Experience in the use of Fito Spray

This story has told us Alex of Berlin. The man told that the passage of the spray for weight loss Fito Spray and shared his results.

I want to share my story of the fight against the overweight. It is possible that someone will help you.

My story is not like many others. I have played sports all life, and it was tight boyfriend. In the first class, the parents gave in to me, in taekwondo, in high school, I became interested in kickboxing and left the previous type of sport, although he has already achieved in it considerable heights. After school, the parents insisted that I went on to study law at the university, but I've seen that only in the sport of the office was not even the voice.

I enrolled in the faculty of olympic and professional sport, 4 course married, which was probably the main reason that after graduation, I did not want to make a sports career and went to work as a trainer in the best gym in the city. The money paid well, in the family was enough. I had different clients, but the majority were, of course, people with excess weight. I was one of them of an individual program of nutrition and training, and we were excellent results.

In that moment, when I saw them full of people in the streets, I wondered: why are they? Are you satisfied with your appearance? Why don't they want to fight with this problem? Already it seemed to me that everything is quite simple: it has come to the nutritionist, I enrolled in the gym, and after a year and a half, took to itself on the form. Then I still didn't know that, very soon, not only would be in the place of the human in which he looked at me with an attitude of condemnation, but also to himself, give me the answer to the question, why they are and why they such I now.

It can take hard work without due rest

But even that is not about that. I have worked very hard weekend celebrated only in the great day of the feast, on the vacation that could not be, sometimes I had 5 or 6 training sessions in the day. But one day, I simply was not able to get out of bed. It was strange the feeling of helplessness and horror – I was not sick, but simply had no strength. I received a phone call from work, all have been surprised at my lack, but I don't want anything to them to explain. The woman caused the ambulance, I was committed and after diagnosing diagnosed an error in the functioning of the endocrine system in the background to acute fatigue.

As I confessed at the time that he did not want to hear your body and worked on the wear, but the awareness of it, came too late. I have a little attended to and have been sent home, and was appointed to the hormone therapy, and promised that after the compensation of my health fully returns to normal. It is possible that so it would be, and is, if the return to home with me and not started to happen something very strange: I felt pretty good, but no longer wanted to go to the room, only I was out all day on the sofa, and even take a walk around the house, I was not persuaded.

My wife this alignment does not convena. A little bit of what I did not bring money in the family, and not helping, and look at a person, the day of the spectator on the roof – the pleasure is not pleasant. Finally, the woman simply was a child and it has left me. And I stayed on his depression, beginning to grab his pain and loneliness. Through a year and a half I was to learn of healthy strong men, I became the patient of obesity elderly. Friends I tried to get out of that state, but everything was useless. Then I realized that it is not all full of people are able to take in the hands, stop eating and start working in the room. Many of them, apparently, were in a similar emotional state, which simply prevent them from changing.

The change

One day, when my daughter came to visit me, she brought me Fito Spray (the ex-wife decided to buy one for me) and requested that I at least tried. I made a sort of agreement, but realized that I'm not going to do such a trifle, to help himself, and began to cry. Then I felt electric has struck – I began to realize that enjoying his helplessness, he caused pain to all those people who love me. And even this little girl suffers from the fact that I didn't want to do-click the spray bottle several times a day. Their tears as if I have done sober, and I decided to try.

This spray really has given me a second life thanks to him I have lost the desire constantly something to chew. Then I started to crave the food I had eaten before, and all of these muffins, pastries, fried foods, croquettes and potatoes of heavy steel to the stomach and an unpleasant taste. This change of diet has helped me reduce the fat mass, which, in turn, gave the impulse and the desire to be back in shape and healthy. Slowly I came back to go to the gym, of course, not as a coach, and as the client. During all this time continued to use Fito Spraywhich helped me to adhere to a feeding schedule, that I was, and more importantly it was easy for me to not eat for the night.

Experience in the use of Phyto Spray

In general, I am very quickly returned to his old form for nearly six months, I managed to lose weight 57 kg!!! The hormone therapy was terminated, the woman with her child back, and again I have to be able to live a past life. Now, I am even more aware of their customers, therefore, made some adjustments in my own weight loss programs. Now I pay more attention is the psycho-emotional with the customers, and, of course, I advise them to spray Fito Spray.