again to be damaging and calories, to drown out their internal problems.

For this reason, the struggle with being overweight also includes the change of his vision of the world, the release of fears, the problems, increased effort, etc On this will help to yoga classes to lose weight.

What type of yoga you select to lose weight

Those who are starting their way in the world of yoga, it might be worth starting with a base of simple exercises.

The fact that yoga is not as easy as it seems in yoga classes to lose weight on television. In fact, some of the exercises require a good physical preparation, as well as the harmony of the mind and the body. Therefore, people who suffer from overweight, you have to start from the beginning.

You should find an experienced instructor who in the way will help you to do everything correctly. This is especially true for those who suffer from health problems.

The beginning of yoga at home, it is worth putting up with the hatha-yoga is an easy yoga for weight loss, it is often used in fitness clubs and suitable for beginners. Most of the exercises that you've seen of yoga, refers to this type.

Those who do not have health problems, and excess weight is within a radius of 3-5 kilos, you can start with the bikram yoga. Another name of this type – the hot yoga. Is of exercises that are done in the warm interior wet. Therefore, it may very well strengthen the critical systems of your body, and also is to lose weight.

The yoga and the food

The power for the yoga classes is a topic that requires serious attention. But some people who have heard about yoga, interested in the question of a different nature if it is worth giving up eating meat, starting to practice yoga. The answer is in the negative. The fact that the renunciation of meat is a personal matter of each one.

yoga for weight loss exercises

Here, rather, to the people, initially, by selecting the vegetarianism, it is worth reflecting on the yoga for practical people compensate for the energy of the animal food. The power of change, not necessarily. But it is likely that you do, because you do not want to contaminate your body from different harmful food you want to ease not only in the movement, and in the power.

Exercises at home

If you do not have the possibility of practicing with the trainer, it's not worth worth giving up your plans, and it is worth reflecting on the yoga for weight loss at home. All you need is a mat or blanket to lay on the floor and preferably near a large mirror to track the movements of your body.

Yoga at home will strengthen your body and help you to get rid of those extra pounds. Armed with this program of exercises is a fast way to achieve success, and the time to do anything – any ten minutes a day.

The curvature in the position of the chair

We return directly, keeping the feet together. On the inhalation, begin to bend your knees a little to lower the joined hands above the head. Having semi-recumbo, we stop. As you exhale bend the elbows, and the trunk rotates to the left, the elbow should go behind the left knee. You must have the elbow on the knee, in order to maximize unscrew the trunk. The head should be implemented in the ceiling. During all this time, keeping your back straight. In such a situation, it is necessary to stand for half a minute, fulfilling at the same time the measured pace of inhalation and exhalation. Then, as you exhale return to the starting position and repeat the same thing, but on the other side.

The posture of the goddess

This is an exercise well strengthens muscles of the legs, back, buttocks.

Widely fixing the legs, about a meter away from each other, feet implementing outward more than 45 degrees. You should feel sustainability. As you exhale bend the knees and crouch Monday, until the hips will not be parallel to the floor. Raise your arms up and bend at the elbows to a 90 degree angle. The palms should be disclosed. Maintain an attitude that is needed in the course of 30 seconds, while breathing should be deep.


This yoga exercise for slimming the abdomen, strengthening the back, the pectorals.

We take a horizontal position. The hands and the feet supported on the floor. The whole body should be equal, the back does not curve. To do this, it is necessary to stretch the muscles of the buttocks and the abdomen. To maintain this position is required within the five breathing cycles.

Strap one of his legs

This exercise is very similar to the previous one, but is more complex. We accept the horizontal position, only this time we rely not on the hand and the palm of the hand. Hand-in-hand bend, the body move a little forward. To feel confidence in their forces, raise the right leg, and keeping her around, on equal terms with the other. We are in this position five breathing cycles, then switch legs.

The posture of the sage is another good yoga exercise for slimming the abdomen and the sides.

First we come to the horizontal position, with the arm straight. The feet put as close as possible, for the enlargement of the toes of the feet were near. The right-hand side we put the left, trying to feel the balance. Then, launching a new housing, raise the right hand up and turn your feet, leaning on the heel of the left foot. We try to keep the balance for five breaths. We return to the starting position and do the same on the other side.

Complete the cicada

We're on the ground face down. By pulling the hands in front. Slowly, doing the breathing, lifting of the soil, the feet and the upper part of the body. Will stop in this position for five deep breaths.

Breathing exercises with yoga

Yoga exercises for weight loss and breathing – two complementary things. The fact that through proper breathing we boosting your energy. In addition, the implementation of the breathing exercises, even outside of classes, it is very useful. Breathing techniques have a positive influence on the entire body, the faster release of toxins, improve the work of the digestive system. Therefore, the process of slimming faster.

Here are some of these practices:

  1. Become straight, feet back to the width of the pelvis. To inspire, after which it dramatically out-breath, in which you have to expel the air, and therefore, the maximum squeezing the abdomen towards the spine. The body should be motionless and relaxed, and the breathing quick. In a approach follow about 30 breaths-exhalations, gradually increasing their number. We've also increased the amount of approaches.
  2. The second activity is performed after the previous one. For him, of a maximum of compressing the muscles of the pelvis. Hold your breathe out slowly and do it semi-recumbo, the hands are on the hips, the belly of the new approach as much as possible to the spine. After an exhalation, hold for a few seconds to breath and then relax the muscles of the pelvis and slowly doing the breathing. Do the exercise you need from 3 to 5 times.
yoga for weight loss the curvature


The yoga has its contraindications. The important thing is not to overdo it and take care of their physical abilities.It is worthwhile to pay attention to the last of the injury or existing problems, and try to avoid the exercises that affect these parts of the body.

The post-operative period, oncology, disorders of the locomotor system are contraindicated for yoga classes. If you feel fatigued, cold and has a temperature increase of the body, or aggravated chronic diseases, yoga classes worth to postpone in time.

Yoga for beginners to lose weight it is advisable to perform first under the supervision of a trainer.

Therefore, you need to specifically the idea that yoga is not a magic pill that will allow you to get the desired shape. Yoga is a process and not a result. You must enjoy it, knowing close to him.

It is a good yoga for weight loss is only in the event that you regular exercise, gradually increasing their complexity, and also be careful with your diet. Doing exercises — that is a class in the room with the trainer or the start of yoga for weight loss — you have to try not to make everything quickly, and learn to feel each exercise, listen to your body, feeling processes which in it occur.

If the yoga properly address, it will get rid of not only pounds, but also against stress, anxiety, fears, and also will improve the health and moral.