Menu of the diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides

The fat deposits often meet in the area of the sides and belly. These places it is more difficult susceptible of correction, and to them it is necessary to influence multiple methods at the same time. Diet for slimming the abdomen will help you to get rid of the excess fat trapped under the skin. Losing weight will help you vegetables, fruits, food protein, fiber, oats and bran. The exclusion from the diet fried and fatty products that will help you in your first week to reduce the fat of the intermediate layer. Read the following article, and you will learn how to lose weight in the abdomen and the sides.

Diet for slimming the abdomen: when we remember her

the diet for the belly and sides

The expression "a woman without a womb — as the wedding night without bride," are often reminiscent of those who try to make reference to the "weak spot" of your figure with a touch of humor. And, in fact, the annoying protrusion point is no physiological "alibi": fat deposits in the area, as well as on the thighs and buttocks appear for hormonal reasons, the press unit of the women do not have the nature (although, of course, if you want, you can get, pumping the muscles). According to medical data, in the body of any of the representatives of the beautiful sex contains 12 to 15% extra fat, necessary for normal hormone in the exchange and the functioning of the organs of reproduction.

However, one thing it's delicious smooth torso, and another very different is aesthetically questionable you have fat cells, that influence the appearance and self-esteem and health. And the question about the diet for slimming the abdomen (and more often, even simply an effective diet for weight loss) necessarily occurs in the same situation. The exact amount of fat in the body and the features of your location can show only medical devices. However, the excess often visible and the eye, and the fat in the abdomen can accumulate not only fat, but has, in general, slender people.

Clearly stands out the torso for a total of leanness — the opportunity to reflect not only on the intensification of the physical activity and the revision of the diet, but also about the visit to the doctor. The deposits in the abdomen area that is predictable leads to the sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, improper and poor eating habits with the insufficient amount of fiber and protein, and the abundance of harmful substances and the products of sweet, fatty, and do.

All of these factors give rise to the violation of the processes of change in the body and, as a consequence, the deposition of adipose tissue in the abdomen, the oblique muscles, because of a lack of load, and the excess of the temptations become flabby and weak, and are not able to maintain the tone.

And here, "you will have to cut" diet for slimming the abdomen! In addition, we must not forget the stress: resulting mental and physical stress and tiredness of the hormone cortisol first it makes the body to conspire against the sweets and the level of risk, and then fold the products of advantage, freely placing the stock in the most visible spot. Increased formation of cortisol and, consequently, an abrupt change in the "front view" you can also talk about the cushing's syndrome.

We, the women, another risk factor turns into the pregnancy, during which the muscles and skin are stretched, "opening the way" fat deposits. Unfortunately, it has the same effect of abuse of strict diets! However, for ni has detected an increase of the fat layer, situation, you can always correct for the better " and "put the belly in place of" seriously addressing this issue. A good help, it will become a diet for slimming the abdomen.

The war with a surplus of sediment

The area of the hips, the belly and sides in women than in our days is called problem areas. It is in these parts of the body of the woman it is observed the accumulation of fat superfluous, that is so difficult to get rid of. And the reason for this is simple physiology. Nature has cared for the body of the woman at any time could with the maternity function to formulate, give birth and feed a child and therefore, been awarded to the beautiful half of the humanity of the bodies of those who save the fat, the "reserves".

And even if nature, as the saying goes, you can't argue, every girl wants to remove the belly and the fat on the sides, and open more opportunities to your wardrobe. The diet for a flat stomach, in this case, it is not the only effective way.

To actually achieve visible results in the fight with a surplus of inches in the waist, you should apply a comprehensive approach, aimed at both the reduction of fat and improves skin tone and elasticity of the muscles. Therefore, in order to remove the belly and sides, not only you should go on a diet, but start to exercise, do wraps and hydrate the skin.

Diet for slimming hips and abdomen

proper nutrition

What they weren't saying different advertising slogans, but get rid of the fat on the waist is not going to operate without the need of a special diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides. This slimming program is intended to exert a local action, clean up the fat of the problem area and adjust the rest of your body. Key of the diet is the abandonment of the habit of smoking and any type of alcohol.

It has been shown that smoking and alcohol so important in violation of the change of the substances, and the beer in general, feeds the body of the woman due to the hormones that cause the deposition of fat is in the area of the waist and abdomen. It is not surprising that the consumption of these products, it does not allow to achieve the svelteness to lose weight.

The diet for the belly and the sides provides for fractional power, namely, the consumption of food on the principle that often and little. The food is used every 2-3 hours after the onset of the sensation of hunger. The portions should be small, and the table should remain slightly hungry, taking into account the saturation comes through 15 minutes after eating. The reception of the meal should be less than 20 minutes and will be held in the good mood. In this case, the power of the stomach gradually delimit each time by querying less and a lesser amount of food.

Fast diet for the belly should include products such as:

  • Berries, fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Cereals;
  • Eggs;
  • Legumes;
  • Nuts and seeds;
  • Milk and fermented milk products;
  • The olive oil and the sunflower oil;
  • The fish and the seafood;
  • Low-fat meats (chicken or Turkey).

It is forbidden to consume the following foods:

  • The smoked;
  • Margarine;
  • Whole milk;
  • Flour and sweet in any form;
  • Canned goods;
  • The porridge and soups, fast cooking;
  • The fried foods.

Diet fast cleanse the stomach and the mouth, means drink plenty of purified simple or mineral water (no less than 8 glasses daily), herbal or green tea.

What foods to include your diet for a flat belly

Fiber food

If the weather does not play for you the special paper and you do not want to sit hard on the diet for the belly, to make the stomach screen, note fibrous foods. What is the food fills the stomach, blunting hunger, but does not cause negative side effects such as bloating or constipation.

The basis of the diet for a flat stomach, should produce cereals, vegetables, rich in fibre are cereals, rice, legumes, apples, very good cucumbers, zucchini, various greens, seaweed. These products can make a varied menu.

I'm often asked – what can be added to foods artificial fiber. You can, of course, only makes sense if you eat normal food, more fiber, it makes no sense. In any case, if you decide to do so, start taking your dose small, drink more water and careful with the chair.


Of course, the diet for a flat belly, necessarily involves the fruit. The more, the better, but the fruit dish independent, and not in addition to a plate of porridge. The best way to make the stomach screen will help our relatives of apples and pears, and of the ex situ – the grapefruit and the orange. I repeat – do not interfere with other meals, eat separately, I did in the breakfast along with the yogurt (ate the apple or the pear) and a snack (a grapefruit or orange).

The protein

Proteins are an essential component for the proper metabolism. Therefore, in the diet for a flat belly, at least two times a week for lunch should be a good piece of fish with vegetables, once the white meat of chicken to the orange and two egg whites a good dinner. In addition to nuts and seeds, which contain useful to the body of oil and vegetable protein. However, eating many of them can not, this is a great burden for the kidneys, add to your diet for a flat belly, about 50 grams of product per day.

The salads and the oil

A few words about oils – it is they, and not the mayonnaise or sour cream, you must salad dressing, if you use the diet to get a flat stomach. In the first place, the olive oil, you can use and clean the vegetables. The best salads to remove the belly, make your screen will be from vegetables.

Another tip – look forward to doing a flat belly, try to use this type of diets for abdomen, where to eat is necessary, but in small portions. I, when I was sitting in the belly, he ate five-six times a day, tiny fragments.

Sample menu diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides

menu for weight loss

It is important to eat small portions, but often. On average, this is around five meals a day. It should be noted that the drink is recommended to drink up to 2 litres of drinking water. It should not be forgotten that the full dream. Often the excess weight was due to the lack of sleep.

Meals for slimming the abdomen and the sides of the women in 7 days

  1. Proteins
  • Breakfast: boiled chicken breast, fruit either. As a beverage, can be tea, but without sugar. You can add a little honey.
  • Snack: a cup of low-fat yogurt.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad, very boiled chicken meat.
  • Snack: fat cheese (you can add a bit of raisins, apricots or berries).
  • Dinner: chicken with any vegetable.
  1. Cereals (mainly rice) + vegetables (non-starchy)
  • Breakfast: Fig. You can make the risotto. The compote or uzvar — without sugar.
  • Snack: fruits. Is ideal fresh pineapple.
  • Food: stew of vegetables (not recommended to add oil), fig.
  • Snack: a piece of fruit.
  • Dinner: rice, salad of fresh vegetables (you can season with olive oil)
  1. Easy
  • Breakfast: zoom easy, but hearty salad. For example: a boiled egg, cheese, lettuce. You can drink tea, compote, uzvar main without sugar.
  • Snack: a piece of fruit. Good fat burning, for example, the grapefruit.
  • Lunch: fish, cooked and steamed vegetables (mainly green).
  • Snack: a glass of broth kefir or yogurt.
  • Dinner: rabbit (cooked, braised) and easy salad.
  1. Favorite
  • Breakfast: oatmeal (cook in water). You can add nuts or berries.
  • Snack: a piece of fruit. Ideal apple or citrus.
  • Lunch: soup – puree (vegetables, pumpkin, onion) any diet.
  • Snack: salad of fresh vegetables.
  • Dinner: Buckwheat, a glass of tomato juice.
  1. Fruity
  • Breakfast: you can prepare an omelet, add the cheese, or vegetables. Do not use oil.
  • Snack: fruit salad, which allows you to stick with the yogurt.
  • Lunch: steak, cooked to steam (chicken, rabbit, veal). As a garnish perfect boiled beans.
  • Snack: fruit.
  • Dinner: buckwheat porridge and the tomato juice.
  1. Neither meat nor fish
  • Breakfast: any porridge (better than rice or buckwheat), vegetable salad.
  • Snack: fruits.
  • Lunch: soup is not fatty.
  • Snack: cheese (non-fat) with the addition of berries or nuts. Allows you to add the yogurt.
  • Dinner: fish (boiled, stew), salad of vegetables.
  1. Vegetable soup
  • Breakfast: very boiled meat (chicken, beef, Turkey, rabbit), vegetable salad.
  • Appetizer: fresh cheese, fat-free dried fruit or berries.
  • Food: vegetable stew with the addition of meat (chicken, beef, turkeys, rabbits).
  • Snack: a cup of yogurt, broth.
  • Dinner: very boiled meat (number allowed) and vegetables.

The menu can be adjusted, taking into account banned and recommended for the consumption of the products. You can drink compotes, teas, juices, but no sugar added. And don't forget drinking water. This is a good diet for slimming the abdomen and the sides.

Protein rich diet for slimming the abdomen

Protein is another faithful ally warrior, he entered the thorny that the struggle against cocky the belly. The protein not only has an excellent saturate band, but slowly transforms, which also allows you to avoid the insulin of the emissions, the role of which we spoke above.

In reality, slimming the abdomen of the proteins of the diet also plays an important role "agent": as it is pure gastronomic of measures it is important to combine with the exercise regular and sufficient income from the protein do not give to perish to existing muscles and deliver building material for its strengthening and growth.